Muhyiddin barnstorms Penang ahead of GE


Muhyiddin was in town today, presumably with elections very much on his mind.

From what I hear, he visited students in USM and workers at Western Digital, and dropped by at Bagan on the mainland.

The word on the grapevine was that he wished students all the best in their exams ๐Ÿ˜‰

One tweep was less than impressed:

After visiting workers, he was reported as saying that not many countries of the world showed deep concern for the welfare of the people as the BN did.

It is not my intention to boast about what the BN had achieved in Penang. This is just a reminder to the people on the contribution we have made to the state.

โ€œThe people must be presented with the correct understanding. The contribution of the federal government is really huge.”

(Should we laugh or cry?)

Muhyiddin also pounced on local issues, criticising high-rise projects on hill-slopes in Penang that he felt reportedly ignored federal guidelines. Now I have been critical of hill-slope development too. But coming from Muhyiddin, it sounds a bit ‘rich’: he talks as if there was no hill-slope development (or approvals) under the BN administration!

The DPM also visited Butterworth on the mainland. The word going around was that he had turned up in Jalan Raja Uda. One mechanic said he was in the Jalan Raja Uda and asked me whether I was going as there could be lunch!

Malayskini reports him as having “made a U-turn on the federal government’s decision not to review the status quo on Chinese independent schools in the construction of news schools”. Aiyah, for your votes, they will do anything-lah.

Bernama reports:

… the feedback he received showed that the people in the state had given extraordinary support.

“We received information that their welfare was not taken care of by the state government and thus, their support for the BN is now stronger,”

Me? I think Muhyiddin is very optimistic or just deluded (listening to what he wants to hear). Or he has a good sense of humour!

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Phua Kai Lit
Phua Kai Lit
18 Jun 2012 3.50pm

DPM already “toured” my housing estate in Selangor.

Meanwhile PM is continuing his “charm offensive”, i.e.
pandas from China to win gullible Malaysian Chinese votes
plus a trip to Saudi Arabia.

21 Jun 2012 1.32pm
Reply to  Phua Kai Lit

The pandas will only charmed me if they could eat nasi lemak or toss roti canai!

Angry and Fed Up
Angry and Fed Up
17 Jun 2012 1.27pm

I do not doubt how well Wong Pow Nee and Lim Chong Eu had developed Penang into the little gem it was in the early 90s but it was mismanagement and corruption that has caused Penang to lost its shine. Give and take 2 decades under BN?

If BN really gave a …. about Penang, BN would’ve done the right thing by allowing Penang State Government to take over Penang Port and not hand it over to one of its cronies.

This guy is just diverting people’s attentions elsewhere. I still want him to declare his assets la woi

18 Jun 2012 4.35pm

Actually, the period under Dr Lim Chong Eu was a great stride of nearly 2 decades in terms of economic achievement, housing & employment. People were sought out to work in the FTZ, houses nearby were rented out to MNCs like NS Electronics & new housing schemes were developed in formerly ulu Green Lane & Riffle Range. Free port status was like heaven-sent to those dealing in trading, import/export, selling of imported goods from HK & the seeding of Penang tourism attraction within Asean. But. BUT this too good to be true for Penangites was an envy or thorn in… Read more »

17 Jun 2012 12.14pm

KL folks still have a chance to vote in GE13 if it is held in September!

Register2vote NEXT WKND (23-24 June) @ The Waterfront, Desa Parkcity, KL, 10am-9pm (Enquiries: 012-3835523, 019-3666808).

17 Jun 2012 10.50am

Aiya we all know that our those who attended such gatherings were encouraged with incentives. I just heard yesterday from someone from a major kilang in Bayan Lepas as to how the office staff were asked to attend as they do not want to touch the production workers due to high demand but since the response was very cold they had to ask the production workers to go and gave them KFC voucher. Maybe Coffee Bean or Starbuck (kopi) voucher would be more appropriate. Wonder why we don’t use the term “makan kopi” any more these days

17 Jun 2012 10.32am

Moohideen at Bagan said : You can see for yourself. Where can you dream of getting such a crowd in the stronghold of Lim Guan Eng’.

Of course people flocked there to collect free goodies.
Civil servants are sent there wih chartered buses.

Big crowd does not always translate to big votes.
Wong Chun Wai should tell him the truth.

18 Jun 2012 12.42pm
Reply to  Malcolm

Don’t be misled by the Bagan crowd.
Factories on the island were strongly coerced by federal agencies to send workers to the mainland to show support.

Imagine the time and output lost to factories here just because the DPM must have his pre-election campaign.

18 Jun 2012 4.02pm
Reply to  wira

How many of the attending workers are foreigners – Bangladeshi, Vietnamese, Myanmars, etc.
If it was the case, might as well called it moo-ing the Asean crowd in Cosmopolitan Penang!
What a way of political Bin Chui!

17 Jun 2012 10.32am

Who wants to listen to the MUD

17 Jun 2012 7.59am

Muhyiddin to lecture Gelakan T & K the 1Malaysia irony ???

17 Jun 2012 7.56am

the last time Muhyiddin was at USM i was told a school at Batu Lancang got to go on “holiday” as they had to “load” the teaching staffs for his talk at USM otherwise the hall would be near empoty !
Very typical bus sewa in Penang will have good biz whenever Muhyddin come over as they need to ferry (paid?) crowds to his events.
Janji ditepati kerana duit rakyat dibelanjakan begitu saja ?

Mat Bond
Mat Bond
16 Jun 2012 9.29pm

All factory staff are (allegedly) allowed to claim … to attend his program … and yet many does not wanty to attend. In the end some factory have no choice but to send those at lower position like operators, mould boys and even bas kilang drivers.

In his speech he mentioned that the chinese from China does not speak good english but does he knows that his own malay cabinet ministers and mps no spikie inglish.

17 Jun 2012 11.47am
Reply to  Mat Bond

My friend told me during the last election, the residents at Rifle Range were asked to come down to attend to the BN ceramah !!! Ha ha ha !!!

If there are vouchers given, then, attend by all means as monies are hard to come by.

Take whatever BN gives but vote BN out to save the land !!!

16 Jun 2012 8.40pm

As the second in command in UMNO/BN, he has to visit EVERY territory in campaign. Its about reading between the lines to get the meaning. Firstly, its VERY early given GE is likely postphoned months away – meaning they think the chances are really poor they will get anywhere. Secondly – very thing said/announced is purely reactive – that is why they all sound and seem so lame – too little too late. Thirdly – the hyperboles are completely unbelievable – its grasping for straws The most important thing to note – they have NO strategy for a comeback –… Read more »