Najib’s 9999 new homes in Air Itam: Guan Eng responds


Guan Eng responds to Najib’s pledge to build 9999 low-medium cost and affordable homes in the Air Itam area.

Yes, traffic congestion is a serious issue that should be taken into consideration in all new and existing housing schemes. And wherever possible, public transport should be promoted.

Guan Eng’s statement:

Caretaker Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak is Disrespectful to existing 4,000 families, Desperate in making new empty election promises and Dishonest in repeating unfulfilled recycled promises that the federal government will build 9,999 units of low and medium-cost apartments in the 3 state constituencies of Air Putih, Air Itam and Paya Terubong.

The Penang state government is shocked at Najib’s announcement that through the 1Malaysia Development Berhad, he had signed land purchase agreements for Air Putih, Ayer Itam and Paya Terubong to each get 2,222 low-medium cost homes and 1,111 affordable homes. By not informing first the 4,000 families in the affected areas who have to be evicted, Najib is being disrespectful to them and is willing to sacrifice the homes shared by 4,000 families just to gain political mileage. Why is BN and Najib behaving in such a harsh manner by not consulting with the 4,000 families but just want to bulldoze their homes with an announcement made without their knowledge?

Clearly Najib is desperate to make new empty promises of 9,999 affordable homes, a promise without value as they are made just before the general elections. Indeed Najib’s promise of 9,999 affordable housing in Air Putih, Air Itam and Paya Terubong is not even included in the BN National Manifesto launched by Najib. This new promise has been exposed as a lie because if this is to be built by the BN Federal government, then why is this promise not included in the BN National Manifesto?

Najib is also dishonest when he promised that those those living in the 962 one-bedroom houses in Kampung Melayu will be given three-bedroom homes in the Air Itam affordable homes scheme. This is
another unfulfilled promise by BN that has been recycled at every general election, the last occasion done by Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Tan Sri Nor Mohamad Yakcop in 2008, that has
never been delivered.

As for the Padang Tembak flats, Najib’s promise of using the existing FRU land joined with the current flats to jointly deliver 4,800 new low and medium cost homes raises issues whether existing residents will be chased out, especially tenants. Further the issue of traffic congestion has not been dealt with. In an already heavily congested area with high density how is the Federal government going to build new highways to overcome traffic jams with the increased density from nearly 15,000 new homes.

BN has always criticized the state government for ignoring traffic congestion from housing projects, including the 22,172 units of affordable housing proposed by the PR state government. However BN has chosen to remain silent without stating what are the highways they propose to build when there is going to be a massive traffic jam of gargantuan proportions in the Air Putih, Paya Terubong and Air Itam from these new 15,000 houses.

PR challenges Najib to deliver on BN’s promises especially the monorail project promised in 2006. Despite the failure of BN to fulfill the promise made in 2006,Najib has the cheek yesterday to repeat or recycle this unfulfilled promise of building the monorail again. Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi failed to deliver the promise when he was Prime Minister and Datuk Seri Najib failed again to deliver after he took over from Pak Lah. Clearly the monorail or tram will only be built in Penang when Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim becomes the new Prime Minister for Malaysia on 5 May 2013.

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LGE should show Najib more respect. Najib is not the Caretaker Prime Minister. He’s the Minister for Women’s Affairs.


Janji ape? Win or lose GE-13 Federal, he may even be shown the exit door by UMNO. Not BN lah of course, they have lost their marbles long time ago!

Anak Malaysia

Orang lain punya janji semuanya “kosong”, dia sendiri punya janji semuanya “dicapati”. Pakai rakyat punya duit macam buka air paip, bagi free makan tiap-tiap hari (beli undi), Taib satu keluarga makan duit pun diam-diam, sumua perbuatan jahat terang-terang. Ini macam punya orang dan kerajaan mana boleh percaya lagi.

Ini kali lah peluang terbaik kita tukar kerajaan. Bagi lah 5 tahun untuk Pakatan Rakyat cuba, asalkan kita tahu mereka bukan orang jahat. Jangan terpedaya dan ditipu oleh BN lagi. Selamatkan anak-anak kita dan negara kita.

UBAH !! Ini Kali Lah !!


Always remember this ;

”’ Ping Dou Yau Kam Thai Chet Kap Ngar Choi Kai Thiew ”’


Ah Cheap all promise are just like Ah Cheat. 1. Can you simply approved and upgrade a university college without having make sure that they have met the requirement. No wonder our education standard is going down the drain. 2. Rifle range has more than 4000 units. Are there any space in Rifle Range to build further units. Each block has more than 400 over units and to build an 800 sq ft with car park would need triple the space of 1 block. Moreover is it free or the owner may have to pay up to 250k for it… Read more »

syabil cmk zainal

I read today that the 9999 affordable homes is only if we say NO to a Tunnel in 2025! Government must plan for the People! Plan for good roads to move and transport people and goods. Upon having the infra or even while preparing for it, develop housing and townships… so, hand in hand welfare of the people is taken care of. Political parties cannot simply put up a promise just to counter its opponent especially when we are so near to voting…. without proper planning, Penangites will suffer! Even that 2 year planned and discussed tunnel has been lamented… Read more »

Tiger Wong

Iam Tiger Wong, from Kulim. Iam a MCA member. Mr Lim Guan Eng, I salute you! I could not change my MCA president, but I and my family and relatives, will definitely UBAH !


me think saying 9,999 houses helps stretch the speech a bit more than saying 10,000 houses. Try saying 9,999 in BM (it takes 18 syllables) compared to 10,000 (which only takes 5 syllables).


Najib should just promise to build 11 units to keep to his lucky number.


This Janji-Nak-Di-Cheap thinks Penangites are drunk by all the free-flowing beers down with haram roasted pigs, hawker food & lucky draws. Janji until the sky comes down to earth but we are too familiar with his desperado antics going extreme & unseen before all previous GEs. Even the now desperado Dr.Kutty of Helang Island is going overdrive from north to south to wash his indelible dirts with Over-Drive Detergent & clorox. Boh Hoot Ostrich (being smart about Federal’s discrimination) couldn’t promise a thing, how could this late-comer Santa Claus with pink lips shiok-shiok Penangites with empty janji-janjian di langit? The… Read more »


Everything Najib promise now ALL UNREALISTIC..Its just jerking people around..Janji Tidak AKAN DITEPATI..


Najib’s janji (promise) never specify time-frame for implementation.
It may take a decade before anything is done, as in many cases by BN.
This ‘9999 rasuah’ is purely a desperate move after seeing 70000 braving the rain at Pakatan ceramah at Han Chiang on 29 April.

Wonder why those Anil readers who always object to traffic congestion did not make noise on such high density project? Perhaps they are too busy gulping the free food (roasted pig) and free beer (hangover? but be sober to vote Pakatan, please!).


Najib a wise leader who has made good choices for you and me ? check this out :


Thanks. Keep sharing good videos here. It save me the trouble to look up for good ones now that BN has swamped Youtube with its propaganda videos to confuse the rakyat.


Watch out for empty warnings and promises on mainstram papers on the eve of GE13.


Remember Kutty making promises to Selangor Chinese Associations before the election but close to election, Kutty turn around. Also don’t forget what jibby said about blood and keris. So what is so big about Mongolian foreigner being disappear in malaysia.


It all started from one man – Kutty of Helang Island (of Curse).
Let’s break the curse once & for all.
Ubah, Change, How to say it in Tamil? (Anil can help?)


Also to add: 改变
:Kai Pian Ah (Pg Hokkien).
: மற்றும் மாற்றம் (Tamil)

Empty Promises