‘No to Ismail Sabri’ petition draws over 300,000 signatures!


Over 300,000 people have signed an online petition rejecting the choice of Ismail Sabri as the next prime minister.

New reports have labelled Ismail Sabri as a frontrunner in the race to become the country’s next PM after Mahiaddin Yasin’s resignation.

By this morning, a couple of days after the petition was launched, the figure stood at 318,000. Full article on Aliran website

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MGR Maran

MUDA can be a force in GE15 when many young folks out of job no employment. They can get young calibre candidates to be in the cabinet as now the world politics are going younger.


Dear Mr. Anil, Is it possible to increase the 1000 letters to 1250 or 1500.
If you can, appreciate it very much. If you can’t, it is alright. Thank you.


Dear Mr Wyatt, it is possible to reduce the cut and paste, Sometimes, it is paste all over like over the town? Xie xie Mr Wyatt


Sorry Mr. Shriek, but the opposition agenda n focus has changed. All their public protest and whatnot is for that one person/ one goal. Using reason for the good of the people n nation is simply a guise now. Bye.


aiya, no reply if you are going to reduce the copy and paste? or you orso going to change your agenda too?


Sigh, no reply. Anyway, thank you very much. Wyatt signing out.

Ray of Light

Mr Wyatt signed out like one penanglang when Anil unfairly blamed for not honouring “justice” ?

Keluarga Anil cannot afford the retreahing of Mr Wyatt afterall he has brotherly bonded well with Mr Shriek!

Let’s see there could be a surprise 3rd homecoming of penanglang into the keluarga Anil because he eventually feels the need to be back after all the mistaken hiccups.


Wyatt wants 1500 words but Anil cannot oblige.
Easy, just split your comments into 2 portions, each 750 words and post it separately.
Simple solutions, no need to frustrate himself and do a ‘TungXit’ by signing out.

Instead of witnessing the resurrection of tunglang, now we see the exodus of Wyatt. Both lack the resilience of shriek to survive in anilverse.


Without Ku Li’s endorsement, PM9 got 114 MPs’ support. In Cantonese, 114 sounds like “yat yat sei” or “die everyday” – certainly not auspicious when the daily Covid-19 cases are still high.


Malaysia reported a record high of 23,564 new Covid-19 cases as PM9 is announced.


Johor palace expresses reservations about PM appointment process


Sultan Ibrahim Iskandar and Crown Prince Ismail Idris were not happy with the process of appointing a new prime minister.

Coming just hours before the Malay Rulers are due to meet to discuss the appointment, Sultan Ibrahim posted a quote from Abu Hurairah on the three signs of a hypocrite.


These types of petitions are a waste of time. If no to Ismail Sabri then who is the alternative?

Is there anyone else who can get the numbers from the MPs? Clearly Anwar, Dr M and LGE don’t have the numbers.

Malaysia is a parliamentary democracy. MPs essentially choose the PM. Citizens dont vote directly for PM.


PM9 is appointed not based on his competency, credibility, performance or success but being lucky to be in the right place at the right time.


Really shortage of PM candidates? ….


A child’s prayer


How to be stable if support from Mahiaddin is conditional that he does not disburse ‘get out of jail’ cards to G10? Counting the days for vote of no confidence upon appointed PM9? Bersatu could apply the same method ?