Merlimau: Pas fighting “losing battle”


Pas is fighting a “losing battle” in Merlimau, a source within the party told me.

The source, who was campaigning for the party in Merlimau over the last couple of days, said the campaign has been “dominated by the BN on all fronts”.

A lot of money is being spent on dinners and gifts, he said. Government agencies and personnel from all over Malacca have converged in Merlimau, and plenty of briefings and seminars are being held all over the place.

The Pas campaigner noted that Pas is not as strong in the southern areas like Malacca and Johor as it is in the north.

The party therefore would be hard-pressed to even reduce the BN’s winning majority of 2,154 in 2008. Instead, it is quite possible, that on Sunday, the BN could see an increase in its majority to close to 3,000 or beyond, he said.

Similarly, Pas is facing an uphill battle and staring at a bigger margin of defeat in Kerdau, he conceded. “Chances are very slim.”

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Gerakan K

Why not give the chance to DAP or PKR ???

Takut kah ???

Andrew I

You should ask your backdoor minister to give MCA a chance in Penang. On second thoughts, it wouldn’t make any difference.


Why not Najib give Pekan seat to MCA or for that matter MIC.

Charlie Oscar

Why does DAP Only Contest in Chinese Majority Areas and no where else?


The same reason why UMNO doesn’t sent Najib to contest in Tanjung in Penang. 🙂

So if BN allows MCA/Gerakan to contest in Chinese majority areas, so Pakatan Rakyat will similarly allow DAP to contest in those same areas.

Charlie Oscar

So, the Oppositions Are Race Based when DAP can Only Contest in Chinese Majority Areas!!!
On the other hand, MCA/MIC/Gerakan have been Fielded in Malay Majority seats in past and present elections!!!
That is the Difference!!!


The DAP had fielded Malay leaders for state assembly seats in Chinese majority areas before in Perak and won, like what umno did to mca.

No difference.

Charlie Oscar

DAP Malay Candidates Won in State Elections?
Seems like many Malays leaders in DAP have done it!!!
That’s something new.
Please enlighten!!!


You are a political novice. Do not try to contradict other’s comments, when you are so void of political knowlege. Yes, Perhaps,Anil can brief you. The case of Pasir Bedamarin Teluk Intan. If you do not understand politics, read more and comments and do not make a fool of yourself here.


Oh by the way, This shows that BN is always beri “strong”

For those who enjoy Moody Blues….Do enjoy


I wonder, did PAS still playing the same, “wait until election/by election” tactic, and hope to land some charming personnel to do wonders?

Gerakan K

Any past example to share ???

Don't shake no hand

The “I do not shake hand” type?

The “I do not drink alcohol so you can not drink alcohol either” type?

The “Gambling is haram” type?

Gerakan K

Still not understand what you are trying to say.


PAS banned 4D, Toto and lottery.
Therefore cannot generate enough fund to give up goodies bags…

Gerakan K

People suffer when PAS banning this and that. That is why PAS is unfit to govern. Look at the pathetic situation in Kelantan. Many people of certain kind goyang kaki before 2 pm. Got nothing to do. . … Gaming is for chinese and indian people. PAS own belief has imposed and roughly put on other beliefs. No 1Malaysia value here. Even concerts they also want to kacau. No freedom at all…. Pas has no value for people in Merlimau. At least people voted BN have the freedom for gaming. Have you bought Toto ??? The next draw jackpot is… Read more »

Andrew I

More like keeping someone on Asia’s richest list, you mean?

Andrew I

If it was that easy, we’d ALL be rajas of Asia.

Andrew I

In return for all his reminders to stop being racist and sexist, could someone here enlighten Saint Gerakan K on the social ills of gambling? Thank you.

Gerakan K

How RM2 or RM1 a bet will cause social ill ???

Andrew I

Is that all you gamble? Is that per draw, per month or per year?

Gerakan K

Yes, only RM 2 per draw. I just target the supreme jackpot.

If you look at the chances of striking the jackpot, there is no way we can increase the chances by place more bet.

Andrew I

So, it’s different to the time when you gladly lost RM50,000 to a widow over the CNY break?

Gerakan K

I’m very realistic in gambling. Lottery odd and gambling odd in casino games (like blackjack & roulette) are huge different. The safisfaction and atmosphere also not the same. We can shout at casino for our ideal card, for example.


… I think banning gambling is good for the family. It will curb social problem among youth and it can help keeps family happy. However, there are valid arguments on both sides. I for one do think there are too many draws now approved by the govt and I think this is no good for the people. Ya, it is easy to say…dont buy la…but as you know money is made from human weakness. I as a chinese personally support ‘no gambling’.

Gerakan K

Don’t believe rumours. I always buy it when the jackpot is over 20,000,000. I personally have watched the live draw at Time Square. It is almost impossible to do cheat.


The people who make noise about the ban is from you political master, mca, have you not noticed?

Charlie Oscar

Seems like A Lot of People Wants to be Dictated what they can do or not to do!!!
These are the Same People who are Screaming about Suppression, Freedom of This or That!!!
What a Confused Lot!!!


lottery for the masses is bad.
It should not be so easily available.

Moreover, it (may also be) a source of easy fund for politicians, including money to buy frogs.
This means it (could be) used to alter a democratic choice.

The Chinese may enjoy Mah Jong and other games of chance.
However, it is not reflective nor symbolic of their culture to gamble on lottery or toto.