Nurul Izzah, Tian Chua, Rafizi lead in PKR VP race


Current standings in the PKR party elections as at 11 May 2014:

Deputy presidency

Azmin – 12250
Khalid Ibrahim – 8123
Saifuddin – 6997

VP leading positions

Nurul Izzah – 16698
Tian Chua – 14798
Rafizi – 12690
Shamsul Iskandar – 9718
Baru Bian – 9286
Dr Xavier Jayakumar – 8877
Fuziah Salleh – 7788

Topping the list in the central committee race

Fariz Musa – 15196
Latheefa Koya – 13011
Gooi Hsiao Leung – 12870
Christina Liew – 12724
Ali Anak Biju – 12509
Elizabeth Wong – 12348

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I suspect ROS will soon find fault with PKR, just like how they did to DAP.

Don Anamalai

It is already on Umno’s script?


42 comprising mostly of the opposition from PR freed of six-year illegal assembly charge

Now who`s the key bodoh that say our judiciary is not fair

Don Anamalai

Who cares about PKR internal election when the excitement is in Teluk Intan?

Umno is up to all tricks to deny Dyana Sofya a win as this will awaken the young malays to abandon Umno. It could be a tipping point in the Malaysian political history. That is why Tun M is getting restless.


Yeah, perhaps Mukriz may not be the next PM after all


Yes, tired of the PKR drama. Should focus on the 2 by-elections. The outcome at Teluk Intan can be very significant for future political landscape.


With one leg in Gelah Patah as LKS permanent secretary and another leg in Teluk Intan if elected, I wonder how is she going to service her area.


One can have more than just one political sec. How many pol sec Jibby has


Me thought you would be blogging about Dyana Sofya. It’s your prerogative anyway. Hehehehe! DAP has made the right a young, dynamic lassie for Teluk Intan. Perka once had Fong Po Kuan. Now it’s Dyana. Dyana song is “Roar”

But to bridge the generation…..Introducing Irene Cara “Fame”

Don Anamalai

Sdr Dyana Sofya – Ceramah & Pelancaran Jentera Pilihanraya:

Don Anamalai


I think the ROAR of GODZILLA is more appropriate as old and young could identify with it.
If you have not watched the movie, here is a sneek peek of that ROAR:


What difference does it matter on whoever leads. After all their leaders and many are also turncoats from UMNO. Is the Key so blind to see that. Oop no I am so bodoh that I could not see that now even the PKR leaders say as a muslim he does not oppose hudud. Now what to another component party of PR, PAS that say I do not oppose hudud and I WANT hudud. and another component party of PR DAP, Oh Yes I oppose hudud but I think I have no choice but to cohabit and sleep with you despite… Read more »

Batu Ferringhian

Powerhouse! I tell you 🙂