New Perak MB impresses Chinese crowd


Looks like the new Pas MB in Perak has an impressive command of languages. This should stand him in good stead.

This report from Sin Chew (click on link to see pictures):

Perak MB-designate wows Chinese crowd

IPOH, MALAYSIA: Perak Menteri Besar-designate Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin of PAS turned up at the ”What’s Coming Next” political forum held in Ipoh Sunday (16 Mar) and immediately stunned the Chinese crowd by speaking in Mandarin, Hokkien, Cantonese, Tamil, then in English and Malay.

The audience was speechless then gave the PAS leader a rousing applause. The forum was organized by Guang Ming Daily, Sin Chew Daily, Eye Asia and Sin Chew-i an dheld at Dewan Dou Mu in Ipoh at 2pm and attracted 3000 people. Speakers included PKR national vice-president Dr Lee Boon Chye, Perak DAP chief Ngeh Koo Ham, Wangsa Maju Member of Parliament Wee Choo Keong and Sin Chew’s Deputy Chief Editor Tay Tian Yan.

Mohammad Nizar, an accomplished enginneer, was not a speaker but was invited to the forum by Ngeh. (Sin Chew Daily)

Meanwhile, over in Selangor, a couple of populist measures from the new MB, as the NST reports:

In his first Press conference as Selangor Mentri Besar today, Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim made two key announcements: the first 20 cubic metres of water is free to all Selangor households from April, and the eve of polling day water treatment plant deal between Puncak Niaga Holdings Bhd and Selangor Government is lopsided to the concessionaire’s advantage.

It should not stop there. All contracts not in the public interest must be reviewed for possible corruption or bad faith dealings.

Talking about bad faith dealings, it appears that the previous Kedah administration has gone paper-less! I don’t think this was what they had in mind when they were talking about e-government…

The Star has this report:

Kedah official papers missing

[email protected]

ALOR STAR: All documents from the offices of the Mentri Besar and executive councillors in Kedah have gone missing.

The PAS-led government which took office after 12th general election on March 8 will lodge a police report based on the findings of an internal investigation.

Mentri Besar Azizan Abdul Razak has appointed state executive councillor Phahrolrazi Zawawi to investigate the case of the missing documents.

It all sounds very fishy to me – and no doubt to you as well.

Up north in Perlis, Dr Md Isa Sabu was sworn in before the Raja of Perlis this evening as the new Perlis mentri besar. The NST reports there was relief all round as the ceremony proceeded without incident. Shahidan did not show up but 14 other assembly members, including the five aligned to him, attended.

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bye bye BN IN 2013


pakatan in perak , is showing true colour as BN now. they afford to waste public fund to change all exco car proton perdana to toyota camry 2.4 litre worth RM 2.7 million for 16 nos. change car reason is smiliar with BN goverment in terenganu high maintenence cost rm 1 million per year for 14 cars mean each car will spend almost RM72 000.00 yearly, this firgure totally cant be accepted. the most expensive part for car normaly is gear box . how much it cost ? RM20 k alright and every year gear box changed? and i think… Read more »

Death Note

This Shahidan… very funny la…
much more funnier than Vellu Sammy I think.


Nothing wins over a “Chinaman” better than a non-Chinese fellow speaking Mandarin. They’re suckers for anyone who speaks their language.


gua caya lah 🙂

Malay Women in Malaysia

Now people know why the Sultan and Regent of Perak had chosen Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin of PAS as the Perak’s new Menteri Besar. 🙂

Never question the wisdoms of Perak’s current Malay Rulers. Both of them are educated professionals but their hearts are very near with the common people.

Daulat Tuanku!


wa-hah! i’m a sucker for a non-Chinese fellow speaking Mandarin. I personally think that it shows that they are open enough to accept other languages and other cultures which I think is lacking among the other Datuks. Hopefully, the new Perak MB won’t be a dissapointment.


BN 28 In Perak can’t let go The power once they had Now it is no more Trying its best Telling the Sultan of Perak Let BN rules the state They have 28 seats Don’t they learn at all? Majority wins the race Now when they are in the minority group They are trying to usurp the majority Crying over spill milk Thinking of ways to go marching in The doors are locked BN 28 You had your chances for over 50 years Now let others have a craic Let the people taste a different set Of magic swarming the… Read more »


Quite true, crankshaft. But isn’t the same true of all races?

J Yeoh

The reports in the printed media, TV as well as via the internet the past few days with regard to ” Missing Files” in the various State offices recently taken over by the coalition “opposition” government should be viewed very seriously by the New State Governments, the police and indeed by the Federal Government.. For the newly formed Governmnt, these missing and I am sure mostly confidential documents would cause unnecessary delays and seriously impede the effort of the newly installed Government in carrying out their duties quickly. The ‘couldn’t care less ‘ response of the former Kedah Mentri Besar… Read more »

J.D. Lovrenciear

There are many rising stars in Malaysia that we citizens welcome with inspired hearts since the March 8, 2008 elections-tsunami. Now we witness the dawn of a another hopeful era given leaders like YB MB of Perak, Selangor, Penang and Kedah.

These ‘new horizon’ leaders do not speak in that over-worn vein of fear, riots, rights and ‘maruh bangsa’. Instead they echo the very heart beats of the rakyat’s hopes, aspirations and prayers.

May God bless our new leaders and Malaysia’s future.


The Perak MB seem to have a good credential. If he is moderate and open, then the non-Malay will certainly have no problem accepting him.


This is an age of miracles. Believe it or don’t. Henceforth all our destinies will be on Self-Select mode, In other words, dear friends, stop being passive consumers of reality – go deep within and realize YOU are the one making events happen around you by the way you think, feel, and project. If you end up in eco-apocalyptic hell because you never lifted a finger to stop the runaway train of ruthless greed and blind ambition… well, don’t blame God… or the Devil. Just look in the mirror and say: AKU BODOH. Then move on! 🙂

Product of the System

Still a long long way to go before paranoid Chinese people become accepting of PAS.

Great start anyway.

Abang aka vedder

Hopefully all BN representatives will continue to think, have the same attitude and act if not worst like crankshaft, then surely we will have a new federal goverment in line in 2012. For a better Malaysia.


Daulat Tuanku!
I am chinese, if there is Ketuanan Melayu, the only Ketuanan Melayu to me is our King or Sultan. Not any normal melayu.

Anyway, congratulation to Perak MB……