First taxi, then bus, now Najib cycles


Look who’s cycling together at the “1 Malaysia Charity Ride for Education 2011”. Cycle diplomacy?

Najib in a 1Malaysia T-shirt and Guan Eng in a yellow top

Guan Eng, former Penang chief minister Koh Tsu Koon, Yen Yen and Penang Umno Liaison Committee chairman Zainal Abidin Osman were reportedly at the event. Only person missing seems to be Zaid Ibrahim on a Kita cycle!

The event, which took place at Straits Quay, was organised by Kwong Wah newspaper and sponsored by 1MDB.

The event raised RM15m from 1MDB among others – RM1m each to 15 Chinese vernacular schools in state. Najib also reportedly gave out 5000 bicycles to the participating students. Elections coming?

During Hari Raya, he arrived in a taxi for an ‘open house’ in Permatang Pauh. Yesterday, he, along with Rosmah and entourage, boarded a bus to attend programmes in Perak. Today, he’s cycling for the first time after 50 years. Elections coming?

Next weekend, Najib and Guan Eng are expected to come face-to-face again in Han Chiang School for another event.

The hapless Tsu Koon found it rough going. A metaphor for his party’s fortunes in Penang? Bernama reports:

Meanwhile, Dr Koh, who is also Penang Barisan Nasional chairman, was involved in a minor accident at Pantai Molek when participating in the event.

When approached by reporters, he said he was unable to brake in time to avert knocking into two youngsters in front of him who had collided into each other.

“It happened all of a sudden. I could not apply the brakes in time and crashed into the youngsters,” said Dr Koh, who was limping slightly because of pain in the left knee.

Have a look at why it’s so dangerous to cycle in Penang:

If only these politicians would cycle and take the bus more often, I am sure our public transport system would be a lot more efficient and our roads more cycle-friendly. How about it?

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Jalil Din

I think Proton can make more money making bicycles than car.

Imagine having a Lotus logo on your bicycle!


““It happened all of a sudden. I could not apply the brakes in time and crashed into the youngsters,”


I am riding my good little 20” wheel folding bicycle for 4 months, 1500km mileage and my good old brake still working flawlessly.

Somebody please tell me, where does JibJib and his man procure those bikes from? Khazastan?


St Xavier;s Inst and other mission schools also need RM 1 mil each When can they get their share ?


Sorry. Mission Schools don’t bring in votes. So no money, lah.


Perhaps Najib needs to do more “1 Malaysia Charity Ride for Education” hahaha! Considering that there are many more schools that need donation, he will have to do it everyday!!!

If only there is less wastage of tax-payers money, there should be enough to go round.


Mission schools will bring in multi racial votes


Sometime God moves in mysterious way. Looks like He do not want Koh Tsu Koon in Penang. I would take Koh Tsu Koon’s bicycle accident as a strong message.


KTK fell from his bicycle is a repeat of his falling from grace in the last election. He should try his luck in Simpang Renggam.

Ong Eu Soon

Najib’s determination to bring about change is well resonant with the ground. The repeal of ISA and Banishment Act 1959, the lifting of the emergency proclamations, the reviewing the Restricted Residence Act 1933, the reviewing of Section 27 of the Police Act 1967 for greater freedom to assemble, the reviewing of Printing Presses and Publications Act 1984 with a one-off permit, all these sweeping changes are in line with the aspiration of DEVELOPMENT action party. A move that is to prove Najib’s sincerity in forming the 1Malaysia coalition. This created a good opportunity for 1Malaysia coalition to be formed with… Read more »

Ong Eu Soon

The Islamic state and the Hudud law issues will be an opportunity for DEVELOPMENT action party to opt out from PR. Will this cycle diplomacy bring about a new political coalition? Couple with the problem of alleged Anwar’s sex video, PR seen to be at the brink of collapse. LGe meets all the criterion to be BN type of politician to the delight of Najib. There won’t be a problem for the two to work together. MCA can go fly kites, a party that survive on the food residue of UMNO according to one of the ex-MCA chief. Question here… Read more »

Nazri Aziz Bukhari

I again agree with you brother Ah Soon, MCA/MIC/GELAKAN can go fly kites! They are so irrelevant to modern Malaysia, and Malaysia does not need racists political parties anymore! UMNO with DAP? Good idea, that will ensure check and balance, as DAP is not one that can be coerced, and they have stuck to their principals since its inception, unlike MCA/GELAKAN/MIC, who sold off the Rakyat, after winning the State Elections, especially GELAKAN in Penang! Let us once and for all ensure the total demise of MCA/MIC/GELAKAN in Peninsular, that will give us around 20 Parliamentary seats! Make very sure… Read more »


If Development action Party opts out of PR and UMNO, then NK Khoo will join DAP as it becomes the Real THIRD Force after PR and BN.

Ong Eu Soon

Bad omen for Bo Hood Party, zero KPI will still be defeated by young voters in the coming election.

Nazri Aziz Bukhari

Eu Soon,

I agree with you 100% on this prediction. If there is a change in the Federal Government this time, it will be the educated and the young that decide. Our votes are more or less decided, it is the young who will decide the future of Malaysia, and rightly so!

Andrew I

That’s why some politicians are now behaving like aged rock stars and making appearances in front of kids young enough to be their grandchildren.

At the very least, aged rock stars have a legacy to leave behind.


