Nightmare (for BN) on Penanti Street


The rise of the Anwar clones: PKR’s Gobalakrishnan wearing an Anwar face mask at Nomination Day today. Scores of others were seen bearing such masks.

A PKR supporter taunts an Umno man by waving RM10 ringgit notes in front of him

Wanita/Puteri Umno supporters receive a “hot” reception from PKR supporters lining the path

Chinese PKR supporters liven up the mood with their drums

The crowd erupts when Anwar’s candidacy is confirmed at around 11.45am. Note another Anwar clone at bottom right.

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Words can’t describe how ashamed I am of BN. When they held those ceramahs,it’s all about defaming Anwar,it’s all political. What about talking bout the rakyat’s woes? Enough of this. BN+CRAP. PM, please just step down.

Liam Chee Keong

Greetings from China!! I am now in China, Beijing watching olympics but can’t help following news online in Malaysia as I have many Malaysian friends. Actually many of my comrades and chinese friends are not going to invest or study in malaysia anymore due to the corrupted leadership of UMNO, we would rather goto UK or Australia which the govt is not so corrupted. My wish is for Anwar to be the next prime minister as if corruption is reduce, then Malaysia will be a good place to live in. As for this saiful guy, it have been a laughing… Read more »

Malaysian Niah...

i think the next round should be to completely make UMNO irrelevant. When PKR become the govt, the first thing they should do is to expose, investigate and jail all those crony corrupters and people that place systems of corruption in this country that has robbed generations of malaysians irregarless of their race.

SA Goh

i enojoyed reading that i’m seriously considering subscribing. only that i don’t get on the pc often or even daily.
Yet must feedback that the comments here are just as good as the article itself. Really good fun reading the comments. so like Malaysians, the real true Malaysians.
Hidup Merdeka and not mereka only.


The dumb dumb sleepy PM challenged DSAI to swear like “Sai the FOOL” did today. What a stupid idiot!! If anybody can just swear by the Holy Koran and get away, then all the criminals in jail will be the first to do it. Lets quote what thw world largest Muslim social organisation has to say: “Former Indonesian president Abdurrahman Wahid, the titular leader of the Nadhlatul Ulama (NU), the largest Muslim social organisation in the world, today described as “unislamic” the practice of swearing on the Quran.” Theis just shoes these guys just used “Islam hadhari” to serve their… Read more »

Phua Kai Lit

Dear All From an interview with Asia Times online: ATol: When Mahathir first rose to power in 1981, his first big bang policy was the promulgation of a nationalistic “buy British last” campaign. Assuming you rise to power next month, as you have predicted, what will be your first big bang policy? Anwar: I have made it very clear that the economy must be corrected. Which means we must do away immediately with cronyism, procurement and contract policies that favor … family members. … With a clear policy the Malays, Chinese and Indians within the country will have more confidence… Read more »


dear anil
it just shows that losing power is painful.And most ruling power seem not to allow such things to happen at all costs. Hopefully for those who just regain and tasted power do not repeat the “mistake”. Look at Musaraff today. clinging to a greasy pole of power and using the barrel of the gun to confront parliamentary power. Mugabe is another example. But we pray that our nation does not follow the likes of these “democracies”. The nation and people are the victims.

Phua Kai Lit

Hi rajraman666 8.45pm

I think one more department should be added to my
proposed “BN University” i.e. a Department of Mathematics.
Aim is to turn out BN supporters who know how to count!

Malaysian Niah...

also as a public citizen I demand that the Sha … submit his resignation letter because he thinks after promising so when he lost the debate with DSAI …the public today never forgets even if you do… maybe the Koh Tikus should also put his resignation as Gerakan President to be on the line. Should he loose to our BELOVED, Lim Guan Eng in the debate … Koh … should resign totally from the political scene and party. Frankly speaking, that might be the smartest thing Koh Tikus can do because Gerakan soon will be or is already an irrelevant… Read more »

Malaysian Niah...

i say if the UMNO/BN govt and its Crony – the Election Commission want to play dirty, lets play dirty too. Declare Tusday a public holiday ….

