North wind blowing: Perlis stirring?


A large crowd gathered at Kuala Perlis last night for a Pakatan ceramah.

Kuala Perlis last night - Photograph: Media Rakyat
Kuala Perlis last night – Photograph: Media Rakyat

In the 2008 general election, the BN swept all three parliamentary seats in Perlis. It also won 14 of the 15 state seats.

What do you think will be the outcome this time?

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I received a letter, envelope look like from bank, its not, Surprised! it was from Lim Guan yin ( I wear if lie, i go to hell). it have my address, my name written(how they get it?). he write a a few problems that typically seen in our daily lifes and blame all this caused by BN . my question is they never write how they are going to solve it? it just like a pink telling a teen girls ” hey your parent always scold ,control your freedom , dont give you love” come to my place , i… Read more »

Gerakan K (Team)


if you believe pakatan manifesto, then you also believe money is falling down from sky.

Anyway as a precaution to all readers, pakatan manifesto is not a promise according to Pakatan Selangor MB Khalid[1][2].

So, what is pakatan manifesto ??? A tool to fish votes ??? A syiok sendiri hopes ???

[1] Khalid: Selangor to announce water concession takeover offer in 2 weeks (

[2] Pakatan : Please Dont Take Us So Seriously (


Interesting videos to watch on youtube:

Kenapa anda perlu tolak BN:

Najib ajar anak kita budaya rasuah:


For those who think of Brim 1 & 2, think about this. If you vote Pakatan and if Pakatan win, you will get the Brim 1 & 2 and maybe Brim 3 plus all the states benefits of 100, 1000, school books, and 100, maternity etc. That means double. You will NOT get GST and subsidies will continue which will not increase the prices of essential foods prices. If you vote Pakatan and if Pakatan did not win Federal but win 5 state seat, you will also get the Brim 1 & 2 and all Pakatan state benefits of 100,… Read more »


The wind of change (tsunami) is now blowing from the North to the South in Johore to the East in Sabah and Sarawak.

Nothing unusual but the pornstar has to give up the Gelang Patah seat to UMNO. Soon he may have to give up his … things to UMNO and become just like the second boo hood. Don’t worry we shall have GK holding them up for his Cheap … PM.

Gerakan K (Team)

My prediction is that business as usual for BN since there is nothing controversy or bad there.

Unlike PAS Kedah’s 50% housing quota. Ouch !!! Is that percentage HURTful ??? I can feel Kedahans screaming for BN help this time.