More Santa Claus politics


It is just sickening the obvious vote-buying that is taking place almost every other day.

And the Election Commission has nothing to say?

Muhyiddin has announced today a RM500 “gratuity payment” for Pos Malaysia workers, extra insurance coverage for their families and free laptops for their children who do well in national exams.

Najib had just handed out carrots to 40,000 federal agency workers: a new pension fund, fixed allowances, and gratuities. Then there were the pay hikes for civil servants and an extra RM1.5bn for those who did not receive increments last year.

What kind of general election is this turning out to be? Malaysians should reject political parties that attempt to ‘buy’ their votes through such blatant handouts ahead of the polls.

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Calvin Sankaran


Spot on. It seems like Anil and the rest of the PR supporters suffer an amnesia when it comes to such matters. Their doctrine is simple : crime is a crime, wrong is a wrong only if it is committed by BN.

I can’t recall Anil complaining about Tokong’s blatant attempt to buy votes with his hand outs in Penang when he gave away money for senior citizens and others. There was no complaint when the state govt employees were rewarded with bonuses. Heck, there was no complaint when PR published money-festo that promised cash, cash and cash.

Stephen Ng

Not all Petronas and Pos Malaysia staff deserve the bonus.
There are plenty of deadwood around.
There should be a system to reward those who perform above KPI.
That’s why it is a vote buying exercise.


I always find it hypocritical when bn does it its votes buying but when pr does it its not. In pr manifestos its full of votes buying tantamount to billions of dollars: Lu tolong gua gua tolong lu mentality. They promise 20% oil royalties to buy of people in certain state. Promise more hundreds millions of more moneys to chinese schools to buy their votes. Billions of indirects subsidy to buy off the people. From oil, water and electricity. These subsidies help the rich more than the poor as rich use bigger cc cars with huge houses and swimming pools.… Read more »


Looks similar to how George Bush and Republicans ruined America. After Obama won, when Democrats start cleaning up the mess, Republicans voted against every bill to help America. They’re just like thugs. So you want to run the country? We’ll make it very difficult for you and block you in every way. UMNO may do just that to punish everyone for not voting BN.
What I’d do after PKR wins is to immediately remove the current judiciary. Replace the top policemen next. Then replace all the MACC. Or else, we can never prosecute anyone.


Get all the foreign banks, financial havens, Banana republics’ cash hideaways to return all illegal monies profited/leeched from Malaysia’s public fund (Ah Kong’s monies).
Just ask how the Filipinos did it to Marcos & his President’s wife.
Then head first to Helang island for the main culprit or should we call him Malaysia’s Father of All Corruptions, Racism & Lies (remember the 20% Man?)
I could see vultures circling in the skies of this island with a curse.

Ed G

Giving out handouts with ‘money that is NOT yours’ is the easiest thing to do, isn’t it? Why? Because it does NOT affect the pocket or more accurately, the luxurious lifestyles, of any your supporters, cronies, sanak-saudara etc, etc, etc. Remember Najib calling the monopoly of taxi licenses by certain special groups of people or companies ‘Modern day slavery’. Why can’t handouts be given in the form of taxi licenses to individual taxi drivers? Is it so difficult ot fulfil that small promise – ‘TEPATI JANJI’? Is it because it affects the ‘slave masters’ who happen to be someone who… Read more »


IMO I hpoe these tactics won’t work at present trend cos people are more smarter with social media of the internet and they know what is the right to do and vise versa. If they keep on giving these goodies we will keep on taking cos it is not their monies we know it is the Rakyat monies.So what is the big fuzz .BUT ge 13 we already know by heart whom we should cast our vote. ABCD VFAC he he……


The thing is this. EVEN if UMNO/BN wins this GE, IT WILL ONLY GET WORST in the GE after this..In other words, what is really bad about what Najib does is not even the amount given out but rather the precedent he has set will only escalate to become UNBEARABLE. Its why its LAUGHABLE the excuse that Anwar is populist and leading us to financial ruin… In the end, if UMNO/BN wins this GE, its because, after all the so called “transformation”, is relying on basically (certain segments of the Malaysian population) are TOO IGNORANT to see through the use… Read more »

Han TK

I thought POS Malaysia now privatised and owned by the MPH best-seller author of his autobiography?

Since then we have to pay more for postage but still endure longer days for domestic mail delivery (letter sent from JB only reaches Penang after 5 working days!).

Why tax payers have to reward this privatised company?
We should make this an election issue!


Yesterday, I went to POS Malaysia @ Farlim opposite Sunshine to buy a 60 cents stamp.
You know what? I had to endure a long wait at the counter just to get a stamp & there was no one serving except one poor Indian lady staff who had to handle 3 counters simultaneously while the rest were in the back corner room chatting in Bollywood Indian style (loud & clear).
Asked if she could get them to man the counters now with incoming customers waiting, the Indian lady staff replied: “She’s my boss!”
1Malaysia, Many Counters, 1 Who Really Works!


