Negri Sembilan state election predictions


Today, we will look at the upcoming Negri Sembilan state election.

In the 2018 state election, Pakatan Harapan won 20 seats out of 36 (53.9% of the popular vote, including Bersatu’s 5.4%), Barisan Nasional picked up 16 (37.8%), and Pas failed to win a single seat (7.5%).

In the 2022 general election for Negri parliamentary seats, PH-Muda’s share of the popular vote plunged to 44.8%, BN’s share dropped to 31.2% while PN bagged 22.0%.

Emen Jamal, the Tasik Gelugor PKR information chief, predicts that PH-BN will sweep to victory with 33 of the 36 seats this time.

Abdul Rahman Kasim, the Tasik Gelugor Pas information chief, forecasts that Perikatan Nasional will bag 20 of the 36 seats for a PN win.

I’m going for a PH-BN win in Negri given that their combined share of the popular vote would still be too much for PN to overcome even if a large proportion of the BN votes go to PN. But hey, anything can happen!

What’s your prediction?

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Young people are demanding better policies for logging, public transport and fiscal management from the representatives in the state elections, a survey showed.

The Tuntutan Iklim Belia poll, held by MyHutan and Undi18, revealed that the youth also want a new agriculture policy and commitment to utilise renewable energy.


Young people today has unrealistic expectations. They spend more than their older generations yet cannot earn more to sustain their spending habits!


Graduan Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM), Wong Wei Jie yang baru saja menamatkan pengajiannya kini mendapat gaji bulanan sangat lumayan iaitu RM11,000

Difahamkan, dia diterima bekerja di sebuah syarikat antarabangsa Denmark, Maersk Omnichannel Fulfilment yang berpangkalan di Singapura.


Malaysia is falling behind its competitors due to its heavy reliance on industries such as plantation and oil and gas.

These industries were so profitable we grew complacent and neglected the development of other industries.

As a result, we didn’t increase the wages in the manufacturing and services industries in tandem with the rising costs of goods and services.


Who do you think are the real enemies of the Malays?
The DAP? Really? The CIA? Oh-oh. The Reds? But they’re our best trading partner!
The answer is not so obvious…Look under the bedcovers…Haiyoh



Saya hormat Mariam Mokhtar. Buka minda orang Melayu yang ditipu DEB.


Kuada negara sentiada terjami di dalam tangan orang Melayu


Video baik buat penjelasan segala berita palsu dari Tun M dan Sanusi. Jangan kita Melayu diperdaya. Politik buruk kita kena elak.


Very good explanation to counter Mahathir’s nonsense. Must share it with my Malay friends. Please forward.


This video shows Chinese can speak good Malay and able to articulate current issues better than TV3, Utusan or Awani. I will follow his YouTube channel!


So what makes Muda so cock sure that they will win anything this time around other than playing the spoilers role benefitting PN! So boils down to the basic question, is Muda a friend or foe to the Unity govt! Looks like Muda is doing PN a big favor. Just remember SS, once you crossed the red line, there is no looking back, you have burned everything.


RIP to YB Salahuddin Ayub, Bapa Menu Rahmah Malaysia.


DPM Zahid Hamidi wants the Rahmah initiative to be continued by the successor of the late Salahuddin Ayub.

Zahid said the people, especially the low-income group (B40) and the hardcore poor, certainly hope that the initiative can be continued in the face of the current increase in the cost of living.

What is Aliran’s position on Menu Rahmah?


59 Year Old Candidate, But Does Muda Actually Mean ‘Young’?

Netizens mocks MUDA for enlisting
senior lawyer, Lee Kim Noor for the Batu Uban seat.