Not just JB, but Batu Pahat ready to roll too


The political awakening in Johor is not limited to the state capital Johor Bahru, but other towns in the states – like the Umno stronghold of Batu Pahat – are stirring too.

Now the parliamentary seat of Batu Pahat, an ethnically mixed seat, has been a BN stronghold, but its winning majorities have declined in the last two general elections. In the 2004, general election, Umno candidate thrashed Pas in the area, winning by a 29102-vote majority. But in the 2008 general election, Umno came up against PKR, and its winning majority was duly slashed to 19625.

What happens this time around?

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24 Dec 2012 1.34pm

Jamuan Makan Malam DAP
(DAP Dinner )

Anjuran:Pasukan Kempen DAP Stulang Laut

(time):7 p.m.
venue):Cathay Seafood Restaurant,
Address:Lot Ptd 85473, Jln Molek 2/4,Tmn Molek, JB, Johor.


Kee Ling
Kee Ling
26 Dec 2012 11.13am
Reply to  Stephen

thank you Stephen for the notification.

I managed to attend this dinner.
Lots of good info provided by DAP speakers especailly since the local media has shunned good news from pakatan.

I attended MCA mega dinner (for the cheap food for my family) and the arguments put forward by MCA speakers are totally indifferent to the feelings of the chinese community. MCA is living in the past anbd failed to learn the lesson from the last GE. MCA is still arrogrant and made false accusations towards Pakatan espcially on the hudud matters.

12 Dec 2012 10.41am

Pakatan is set to inherit the goodness of Iskandar project.

10 Dec 2012 11.47am

the government has manipulated the country and its people since independence, do you seriously believe that they cant manipulate the outcome of the 13GE??????

Gerakan K
Gerakan K
8 Dec 2012 10.29pm

I will jump to any river if pakatan can win Johor state election.
BR1M money is not coming yet. Do expect TRIPLE BOOST for BN !!!

BN [x] Pakatan [ ]

8 Dec 2012 11.56pm
Reply to  Gerakan K

After the election, you may consider what you have written today as just a figure of speech, like the MB of Pahang.

8 Dec 2012 9.59pm


this crowd of 25 was there for free air and water, no?

8 Dec 2012 12.36pm

There were many seats with previous majority of more than 20,000 changed to oppositions in GE 2008. Nothing is impossible

8 Dec 2012 12.34pm

Lets put the final nail into (political coffin of) UMNO BN and their sycophants from MCA, Gilakan, MIC and the sabah and sarawak

Aidil Yunus
Aidil Yunus
8 Dec 2012 11.31am

No need mega dinner to bring people to listen to your speech!

tan tanjong bungah
tan tanjong bungah
8 Dec 2012 11.19am

Hi everyone, Whenever I meet fellow Malaysians overseas, I would initiate conversation to pass the message of a need of a 2-party system. In my recent visit to Indonesia, I met a family group of 7 Malaysian tourists from Muar, Johore, each easily aged above 45 years. Most heartening is that this group opened up their grievances of the abuse of power, corruption and cronyism of the UMNO Baru and BN Federal and State Govts, that they have had enough, no longer going to support BN, and instead are going to vote for PR in the 13GE!! This group would… Read more »

Khoo NK
Khoo NK
8 Dec 2012 10.25am

I think Johor folks are learning from Tsunami impact to Penang & Selangor; and realise they have been shortchanged all these years and time is ripe for UBAH.