Mainstream media trying to stir discord among opposition parties


They are at it again, playing the same old game. This time they are trying to fracture the opposition parties’ unity of purpose and the stability of the new state governments they control.

The NST, for instance, carried this report on the frontpage of its website:

Pas’ proposal for Islamic govt irks DAP veteran

17 March, 2008
GEORGE TOWN: The DAP has expressed shock and anger over Pas’ proposal to form an Islamic federal government. DAP life adviser Dr Chen Man Hin said the party would not agree or co-operate with Pas should they insist on forming an Islamic government at the federal level.

“This is not part of our understanding. It will be no-go for the DAP if they do that. We will surely not accept it.

“Their proposal has left a big question mark over our future co-operation,” a visibly upset Dr Chen said while angrily pushing aside a newspaper article on the Pas proposal.

Dr Chen, who was at the day-long DAP national leadership convention, said the party decided to co-operate with Pas because of its intention to convert Malaysia into a welfare state.

“But look at what they are saying now,” he said when asked to comment on Pas vice-president Datuk Husam Musa’s statement that Pas was confident it could soon set up an Islamic form of government at the federal level.

Husam had said there was growing support among the Chinese and Indians for the party’s political struggle.

But The Star Online carried the following report, presumably as correction of an earlier report on Sunday, which began by saying that “PAS is now confident that it can soon set up an Islamic form of government at the federal level, which it claims is gaining more acceptance, especially with non-Muslims, following the good showing of the Opposition coalition in last weekend’s elections.” But then it had to backtrack:

MYT 8:50:23 PM

Husam clarifies ‘take-over’ statement

KOTA BARU: PAS vice-president Datuk Husam Musa has clarified that his statement on the party taking over the Government at the federal level was taken out of context.

“I mentioned that we are hopeful of taking 30 more parliamentary seats to win power and not about forming an Islamic Government,” he said.

Husam urged the mass media to be careful in its reporting to avoid antagonising anyone unnecessarily.

We have already seen how Bernama had to apologise to Guan Eng for distorting his remarks on the NEP. Expect more mischief from the mainstream media in coming weeks.

In sharp contrast, Harakah Daily has actually carried a glowing report on the DAP leadership as part of its Berita Utama. The report describes how Guan Eng is reluctant to spend RM100,000 on repairs and renovations to the Penang chief minister’s residence and has instead opted to live in a house belonging to his father. The report even compares Guan Eng’s decision as being in the same vein as the example set by Nik Aziz and Hadi, who both opted for simpler life-styles. Not surprisingly, this has not appeared in the mainstream media.

Isnin 17 Mac 2008 | 9 Rabi’ul Awal 1429 Hijrah
Guan Eng enggan keluar RM100 ribu
Abdul Halim Mohd Rashid
Mon | Mar 17, 08 | 5:59:13 am MYT

KUALA LUMPUR, 17 Mac (Hrkh) – Kerana enggan membelanjakan RM100 ribu, Ketua Menteri Pulau Pinang, Lim Guan Eng lebih rela tinggal di sebuah rumah berusia milik bapanya.

Naib Presiden PAS, Haji Mohamad Sabu menceritakan perkara itu selepas bertemu dengan Setiausaha Agung DAP itu di Pulau Pinang baru-baru ini.

Beliau ke pulau itu baru-baru ini kerana hendak bertemu Lim untuk berbincang beberapa perkara mengenai kepentingan bersama kedua-dua pihak.

“Oleh kerana beliau sibuk, beliau meminta saya menemuinya kira-kira pukul 10.00 malam hari itu.

“Tahu di mana Guan Eng nak jumpa saya? Di restoran McDonald,” kata Mohamad Sabu yang mula mengenali Lim dengan lebih dekat ketika sama-sama di tahan dalam Operasi Lallang 1987 lalu.

Naib Presiden PAS itu juga lebih selesa bertemu di tempat terbuka kerana “tidak ada apa yang hendak dirahsiakan”.

Bagaimanapun, katanya, Ketua Menteri Pulau Pinang itu kemudiannya memberitahu pertemuan itu tidak dapat diadakan di tempat terbuka itu atas nasihat pihak keselamatan.

Memahami perkara tersebut, beliau terus menuju ke rumah di mana Lim tinggal.

“Di rumah, dia biasa sahaja dengan “seluaq katok” (seluar pendek). Bila saya tengok keadaan rumah yang berusia tempat dia tinggal, saya tanya dia, kenapa tak pindah ke rumah rasmi Ketua Menteri?

“Dia (Lim) jawab: ‘Susahlah, kalau nak pindah kena perbaiki. Terpaksa belanja sampai RM100 ribu. Takkan saya nak belanja duit rakyat sampai RM100 ribu untuk kepentingan saya’

“Saya rasa sangat terharu mempunyai kawan seperti itu,” kata Mohamad Sabu.