ASIAN Health and Medicine Forum

i did not thought that anwar would file candidacy.

Silent Voter

Hai ya..itu MSM musti tulis 10,000 shj dan BN/UMNO musti 15,000 sokong punya…..musti mau tutup punya.. Kita musti tunggu apa macam punya (mereka) mau tipu loo.. Undi Pos=490 shj…nanti bila kila undi..undi pos=20,000 hoo.. …musti bikin manyak lokblok..kasi olang susah mau pegi undi…org nanti pusing u-turn balik rumah tarak mau pegi undi noohh.. Itu dewan kila undi musti ada blak-out…tarak lampu…kasi tukar itu keletas undi meeh.. …kasi wang pada olang undi…nanti meleka bikin repot cakap ada rasuah beli undi ho.. … nanti isi borang kila undi kasi salah…itu macam sana Sanglang punya halk….kena buat repot dan pegi court…tunggu lagi 6… Read more »


The old … has dared Anwar to swear on the Quran that the allegations against him are not true.

Since he himself has been accused of corruption umpteen times, he should follow his own advice.


Artic turban, who knows? Maybe full of s*** had his advances rejected. Hell hath no fury as a queen scorned.


Permatang Pauh Voters decide for Nation?
Pengundi Permatang Pauh tentukan untuk Negara?

1. Voters of Permatang Pauh will vote come 26 August 2008. Who to vote for and What to vote for? (Man of Honour in Nostradamus Quatrains on Wag the Dog?)

Pengundi-pengundi Permatang Pauh akan undi menjelang 26 Ogos 2008. Mengundi Siapa and mengundi untuk Apa? (Man of Honour di Nostradamus Quatrains Wag the Dog?)

2. 50 Questions to test your Conscience at Jeyklls and Hydes in Malaysia – Are You?

50 Soalan untuk menguji Suara Hati anda di Jeyklls and Hydes di Malaysia. Adakah Anda?


No announcement of public holiday please for the by election.
There are already too many holidays in Malaysia, especially for government servants observing a 5 day week plus something like 18 public holidays in a year.
Few developing countries have as many public holidays as ours.

This will send a wrong message to the investors.

victor chan

Face it there is no credible so called leader in UMNO/BN now. Incidentally why call BN when UMNO is calling the shots. MIC MCA Etc ahould get out of the unholy alliance instaed of being made use of as a cover for UMNO dominance.


The mask….remind me of V for Vendetta.


The ray of the morning sun brings us hope…hope for a change.50 years of a corrupted BN govt is too hard to bear. The wind of change is here, all the good rakyat of this wonderful land, grab this opportunity.
The presence of these thousands of PKR supporters, at the nomination centre, have given me further courage and stregthen my will to work for the fall of this evil and corrupted Umno led administration. Well done, PKR supporters!!


If BN’s candidate were to win this by election,my friends and I would chop off our little braders and throw them to the ducks for breakfast.He he he


See the pics from the ‘blogosphere’ shld tell u how many Pakatan supporters there were.

But DSAi and Pakatan has to work hard now for the next 10 days. Its not just to win Permatang Pauh but to win BIG!!!!!


I don’t think it is necessary for PKR supporters to taunt the UMNos.
Winning the election will do more than enough.

artic turban

anil this is something interesting. HERE IS SOMETHING INTERESTING,please read this article, it was in the star on friday,15/8. read the part highlighted and compare this to S’s lies, the logic being if a std 6 child can fight OFF an adult, why couldn’t S, even if he looks pondannish, 6 footer full of muscle, fight back DSAI. highlight this, and S’s claim of sodomee becomes rubbish. below is the article. Friday August 15, 2008 Teachers in molest claims By NELSON BENJAMIN LABIS: Two primary school teachers have been arrested for allegedly molesting and performing indecent acts on their pupils.… Read more »


Most people from outside area… they can’t vote… just make some party there


Can’t the Penang State Government declare 26 August as a holiday to be replaced by a Saturday?

how on earth must polling day be on a tuesday ?
they did it on purpose. a dirty trick by BN to reduce DSAI majority.
dirty trick or not all voters 100% vote DSAI.