Pakatan parties bullying PSM?


It is sad to see one or two of the Pakatan parties bullying the PSM over the use of the PSM logo and over which areas it can stand to avoid three-corner contests. .

The PSM had already conceded to using the logo of the Pakatan parties in the areas they contested in 2008, but now they are being pushed even more and being told that that is not enough.

Most people know that PSM candidates are among the most hardworking with a consistent record of working at the grassroots to empower marginalised communities.

The Pakatan parties probably have their respective political calculations presumably over who will have more seats when it comes to calling the shots in the selection of the MB and exco members in this or that state.

But surely in a situation like this, when more and more people are ready for change at the federal level, the primary criteria for the selection of candidates should be those with a proven track record of serving the people or the public interest and championing pro-people policies. And in this regard, who can come close to the PSM activists in terms of the amount of work they have put in for the people and their commitment to people-centred policies?

Read S Thayaparan’s commentary in MalaysiakiniPSM’s people power vs Pakatan’s party power‘.

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Lots of Malaysians who form the majority from the lower classes will vote for a Party that is Socialist which champions the cause of the poor and marginalized communities such as workers, squatters, farmers, fishermen, etc

Arutchelvan should stand his ground in Semenyih under the PSM logo and fight as he has done a lot of work for the constituents.


Very very few Malays/Muslims would vote for a Party that goes under the name “Sosialis” or “Socialism” or whatever close to it.
PSM can win only in areas where a non malay majority exists, and/or where the malay vote is badly split.
It`s that simple.


PSM would not have won if they hadn’t used the PKR banner the last time round. They were effectively a dead party whether or not they are hardworking. Everyone knows how many seats they had in 2004. To solve the problem they should be given the same seats they won in the last GE and contest under the same banner they used the last time round. That way, there will be nothing to fight about.

the mythbuster

The truth is all the major component parties in Pakatan Rakyat are lobbying to get as many seats at the State and Federal levels. In politics it is man eat man world. Almost all in politics want to wield power. The party that has the largest representation at state and national level call the shots. Some are so greedy that they do not mind fielding anybody and everybody even when they know that the other component party’s candidate may stand a better chance at winning the seat. A classic example is PKR. PKR is fielding the most number of seats… Read more »

Kai-Lit Phua

My thoughts: 1. The objective is for PR to win as many parliamentary seats as possible (so as to form the next federal govt). 2. Does it matter how many seats PSM politicians hold in the next Parliament? Would 1 or 2 more make any difference? The Executive (Prime Minister and cabinet) are already very powerful and the Legislature (Parliament) is weak vis-a-vis the Executive. 3. As a very small party with the (let’s face the truth) unpopular ideology of democratic Marxism, PSM’s main contribution to Malaysian politics is to serve as the conscience of the nation; push for more… Read more »


PSM is not innocent in this whole thing..Its quite normal in such a loose coalition to drive the bargain hard with each other..They each have followers they need to at least give excuses to. In the end, they will do what makes sense. PSM will get Semenyih but not Jelapang.. I will bet my money on it..


Why PSM never choose to negotiate with Pakatan at early stage and leave it so late?
Why PSM never choose to be uder the same umbrella of Pakatan Rakyat?


Hopefully they will come to an understanding. !!!

Mlaysian In Action

Does not matter. The reality is Malaysian focus on change. They likely will not let their votes be divided. Present reality does not allow for 3rd party.

Election 2013 is not politic as usual. We do not want Katak hence best bet to focus on the 3 main political parties.

Mlaysian In Action

True at that. A bitter lesson they learn. It has been a long time since 2008. Someone need to call the shots. Already we see all the quarrels. ( POLITICIANS )
PSM cannot survive a 3 corner fight. And the 3 parties are trying their best cause they will have to drop candidate from their list to give PSM some seats. I personally would like PR to stick with 3 parties. Everyone can join one of the above. Pleasing 3 already hard enough.