Now free breakfast at Butterworth market


A large crowd thronged the Bagan Ajam market in Butterworth this morning for free breakfast by the folks in blue.

Regular market goers were surprised to find about 80 per cent of the market stalls taken over by the free breakfast folks.

One market trader was overhead telling someone, “Ta pa, pergi makan, lepas itu undi Pas.” (Never mind, go eat first and then vote for Pas.)

Nearby, a popular Indian restaurant was providing free breakfast. You get to choose from about half a dozen breakfast dishes (but only available for sit-down customers). Ta pau customers don’t qualify! It is believed the organisers will reimburse the restaurant owner its usual Saturday revenue.

Elsewhere one blog reader reports free cinema tickets being given out.

Seriously, what is our Election Commission and the MACC thinking? All these vote-buying exercises are okay?

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29 Apr 2013 2.14pm

Buying votes like this is like selling your soul to the Devil!!!!

29 Apr 2013 11.37am

I will be at Han Chiang field tonite to relive the spirit of 308!
Hidup Pakatan!
Jom Ubah Kerajaan Pusat!
Kekalkan Pakatan di Pulau Pinang!

Mt. Erskine resident
Mt. Erskine resident
29 Apr 2013 8.11am


Pang Boon Tien
Pang Boon Tien
28 Apr 2013 11.10am

Last nite I was at Queenbay Mall and I was given 2 tickets to watch Iron Man 3 by a chinese man wearing 1malaysia t-shirt. he said enjoy the show and remember to vote for BN. I enjoyed the show but I will not vote for BN.

Penang Ah Pek
Penang Ah Pek
28 Apr 2013 9.20am

My area. Heard each hawker stall gets RM1K & Restaurant gets RM3K for 3 hours (8am-11am) free serving of food & drinks. All … participants must hang their stall & restaurant with 1M flags + wearing 1M t-shirt while serving. A BN special ceramah truck was there to give ceramah + giving free handouts of umbrellas, t shirts…. Those foods & drinks all wearing with happy faces. Some of them maybe thankful to this ‘on time’ bribe for temporarly financial aids for not going to loan shark for help. Heard also, the nearby famous pasar Apollo in Raja Uda was… Read more »

28 Apr 2013 12.40pm
Reply to  Penang Ah Pek

Talking about “Kuat Hei”, some hawkers have none but (I heard) readily accepted Rm500 – 700, the balance of Rm500 – 300 (allegedly) ‘taxed’ by area gangsters. The one who sapu most is the fella who brought the ‘kang tau’ to the appointed free-lunches rendezvous.

Where you can heard this kutty scheme … in Pakatan?

Ahmad Sobri
Ahmad Sobri
27 Apr 2013 10.08pm

Penangnites are so lucky, so many things are free! And the best is still to come, you are going to get a free port! Besides mono rail, etc. etc,, free breakfasts, dinners, bettings odds of 1-100, and so on. Penangnites, on 30th, ( I guess) Najib is coming to Penang to make two important announcements. Allegedly, he is going to announce Han Chiang University status, he is going to announce Penang to be a free port ( if Barisan Pembangkang) wins Penang. Do you believe? A free port? The moment he announces Penang a free port, Langkawi will drop dead,… Read more »

tan tanjong bungah
tan tanjong bungah
27 Apr 2013 8.11pm

Hi everyone, Free breakfasts, lunches and dinners are becoming a norm in Pg during this election campaign! Now flags and banners have clearly shown that the 1M NGO = BN! So, such obscene sums of funds from BN crony companies and crony individuals is prove enough that in the past these beneficiaries have obtained lucrative sweetheart deals from UMNO Baru and BN, all at the expense of the people and the country’s coffers! These crony companies and crony individuals in pay- back to BN are also hoping that such lucrative sweetheart deals in the future will net them many folds… Read more »

28 Apr 2013 5.13pm

No free breakfast from DAP, but Penangites still support LGE:

29 Apr 2013 8.14am
Reply to  Catfish

Free makan-makan: eat, dissolve & pass out as … (of BN).
Good responsible leadership: experienced, trusted & supported (for DAP).

Cheers Kopi-O kau kau to inalienable voters’ conscience rights to CHANGE.

27 Apr 2013 3.10pm


EC may tutup 1Mata now that Yenniex2 no more traveling minister and think Jho Low’s 1MahaKutty Penang Charity can promote tourism with RM1 concert (did you shuffle at han chiang ?) and free makan-lucky draw ?????

anyway, just enjoy the music & food. Come 505 do your part to realize the tsunami everywhere.

27 Apr 2013 1.41pm

The really crazy thing is that if they do this in Johor, Perak, Sabah and Sarawak, I could understand better. PENANG likely have one of the most educated population and highest internet penetration (I have seen even the hawkers have Iphones and Samsung Galaxy phones). Its the worst place to buy votes with handouts.

27 Apr 2013 1.12pm

Penang has busy Phor Tor ah? So earli meh?
Eveli wear I go go I see see tamchiakkwei feree chiak chaik!
So busy chiak chiak where got time to open ear listen, listen, listen to Anwar & Lim?
Lu orang kwee BN chao akai!!!

27 Apr 2013 11.42am

Thank you DAP led PR Government in PEN. The folks of Penang are blessed lot. UMNO/BN will keep spending on everything but after 505, the people will demand that they cough up their accounts on all these freebies all over the country for vetting. Also the Federal Government machinery that has been used by UMNO/BN for campaigning purposes will also be scrutinize for abuses.

Ini kalilah Rakyat Malaysia UBAH Malaysia for A BETTER MALAYSIA.

27 Apr 2013 11.36am

EC has failed us. How can they close one eye on such vote buying practices under the brand name of 1malaysia?

How can we trust EC?