Now it’s 1Malaysia petrol vouchers – plus free traffic jams


As if free dinners were not enough, now we have a lucky draw for 1Malaysia petrol vouchers from the 1Malaysia Penang Welfare Club.

Photograph: Aliran
Photograph: Aliran

Read ‘Umno-BN – Buying lower income votes, appealing to middle income greed’ on the Aliran website.

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Hemi Sfera

I dont read your entire site, just stumbled across this one from somewhere. From the title, you’re saying by giving this free petrol voucher, it may only worsen traffic jam? So, i hope somewhere in your articles, you also hantam, both PR and BN, for promising to lower car prices, as this also worsen traffic jam. Wrong is wrong, brother, no matter from which side of the divide it came from.


Pakatan’s offer of lowering petrol price makes more sense to me as the voucher is only a one-time saving.


There was 1Malaysia freemovie tickets at TGV jusco, Perda last night.
This is getting beyond ridiculous.


Thank you DAP PR team in PEN as otherwise Penangnites will not be able to enjoy so much freebies from UMNO/BN.

semuanya OK kot

First, they impoverish you. Then, they make you beg. Then, as a pittance of what they “gasak” at the table, they throw you a few crumbs.

Ed G

Short of all the free goodies with the 1-this-1-that tag which Najib and all his lackeys are bragging about, the Najib’s administration is actually incapable of doing anything meaningful, not because of not knowing what to do, but due to the greed and decadence of the whole BN set-up that has rendered all meaningful and substantial actions expected of a good and responsible government non-viable. How can he transform anything effectively if no substantial actions are taken to fight the crippling corruption that has seeped into every corner of the ruling coalition and the country’s administration and bureaucracy? Putting it… Read more »


How to call it corrupt when they have to report directly to the caretaker PM instead of Parliament?

Ini Kalilah Rakyat Malaysia, Kami UBAH Malaysia for A BETTER MALAYSIA.

the mythbuster

This latest (wonder whether this would be the last) ” you help me, I help you ” mantra says it all – just how DESPERATE Najib has become. He knows that UMNO is just waiting to dump him after the 13th GE if he does not get a 2/3 majority government. The evil ex PM is (ready to ‘backstab’) him the moment his wishes are not fulfilled. To make matters worse, his self promotional exercises has not really transformed the rakyats’ mind. The rakyat can see what all this vote buying strategies are. Buying votes, rampant gerrymandering, phantom voters, foreigners… Read more »


Actually a good question. Bridget Walsh calculated that Najib has already spent RM58billion to buy this GE..What we know is that JUST DIRECT SPENDING in GE, in 2008 UMNO/BN estimate spend amount was around RM1billion . Its quite clear you look around, the amount being spend DIRECTLY is actually a few times that. AND it all comes with pledges that is typical of Najib. My guess is that just to get this GE, Najib would have spend close to RM100b, several billions in cash just over the two week campaign period.. PR bankrupt this country? UMNO/BN is already well on… Read more »

Phua Kai Lit

“What’s next? Free sex?” SL Wong

We already have free sex videos from regime supporters!

Phua Kai Lit

“If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail”

If a person is corrupt, this person will think that everyone else can be bought !


If Najib is so generous he should be giving out his own cash reserve and not from govt coffers, Sedeka macam duit bapa dia, Does he think people will appreciate what he is doing to win votes. If your govt had been fair and thrifty you need not buy votes as people will surely vote for BN but here it looks like he knows that he has a bad record and afraid people will deny his government and vote for a new government. Only an idiot will do what he is doing, Period!

Plain Truth

They give, you take but you don’t have to vote for them. All these so-called frebbies are paid for by our money.

If these are their own monies, do you seriously think they will throw them around like that?


It seem that our country has now become the dogs instead of going to the dogs.
What is happening now. Have we stoop so low that greed and wastage have taken over us.


First it was free F&B, lucky draws, RM200.00 vouchers if BN wins, cash RM50.00 + groceries and now petrol vouchers. How much more does Najib wants to spend for GE13. Currently its being estimated to be around RM76B……… Ini kalilah kamin UBAH Malaysia for A Better Malaysia.


What I heard from the ‘lamenting winds’ is there will be 4 cars for lucky draws at Han Chiang field when N comes to town….
Listen, listen, don’t be drown
By his empty promises one last round

Cheers Kopi-O kau kau to all the earthly Tham Chiak Kuis & happy Penang hawkers.

Andrew I

See, who said cheaper oil will make us bankrupt? Now worse, it’s free.


Andrew, the reality is our petrol is not floated according to Deep Blue Ocean strategy promises of Nak Cheat. We are cheated to pay higher petrol prices which could be used to ‘subsidise sky high’ whatever freebies & lucky draws going dizzily this election campaign.
Our national asset – petrol, is free flowing at the moment for a dubious, devious purpose.
Vote responsibly, DO NOT VOTE for wastage & leeching.

SL Wong (@wong8898)

What’s next? Free sex?

Totally dunno how to describe what type of government is this. Expect more & more goodies coming up. Only mother trucker government can this type of job.

UBAH !! God bless Malaysia.


Desperados will do anything, short of selling their mothers & daughters.
This is the kind of leader who will have no qualms selling the country to 3rd parties (e.g. Open Society) when the kitty is dry.
Vote Responsibly, DO NOT VOTE With Ipoh Celebrity Crouching Tiger’s Choice.


tunglang, When you have your free makan courtesy of the 1malaysia crony, you will also get the ‘Super Lucky Bonus’ voucher which you can redeem for cash if BN wins according to the odds printed on the voucher. However, you will have to provide your personal particulars including photocopied IC to get one. Beware of this trick whil you syiok syiok eating the free meals as your personal particulars may be used for questionable purposes. Eat as much as you can, but the vote must still go to Pakatan. Why? Because the 1malaysia cronies will only provide freebies while it… Read more »


Paya Terubong Road now has new ‘roadside fencings’ – rows of tightly planted Blue Ocean Strategy flags that no cows can cross the road to the other side. And Farlim will have a 6-days free Tham Chiak Kui makan-makan cooked by happy hawkers. These are ‘madness’ going ons that will bring hungry envies to the ghosts of Paya Terubong Hokkien Cemetery. I will not be surprised the King of Hades will wear Blue this coming Hungry Ghost Month! These splurging sponsored by BN cronies or more likely thro’ proxies (monies leeched from Ah Kong’s national fund for illegal funding) are… Read more »


“United We Drive – Malaysia To Utter Bankruptcy”.
Already Ah Kong’s monies is fast drawn, now national asset Petronas petrol is also fast drawn.
Use your head to vote responsibly to drive out those irresponsible leeches from Negara Cinta Ku.
Unless Penangites want to be living in Penang Welfare Club-Homes for the bankrupts!

Bayan Baru Ah Pek

where is Penang Welfare Club b4 GE13 when the poors seeking help ?????

Go n see yourselves if high majority of those who go makan makan makan there buy those recycled old hudud scare stories anymore.
Rakyat bersatu untuk Bangkit bersama dan bukan tertipu oleh 1Tipu !!!!!

p.s i makan and tapau becoz they are funded by rakyat $ anyway, just know 505 we support the clean one.


If at first lie, lie, lie fails, you buy, buy, buy!!!