Late night reflection: Disqualifications of PH candidates could backfire on BN


It was quite a dramatic day, given the string of disqualifications of Pakatan Harapan candidates.

The most searing image is that of the PKR candidate Dr S Streram trying hard to submit his nomination papers but being blocked by police, apparently for the flimsiest of reasons (a miserable entry pass?). This leaves the caretaker menteri besar of Negri Sembilan an almost free run in retaining the seat.

These disqualifications could backfire on BN though. In closely fought elections like this, a lot depends on perceptions during the campaign period. Many PH supporters and fence-sitters – and the latter matter a lot now – are left feeling aggrieved at a few of the ‘technical’ decisions that were made today to disqualify PH candidates, the other being Tian Chua in the Batu parliamentary seat. (Speaking of Batu, the only parliamentary seat affected, all may not be lost: PH will no doubt want to check out the two independent candidates there to see if either of them could be roped in as a proxy.)

This widespread perception of injustice today will only harden the resolve of many to go all out to defeat BN on polling day. For them, the Electoral Commission’s credibility could not have sunk much lower.

Maybe the lesson to learn is for all candidates to have contingency or back-up plans next time around.

What a pity though that PSM and PH couldn’t reach a compromise in Sungai Siput, which PSM’s Dr Jeyakumar Devaraj, one of the most public-spirited and principled politicians around, could have retained. With PH putting up a candidate there, thus splitting the opposition vote even further (Pas is also contesting), BN will be fancying its chances there now. This was not the wisest of moves, and Jeyakumar will have his work cut out for him.

The other video that must have touched the hearts of many was this one about Mahathir’s encounter with “Aishah” and her brother:

There, Mahathir concedes he made mistakes and he is trying to put things right. His emotions and expression of regret seem genuine enough for me – and I had been critical of him for three decades, until last year, when he stepped up to the plate.

The reception he received in Langkawi was rapturous, and he remains the principal game-changer in this general election. If there is anyone who could spearhead the momentum for change to dislodge Umno-BN, it has to be him.

The establishment probably realises this, and perhaps that’s why we are seeing all these restrictions and obstacles being put in the path of opposition parties. So to me, that is a ‘good’ sign.

What’s your take?

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Not much time left but I must make amends, Dr M says in teary video
Let’s give Dr M a chance to make sincere amends. Support Harapan.

Harapan – Filem Pendek untuk Malaysia


Too many BN flags evrrywhere wasting rakyat money, piss off rakyat!

Tan Yong Hua

BN flags and banners are made in China by a Shanghai company.

Mah HS

Is this the effect of DFTZ?
Local companies cannot compete with PRC firms?

Ho Wan Lai

Dedak in form of monetary aid can immediately solve many of the earthy financial woes, BUT the suffering rakyat can take the bait bout being seated to trade the future of the nation. What’s your take on this?

Steven Ong

_*One clarification of PH Rantau candidate failure to submit nomination – not sure if accurate portrayal of incident or not, real or fake:*_ Copied from MPCN post: There are plenty of posts out in the social media blaming Dr Streram for what happened in Rembau/Rantau today. It is all the more disheartening to see such comments here, coming from fellow comrades. Read this before deciding to mock him, call him names (one member here mentioned the word badut) and say other undeserved things about him. 27/4/18 4.30pm – he was informed by SPR to get a SPR Calon pass from… Read more »

Clever Voter

The sackings of Daim and Rafidah by Umno are to be expected. UMNO reserves the right to do so, assuming it is still a legal entity as challenged by Rais Yatim. The trio would have known from the onset of the repercussions, but they should not be seen as supporting the opposition. But their views reflect the truth, echoing that majority of the public and continuing denial can only mean slow demise of the party. I suppose more Umno folks will start to desert the party as the Malay Tsunami is gaining strength.

Timothy Selvaraj

“Vote wisely” does not have a fixed meaning. When BN people say it, of course they would mean “vote BN.” When the opposition says it, it would mean “vote opposition”. When a navy chief says it, it could mean either, or if he had political leanings, then it would be a veiled message to vote in a particular way, i.e. wisely either not to rock the ship, or to sink the ship. So let his personnel decide as they would know whether their chief has any political leanings and how to read his message in that context. The Chief of… Read more »


The heavens have eyes, humanity has ears & words of truth, the mighty rivers have power of justice flow. All will be on Malaysia comes 9 May 2018.
Together, gods + righteous men & women will fight for good over the evil ones.


