It’s official: Muhyiddin it is…


2240: It’s official Muhyiddin has just been elected to the No. 2 post in Umno.

Muhyiddin now being mobbed by supporters. Zahid Hamidi (1,592), Hishammuddin Hussein (1,515) and Shafie Apdal (1,445) are the VPs.

Mustapa Mohamed, Noh Omar and Musa Aman picked up the highest votes among those elected to the Supreme Council. Strangely, a string of Mentris Besar failed to win a seat on the Council.

The announcer is asking the delegates. “Jangan buat kecoh… You all can leave the dewan.”

All I can say is that it is hardly an inspiring team – and progressive reforms are likely to remain a distant dream.

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KJ won. Mahathir should have kept quiet before the assembly. He was trying to influence UMNO members into not voting in Pak Lah’s men. The reps felt otherwise. Now, will Mahathir join UMNO? Knowing him and his stand, he will not. Najib will be his next punching bag. Just wait for the moment he opens his mouth. When there is a euphoria at the assembly, the country is facing two major problems: the economy is dowm and the crime rate is terribly up. People are living in fear now. Many will loose their jobs. Many are also living in fear… Read more »


Every sabahan knows how (much corruption there is in) sabah and yet the MB receives the second highest votes.

What a change lah!!!!!


That’s why the percetion that umno will never change is right. The leaders will be most happy not to spend money on buying votes to stay in power but the grassroot will make sure the leaders pay for their votes.No money no talk kind of attitude. The only way umno will change is for the rakyat to change them by voting them out of power. Without power and money,lets see who will continue to fight for party posts.Those that continue to serve without power and money are real grassroot of umno. Then maybe then we will see real refom in… Read more »


Whoever won in the UMNO Baharu (not UMNO as misrepresented because the original UMNO is already deregistered about 19 years ago) AGM (should be 19th AGM) doesnt matter to me. What is important is to clean up Malaysia tainted image in the eyes of the world (just like the big for nothing ferries wheel Malacca Govt salvaged). Our BN Govt should sue the Journalist and the newspaper concerned over the allegation in their news reporting that our new UMNO president is involved in the corruption cum murder case of Altantuya. Do the right thing right for once for the sake… Read more »

Dalbinder Singh

Who cares whether the new UMNO team is inspiring or not. UMNO can change its team as often as they want to and continue to use the word ‘Change’ in its speeches like as if it is a cheap word, the fact remains that Pakatan Rakyat has to move on and unite and solve its problems immediately, form a shadow cabinet (which will reflect a Malaysian Malaysia, work along with Parti Sosialis Msia and other parties of the same objective towards forming the next government in the next elections. Don’t be hasty by being greedy to form the federal government… Read more »

Tony Wong

Well, Mr Najib and Muhyiddin make a good couple in administrating the country. Just look at their tracks in making Malaysia richer; as for Mr Najib through the purchases of submarine, jet and which made him famously known in every part of the world (following the death of the mongolian woman) and how Muhyiddin lure investor from Singapore in buying lands.. opps is investing in Johore.


Maybe if the world new who is behind the melt down on the world economy- we can expose them all over the world before they succeed in the “new world order and enslave us all


This is the UMNO AGM, and it is very difficult for the man on the street to feel any optimism. The self-serving ways of UMNO is already well-known, the shouts and speeches of reform have been repeated ad nauseam, most memorably by Mahathir crying crocodile tears some time ago when he was still UMNO President (my reaction? I burst out laughing in disbelief!) Under his watch UMNO went (downhill) so much so that you can’t even trust their lowest denominator, the JKKK and Ketua Kampung ! Suddenly the top man asks members to shun bribes (heck this was 10 years… Read more »


Do you think Azalina , Sharir , Noraini Ahmad .. all three are minister , will they replace by KJ ..

Toyo probaly end of his career in politics with 42 years old .. it will be hard for him for pemuda post again ..

Looks like dr m hope his son to be PM already bye bye .. KJ will seems to have the chance …

UMNO will party all day long .. until next week .. they will forget about the by election ..

PR dont waste ur time, make sure keep campainging …


Dream , dream, dream .All I have to do is dream. Wake me I am dreamin , to dream an impossible dream.. Whatever the outcome, makes no difference and it’s just another day , month and year and there comes another general election. Dont expect much changes as long as the same old party in charge. PI MAI PAI TANG TU. The other coalition parties are just another faithful followers .They will make some noise for show once a while to make their presence felt ,got their pay and it’s just another day. So sad , so sad , sometime… Read more »