Close to nomination day, PKR draws huge crowd in Lembah Pantai


With just a couple of days to go to nomination day, Anwar and his team drew a huge crowd at the closely watched Lembah Pantai seat in KL last night.

Photograph: Nurul Izzah via Instagram
Photograph: Nurul Izzah via Instagram

Were you there at the scene? Share with us your impression of the feeling on the ground.

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ken destino
ken destino
20 Apr 2013 2.41pm

I was there. The crowd was so huge. Comprises all races.

20 Apr 2013 1.02am

Our feeling and vote for you Nurul Izzah to kick off that Nong Chik who think 6.5% or RM80.00 is a small sum for the poor rakyat

landak tua
landak tua
20 Apr 2013 10.08am
Reply to  Yang

I hope ABU movement will check out those dubious voters at Lembah Pantai on voting day.

Gerakan K (Team)
Gerakan K (Team)
20 Apr 2013 12.37am


not feeling well. Probably eating too much, travel too much or too excited about Dap cec suspension.

Tomorrow got another GRAND makan function with 1Malaysia PM Najib also presence there.

20 Apr 2013 12.09pm

As usual still begging for foods and goodies. How pathetic. This is how the 1Malaysia country will be headed to. To the dogs.

But 50,000 at Esplanade or at Lembah Pantai are there with dignity head high up looking for CHANGE. Not scrambling for that little crumbs. Looking ahead for our country with dignity and a change for the better to wipe out the last vestige of a corruptible govt, liars and deceivers, racist, religiousist, extremist, mobster and thuggery, cheaters, cow gate, PKFZ, Scorpene 1 billion, Mongolian (link) and many many more.

Vote Pakatan Rakyat vote for Change

19 Apr 2013 11.54pm


where r u?