Who are the evil ones? DAP? You need to be more specific.


Don’t you have God-given eyes, ears & righteous mouth to discern who are the evil ones?
Pls lah don’t play bodoh-bodoh!
Like one who steals & says otherwise so the Rakyat will also bodoh-bodoh!


Engineer as he engine all the schemes


Just another dedak posterior itch


The Malaysia Trades Union Congress (MTUC) has called on the 14 million-strong workforce in the country to vote for Pakatan Harapan in the 14th general election tomorrow.

In a statement today, MTUC secretary-general J Solomon said doing so would send the message that workers are key to the country’s economy and “should never be ignored”.

“Workers have the power to vote out any government that is anti-labour, and kleptocratic because the workers’ voice and strength are sacred and powerful.

Seng Aun Teoh

The re-delineation exercise may also backfire.

Tan Yong Hua

The Royal Malaysian Navy’s chief has urged personnel to vote wisely and not let this “golden opportunity” go to waste. Calling on Navy personnel to ensure they vote early with their families, admiral Ahmad Kamarulzaman Ahmad Badaruddin reminded that their votes are “secret”. In a posting on the Navy’s Facebook last night viewed by at least 39,000 at press time, he added they should not fear “incitement” in making their rightful choice. “We are all free to make our own choices when we vote. “Don’t be influenced by any incitement that can affect our decision. Use your wisdom based on… Read more »

Tan Yong Hua

Pakatan Harapan chairperson Dr Mahathir Mohamad will be delivering a special address to Malaysians on May 8 – the eve of polling day – at 10pm in Langkawi.

Bersatu youth chief Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman said Mahathir’s speech will be also be aired live on Facebook and Harapan aimed to reach out to some 10 million voters nationwide.


Fisher of fishes. Of couse rakyat sympathise with you . But who sympathise with the becah man with the advent of buses, boon siew kapcai and taxi? His business and support for family are taken away by new modes of transport. Taxi man see his survival as he is threatened by uber, grab and other hail for transport like share bikes, in future trams, monorails and busways. Taxis pay extra in insurances. Even tellers and other clerical work faces retrenchment due to internal banking and google apps. Tech is changing the way we cari makan


PKR’s Tan Yee Kew forgot to bring her MyKad for the nomination. PKR’s G Sivamalar did not change her MyKad address. PKR’s S Streram did not even have a candidate pass to enter nomination center. Pribumi’s Pizi Jihat’s candidacy was disqualified because of his bankruptcy. These are unacceptable, stupid blunders. They are small little things to adhere to for such an important day to get nominated for election and yet they can’t even do it properly and you expect them to “save Malaysia”. And these are the people you entrusted to govern Malaysia? And some more blamed it on UMNO/BN?… Read more »


Dummo is using ecee to win. In religious eyes, how religion tell ro to disqualify a candidate when the judges did not did not do so in 2 other occasions. If the system does not change, there will be 2 laws … Aca orso being used.


Ro are like dummo warlords . How can warlord disqualify one when judge sentence disquality the mp

Zuwairi Md Yusof

will only make some million new voters and voter on the fence eager to vote ph more

Steven Ong

Democracy at work in Malaysia !!!


PKR is also diseased with overentitlement. To make assumption going to war is basically being unqualified. In selecting candidates even Gan in Rawang dropped over poison pen, Wangsa Maju dropped a two term MP for a repeated failure old ex-MCA old …, forgetting IC, documents etc.

Mahathir disease is not just in BN..


MCA candidate: How can women bully women, Chinese insult Chinese? A woman who shook Heng’s hand said: “We will definitely support you.” However, the woman continued to hold on to Heng’s hand and added in Cantonese: “We will support BN to become the opposition. Not a single vote will go to BN.” Those around her then replied in agreement. Ah Heng Chi, being a politician should be thick-face to take insults. More so if one is MCA’s (Mana Ada Cina Angkat). Expect us Chinese to ‘angkat’ your ego? Pls come to Penang & we will welcome you with special… Read more »

Tan Yong Hua

It has nothing to do with Chinese insulting Chinese.. its a Malaysian saying what need to said to another Malaysian who may be too blind to see what is happening to her country and how the current government is dealing with it. It’s a Malaysian thing not a racial Chinese vs Chinese thing. MCA still do not get it and will again be punished in GE14.