More on the post-polls payouts in Penang


Aliran continues its photo expose of the recent post-GE13 payouts in Penang.

Hop over to the Aliran website to find out more.

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victor liew

Gerakan K, for your info….’The people wont stop until the Cheating Stop and it must stop right now’.

Gerakan K

Anil, the biggest troll keep distracting the fact that BN won 133 Parliament seats and RIGHTLY ELECTED as fed gomen. Yes, keep doing the rally as pasar malam event 1 in a week.

Andrew I

How to catch a troll…the first to respond in kind.


Watch out!

GST is coming!!!

Barang naik!!!!!

semuanya OK kot

A lot of you are wasting time responding to trolls, which is exactly wha they want – anything to distract you from the ever bigger crimes.

DAP is Dirtier

What about documentation payout by DAP agents?

Kee Thariq K Zainal

I thought this allegation has been debunked by the Citizen Investigator. Its travelling allowance. A practice that has been around for several GEs and done by both sides.


Show the whole world what’s happening, you constipated ….


Gelakan still around after a humilating defeat!


He is still clinging to Najib for survival

Gerakan K

Dap sudah menang Penang. Apa lagi aliran mahu ???

Andrew I

Gerakan sudah pergi a galaxy far away. Apa lagi u mahu ???

Sanjay B

Justice & to show proof that idiots like your political masters are nothing more than a bunch of commen! Bet you’d find that hard to accept Gelakan K you twit.


We want the truth, jerk