Walaupun perkara itu bukanlah perkara baru baginya, memandangkan Mursyidul Am, Tuan Guru Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat yang menjadi Menteri Besar Kelantan sejak 1990 memilih kehidupan yang sederhana, begitu juga Presiden PAS Tuan Guru Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang ketika menjadi Menteri Besar Terengganu dahulu, Naib Presiden PAS itu tetap merasa bangga dengan sikap sederhana dan rendah diri Lim itu.

“Saya bangga kerana dia takut nak belanja wang rakyat RM100 ribu sedangkan Perdana Menteri gasak sehingga RM15.81 juta untuk ubahsuai kediaman rasminya Seri Perdana di Putrajaya.

“Saya yakin, Menteri-Menteri Besar kita yang lain (dari PAS dan KeADILan) juag akan memilih jalan kehidupan yang sederhana yang sama seperti dua Tok Guru kita, jauh lagilah menyalahgunakan harta kerajaan,” katanya.

Opposition politicians should therefore be wary of media attempts to create suspicion and disunity.

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Pin Pan Dan

How low and mischievous can the mainstream papers go? During the election campaign, if we were to read only the NST, Star, Utusan, BH, etc and watch RTM, TV3, etc, we would think the BN was going to win by a landslide majority. It is only in surfing Malaysiakini and other blogs that we get the real picture of the situation. Now that the opposition has dealt the BN a severe blow by winning 5 state govts and depriving the the BN of its 2/3 parliamentary majority, the mainstream papers do not know where to hide their faces. The sordid… Read more »


It’s about time to repeal the printing and publication act. It’s a bunch a nonsense to wait for someone to approve license just based on whether the paper writes for politburo or the opposition.



PKR/DAP/PAS should have their own PR people and professional spin doctors to counter and attack these lies and half-truths face on. Precisely why I think and concur with one of the letters to the editors in Malaysiakini that Malaysiakini should be made entirely free. In this way more people would get to read the alternative media and would be able to judge for themselves what actually transpired. Malaysia Today is free. Why not Malaysiakini? It would only help in our course. By the way Karpal Singh and LKS should read more alternative media rather than MSM. Communicate more via their… Read more »


The BR coalition should come up with their own newspaper for sale in the BR controlled states. They should be made available at newspaper vendors just like any other papers


Boycotting these newspaper is one of the steps that can be taken. May I suggest that the opposition parties together with the rakyat supporting the opposition start campaigning to the big multi-national companies, owners of businesses, to stop advertising on these mainstream media so that the editors can be pressured to give a fairer representation of the political scenario in Malaysia.

Recruiters should stop advertising in NST and Star. Readers should stop reading them. Shops should stop selling them.


My advise to all, boycott those newspapers which carry news fanning racial sentiments. This stupd editors still are living in the past, we the whole country is moving forward. Come on press where is your intergrity for fair and just reporting. You should be the first to bring Malaysian together not start your loop sided reporting.


dont talk about gambling. gambling has destroyed many families throughout the world. more than 80% of the loan shark problems in malaysia is due to gambling. without gambling would create a safer and happier malaysia.


To victor, what you say is undeniably true. Sorry, bad example. What I was trying to point out is that perhaps PAS is not intolerant to the freedom of other communities to choose how they wish to live. DAP, which has alot of chinese support, should allay their fears, many of which are groundless but stretched to the limit by BN.


Media&Values Says: It is no surprise that the mainstream media is up to its game again especially during election. What do you expect when the ownership is in the hands of the largely BN cronies.Some of my friends have switched off completely watching any channel as they can tell you how the script will be written and read. THere is a growing number of us who are sick of this orchestrated media. I was told that Malaysiakini has been applying for publishing permit for their news on print over the years but turned down. Perhaps it is the right time… Read more »


Are there still a few dumbos buying the BN-owned newspapers and poisoning the air in their own homes with Malaysian TV news? I find that virtually impossible to believe! STOP BUYING THE STAR, or NST, or any BN-owned media TOMORROW…. EVERYBODY! Switchy channels whenever RTM or TV3 comes on with “the latest news”…. that should teach the shameless spindoctors their days are over. They bet on the wrong horse, that’s all. They bet on BUSINESS-AS-USUAL. Now they have to go to the end of the queue and await their turn to address the Malaysian people… but only after they’ve examined… Read more »


I believed the Barisan Rakyat gov’ts in the 5+1 WP states should ban these “BN
mouthpieces from their functions” to deprive them of news so that slowly the people will look to other avenues for news.


sybas to LGE. Lead by example.

Can someone go to Nusa Dua and take a picture ofthe MB of Johore’s office. Circulate to the people and show how the BN’s has (wasted) our money.


clear as daylight. the mainstream media will continue to be at the bidding of BN. lets join haris/helen in the boycott! Remember No papers tomorrow and I hope this will be extended to daily.


DAP should consider inviting chinese people living in Kelantan to give their views on PAS governance. They understand the situation best e.g. why are there no gaming outlets in Kota Baru? If the chinese community is small there, who will patronize? I got this from the horse’s mouth. Let’s all try to be reasonable.