Michelle Yeoh supports Najib as PM (Video)


It may be a public relations coup of sorts for Najib but what would it do for Michelle Yeoh’s own popularity among Malaysians?

Michelle Yeoh portrayed pro-democracy icon Aung San Suu Kyi in the movie ‘The Lady’.

What would Aung San Suu Kyi think if she heard the above?

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Supporting the mother of all thiefs. She has gone nuts !

Eng Loong Yeoh

I got the same surname with her. Now I feel ashame to have the surname. Hope she will learn her lesson. Everyone of my friends are boycotting all her shows.


She has made her thought clearly about her view on politic, that makes dirt in her high pulic profile for being ignorance for the nation’s future( she is being ignorance of Malaysian Finance, which is full of debt, that was caused by corruption, mismanagement of rakyat fund)… there is no “If” or “should” for her case now… We can only accept the facts, ignore and boycott her… as stars are always seemed to be glamourous product only, when there is corrupted inside the product, as consumer we can choose to dumb IT to RUBBISH!

Michael Lim

I will now not to watch Michelle Yeoh Movie … Hahahaha. Shame on her as Malaysian.

Rama Chrisnan

Beauty with no brain….


Just 1Word – BRAINLESS.

Jin Xiang

it is sad to see the culture of lazinesss and easy money has crept into a cerain segment of the chinese community. It is a disease that will create The Chinese Dilemma in Malaysia ie. to forsake your virtues of hardwork and saving money principles vs easy money as cronies.

Phua Kai Lit

If the 1PM is the “best leader” for Malaysia,
then we are truly in very deep s***!


Michele Yeoh is definitely not an equivalent of Aung San Suu Kyi, not by a mile, for endorsing a corrupt regime… Shame on her.

Spicy Uncle

agreed with you on no handouts more competitive more productive.
however,many folks still await free handouts. for example, 1M Penang Welfare will be offering free buffet & lucky draw tonight 7.30pm at PISA Corner foodcourt to entice votes.
Wanna join me to taste the food as long as we are firm which is less corrupt to vote for ????

A Malaysian

She shouldn’t have endorsed any political party/person as she shouldn’t be partisan. This will draw much negative publicity on her. I for one will not watch her movies just as I do not support and Berjaya Group business.


… she could get rich very fast. Can you trust her?


Don’t compare Aung San Suu Kyi with Michelle Yeoh. Aung San scarified herself and fight for her people welfare. Meanwhile Michelle fight for jer own benefits and advantages. Michelle have achieved what she want *fame and glamour. Now whole malaysian know u are famous for being ignorant,famous for being Selfish, famous for being cowardice, and really u hv disappointed Malaysian

Mimi Kong

Michelle and her JT … 1Malaysia cuti-cuti ambasodor.
She has to balas budi to Naj1b.
Give her the benefit of doubt as she could be away from the country for too long and only rad The Star Online for her Malaysian info.


Now after Margaret Thatcher has died, Jimmy tell the whole world that she wore his shoe.
He has to migrate to UK to find a job and start his shoe business after his shoe business in Penang failed. He is plain lucky that celebrity order shoes from his shop.


… Do not compare Aung San Suu Kyi with Michelle Yeoh. Aung San is a loving icon. Do you really know what Aung San Suu Kyi struggles for in Myammar? You are a real hypocrite and pathetic!!! You don’t deserved to play the role in ‘THE LADY’. What would Aung San Suu Kyi think of you????

Ho Ho Ho

Ho 😆 Ho 🙄 Ho 😳

🙄 No more our idol….now a jibby 1 iDOLL …gone case… 🙄


its is an act of cowardice and a very undemocratic act to censor or to prevent the publication of someone elses view especially on a public forum even if that forum is controlled by private interests associated with the Catholic church and the DAP.


She was helped by caretaker PM Najib, so in return she unashamedly buried her conscience in acting out her part to help him back.

Ahmad Sobri

If I am Michelle, I will do the same. One proclamation of support, who knows what … she will be getting.

Do you know, the Sri Maju Bus Express bus company, the one with the hibiscus painted on it …?

Michelle is just human, only thing is she luckier, earns her living outside Malaysia. Think she is better off accompanying Jean Todt than being a politician. She is too materialistic to be of any political use to UMNO/BN. She will lose wherever she contests as a politician!


Michelle Yeoh chose to ignore teh following facts? 1 Najib has never denounced vicious attacks on Pakatan Rakyat (PR) leaders and workers, which have left PR supporters bloodied and hospitalised. Neither did he chasten BN supporters who chanted death threats to PR leader Tian Chua. 2 Najib (condoned) that ‘Tanda Putera’, a film that his own Cabinet has said can “cause conflict”, be screened to exclusive Malay audiences such as Felda settlers and university students. His slate of ‘winnable’ candidates includes characters like Zulkifli Nordin, Zulkifli has been hailed as a “transformation candidate” despite just last month belittling Hindu beliefs… Read more »

Tzu Xi

Michelle is not qualified to back any Malaysian leader.If she had lived in Msia she wud not be where she is today in the d world of creative arts. She and her partner received their Datuks because of their accomplishments achieved outside of Msia. She is treated as a VVIP when she DOES come back occasionally.

Hong Kong is her base. She doesn’t care who runs Msia bcos frankly she is not affected by the stupid policies our leaders impose on the rakyat.

Any Msian taking her seriously is d one who is a moron.


Celebrity endorsement is NOT VALID in the heat of political uncertainty of electing a good leadership sans corruption, racism, lies & manipulation of votes.
If a celebrity can win hearts & minds, all political parties will be filled with actors & actresses selling anything-can-go. Then who can be trusted to lead in the acts of sendiwara of wayang-kulit ‘tak cam muka sebenar’?
All we want is sincerity to lead a country, not celebrity’s fleeting impressions of one-night-stand-emotional-rollercoaster.

Z Yan

What is the deal, Michelle Yeoh? (What’s in it for) you and your Italian hubby for endorsing Najib and BN? At worst, Michelle should stay neutral but she has (shown) that opportunism, self serving … are part of her.

Tan Wee Theng

In Malaysia, Michelle Yeoh does not have the faintest idea about her fan base (now ex-fan). Who were her fans? Why Anlene chose her to be an endorser? She has no idea. This could cost her dearly in Malaysia. Internationally, I think filmmakers may now scrutinise her worth and think twice to cast her after the out-pour of disgust by our Malaysian public.

Choo Hun Beng

(Perhaps) the organiser of the mega dinner itself is hoping that BN could regain Selangor such that they could obtain contracts via ali-baba mode which is not possible under SelCat administration. They can ‘invest’ big mone on mega dinner and (perhaps) hope to recoup such investment from BN, which would mean higer cost to be absorbed by rakyat once they got contracts without open tender. Michelle yeoh’s family is a known MCA member in Ipoh. She is lending her support for such cronied MCA businessmen. If you are not belonging to such ‘elite’ group of chinese, why then should you… Read more »

tuai rumah

Well she chose to support an evil regime. I guess that’s her right. I think it certainly will affect her fan base. So many before her who supported the BN have fallen by the wayside. It will be her loss.


As the saying goes “She is a piddle in the ocean” There will be no significant difference with her “pronouncements”. Any way she’s acting only.