Han TK,
Exactly, that was what I am also thinking.
Now you see, using our money to pay for all these decadence


Pos Malaysia is obviously piratised!

Satu lagi projek BN!

najib manaukau

Anil, May be you forgot that is Umno ! They only know how to solve problems whenever they are facing them using money, that is the only way they know how. just go through the records. To begin with they are in politics with only one aim to enrich themselves, not to serve the people. They only know one word, money, and typical of them they turn to money for their solutions. Scandals after scandals are being revealed almost daily, are all about money and at these rates soon where will Malaysia be ? Malaysia is still around, thanks to… Read more »


Encountered you before but I don’t understand why you like to spread falsehood. Please note that if PR comes in they will definitely tap EPF. Why? Because under the law EPF must allocate most of their assets in government securities for the most secured rating in Malaysia. In economic sense this is fine coz we mobilize savings for future development of recurrent income. Singapore does this very efficiently. Their cpf pays only around 1 or 2 % if not mistaken. The government fully utilizes this cpf. That’s why their debt GDP ratio is 100%. We’re at 55% only. Please stop… Read more »


After CNY and even before election prices of food and hawker stall prices has already gone up. Hokkien/ curry mee, koay teow thng and cha koay teow have gone up 30 – 60 cents per plate/ coffee up 10 cents. Fried rices also 30-50 cents. If you go to the market, you will be horrified how fish, meat and vegetable have gone up. I love crabs but once you look at the prices, you will shake your head KFC dinner plate previously plus taxes about RM12/= but now RM14/= Go to the supermarket you will see how your RM50/= has… Read more »


You are right Yang, I agreed with you.I had noticed it too immediately after CNY almost everything goes up!! You named it mee ,kopi, fish.crab vege etc..these hawkers rasing the prices like no body business as if there is no government ? Why is these up rising cost where there is no increase prices of sugar,flour,fuel from the government !! THese hawkers had no mercy heart towards the consumers especially the lower income grop at a large.All they care is their pocket full of coins! Mind you they will throw you a word if you can’t afford do not eat!!… Read more »

Gerakan K

Simple tactic using by BN.

Vote BN and you will get alot of tangible things like BR1M money, subsidy, cheaper house, insurance, minimum wage for all, etc. Also remember the intangible ones, eg peaceful environment, pro-business environment, no moral policing, no valentine celebration protest, no illegal beer confiscation, no pas hudud, you still can eat and sell bak kut teh openly and freely, genting casino still going strong, lottery, big sweep, etc.

Enough say, everyone happy except hardcore pakatan kakis + taliban wanna-be.

Andrew I

How about PKFZ, cows and condos, land grabs, korek, korek, korek, white ang pows and samsengs? You forgot to mention all of these.


When I look at the advertisement of BRIM 500 with the recipient telling how poor they are all these years and how grateful they are to getting the RM500.00. One wonder why their lives were not lifted during these past 56 years of UMNO BN governance. Is it because UMNO BN still wants them to be so poor that they will forever be needing crutches and turn to UMNO for every crumbs And we have one here who will keep holding on to his crutches indefinitely for crumbs. PKR. DAP & PAS (PR) is here to upgrade all Malaysian (irrespective… Read more »

Donat Anthony Theseira

Hi Anil,
While the BN continues to hand out goodies, some component party members like CYTeng and C L Tan are behaving like juveniles in their constant attacks on our CM.
They look so sorrowful and desperate. The poor things.

Andrew I

And bo hood hasn’t said a word. Is he still the leader or in name only? Doesn’t he care about the people of Penang?


Boo hoo, President in Name
2nd boo hood Teng Penang BN chief in name


Yes Anil,disgusting but if people don’t get what is in plan,they will pay the price when the election is over.People beware!!


Anil, even before GST kicks in, the nation’s coffer (Ah Kong’s monies) will be emptied after GE13. Malaysia will be truly bankrupt & whoever wins the election will be handed a poor man’s nation. This is a reality of ruling Malaysian politics that splurge whatever spare financial resources just to win by HOOK or CROOK. No thanks to that … doctor (now residing in Helang island) of manipulative politics of divide & rule, wastage, lies, corruption & plunder. May God in His Mercy, Justice & Grace spare this once prosperous nation from another unprecedented 5 years of leeching this nation… Read more »


Remember the 1% tax I told all of you last year. If BN take over Selangor, water tariff will up oh my god you can bet on it and its very substantial. When water & electricity tarrif up, you know what happen.

Another spill over increase in consumer goods and hawker food like your favourite cha koay teow etc etc etc etc. Now I really have to tighten my belt