Legacy to leave behind? You mean you do not think that Najib, who was never elected by anyone to be PM, nor even UMNO President, is not going to leave a legacy? Well, Najib does not seem to agree with you. When he dropped in on the Pope in July, he was thick-skinned enough to give the pontiff a copy of “Najib: Beginning of a Legacy” . If you pay RM199 at the bookstores – MPH for one – you’d be able to purchase a copy. If I was foolish enough to do so, I’d get a large vomit bucket… Read more »

Andrew I

Doesn’t that add up to what legacy?


Hey…any particular reason why Guan Eng is wearing yellow? 😀


Malaysiakini: The transcript of ABC’s interview with Lim Guan Eng does not contain any mention of Johor, contrary to DPM’s claim.

So is DPM telling lies?


When he goes to Kelantan, he will use kereta lembu?

Anyway, this fund raising for Chinese school is initiated by Kwong Wah Jit Poh. If only Utusan could do such charity event to raise fund for the poor malays, instead of spewing venom in its articles.


Why everyone including the so call NGOs are quiet, dis -serviceand did not lobby for cycle lanes? Or did he mention about turn the road into bicycle roads?


The funds were allocated to those already ‘rich’ schools, I believe they should instead allocate them to other “poorer” schools rather. BTW, still very much disagree with why we still need to raise funds for schools (be it Chinese, Tamil or SAR-Sekolah Agama Rakyat), all schools should be given allocations. Period.


Najib is 1Useless PM as far as I am concerned. Even his cycling stunt in Penang was “hijacked” from an event which had already been planned by Kwong Wah Jit Poh and the Penang state government. See: PM’s charity move in Penang seen as a ‘hijack’ Susan Loone 22 Sep, 11 1:31pm Taxi, bus, then bicycle? Personally, I could not care less even if Najib had crawled on his belly with a kow-tow every ten feet from Putrajaya to Georgetown. (If I was to state it more grapically and honestly, I would have used “slittered”). Nothing he has done… Read more »

Ong Eu Soon

What hijack? To repeated questions from reporters on the matter, Lim replied, at a press conference in the presence of Kwong Wah Jit Poh‘s company directors: “If you want to interpret it that way (as Najib hijacking the event) it’s your prerogative.”

When asked if Najib had “hijacked” the event, Lim said the state government was prepared to work with federal authorities for the benefit of the people.

1Malaysia coalition in the making? That is what you should ask!


Quoting from PM’s charity move in Penang seen as a ‘hijack’ (begin quote) Pantai Jerejak assemblyperson Sim Tze Tsin said Penang executive council member Lydia Ong has been working very closely with the newspaper for several months to make the event a success. But several weeks ago, Ong received “an order” from Putrajaya to hand the event over to the federal government. “So, out of courtesy, the state government handed over the project to the PM’s Department, since Najib had promised donations to the Chinese schools,” Sim told Malaysiakini. ‘Guan Eng gracious in handing over event’ “I believe Chief… Read more »


Guan Eng can’t be wearing the 1Malaysia T shirt, right?

Since there is no white in his apparel, he cannot be wearing Penang state colours.

So if we want to interpret it that way, it’s our prerogative. 🙂


Getting old and senility came prematurely..second childhood!!

Gerakan K

Good for these schools. Penang not a step child anymore. Remember to be thankful to our 1Malaysia PM Najib.

Good one also for anil’s first taxi, then bus, now Najib cycles title.

But not so good for Pakatan’s Hudud, Negara Kebajikan, Middle Malaysia, Buku Jingga, Hudud again. For sure someone kena tipu kaw kaw this time. Luckily my vote went to BN during last GE.

Time for change. Let’s put a big and definite full stop to hudud. A vote for Pakatan is a vote for hudud. Vote BN to ensure no hudud.

Andrew I

People should really concentrate whilst on the road instead of letting their mind wander. Do they still sell those mini wheels that balance the bicycle? Practice makes perfect.

Dalbinder Singh Gill

Penang Government /Opposition leaders should start joining us in cycling/bus to work.

Dr. HC Pang

Najib is fortunate he didn’t get a myocardial infarction. Look at his bulge, his body mass index is easily way above 30.


He could do Alphard Liow a favour to be the model for the Health Ministry’s anti-obesity campaign in print ad or TV ad.

Or perhaps joining the local malay edition of ‘The Biggest Loser’ on RTM?

Andrew I

1Taxi, 1Bus and 1Bicycle.

Nazri Aziz Bukhari

Great deal, fantastic work, RM 15million for 15 schools. Work it out Anil, how much does it comes to per student per school per day for the next five years? Taking an average population of 2,000 students per school? Does Najib think he can buy Penangnites for 0.28 cents per day for the students of the 15 schools for the next five years? Put 15 million upfront to these schools and gasak balik the next five years? Penangnites should be smart, if the State is not under PR, you will never enjoy the 15 million ringgits. It is a clever… Read more »


I like your writing.
Please contribute more as I am tired of those nonsense from Gerakan K.


Dont believe in the half truth … of Najib.

The media had given the impression that PM Najib and his wife had boarded a bus to visit the rakyat BUT WHAT THE RAKYAT FAIL TO REALISE WAS THAT THEY HAD BOARDED A NEW LUXURY BUS at the expense of the POOR.

Go to this site and see for yourself :


Semua satu keluarga!