Live – Large Pakatan rallies in JB


Two Pakatan rallies are being held in Johor Bahru – one at the Larkin Stadium car-park attended by about 10000 and a parallel ceramah at Sutera Mall where 20000 have gathered.

This is the ceramahs at Larkin:

Anwar and DAP leaders are expected to address the ceramah tonight.

Photograph: Adil
Photograph: Adil
Photograph: Adil
Photograph: Adil

When contacted, one Johor-based PKR activist says he thinks Pakatan has a 55 per cent edge in Gelang Patah.

He also noted that many of the 1Malaysia flags in places like Skudai have fallen flat. (This is also happening in Penang while many of those flags on road dividers have completely rolled around their short wooden flag posts.) Hardly any taxis in JB are flying the BN flag either.

One local MCA politician conceded that Pakatan could collect around a hundred seats nationwide.

Over in Buntong, Perak, some 5000 people have gathered at the new village to listen to Ambiga who is currently addressing the crowd.

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I just got email asking esp. chinese voters to check Voting Status. I just checked mine, it said my status : – . Shouldn’t it state ‘aktif’? my friend’s father went to check at mca booth,
found out that IC nombor punya orang “sudah mati”. Maybe this is the way to prevent tionghua voters from casting their votes. PLEASE SPREAD THIS MESSAGE WIDELY.

Khoo Soo Hay

If there are no dirty tricks by the M.E.C. and BN,, this 13th GE will not be a tsunami, but one BIG TYPHOON which will sweep BN and cronies out to sea!


Some of the “awakening” scenes at Sutera JB :


Dr Hew aka “Superman” has done over 500 ceramahs and his speeches are widely circulated in youtubes (besides his “mad dog” series even on dvds which he encourages non-copyrighted free mass duplication).
Many become “converted” to pro-PR instantly and the impact has truly frighten those who guard the MCA fortess in Johor from inevitable tsunami; and it’s a matter of time before we witness the collapse ……..
Don’t believe me ? Go and watch his fiery speeches at Sutera Mall in youtube.

tan tanjong bungah

Hi everyone, The so-called technical/computer hitches that show certain voters’ names have been omitted from the EC website, even after their names have been gazetted in April 2013, is a ploy to confuse the voters, and intended to dampen voters turn-out on election day! Those who have earlier checked that their names were on the electoral rolls but now found that their names are missing when doing online checking recently should persevere by checking again with PR component parties service/operation centres’ hardcopies of the electoral rolls! Your names should be there! Don’t be tricked by the underhand strategy of dirty… Read more »


A MUST watch video (english subtitle) for those still die-hard pro-Barang Naik regime folks.
If you still don’t change your T-shirts after this, you will forever carry the guilts when your next generations ask you what u have done 505 decades later.


VEry good video indeed.
I have downloaded many such videos from Youtube and share with my parents who have no access to alternative media. They are very surprised to hear the truth that are not presented on RTM, TV3 and Astro Awani.


The classic quotes from DSAI at Johor cermah:

“I ask Mahathir, you are 87 years old already. You want to bury Anwar and bury Kit Siang, what about your own grave? I want him to live. I want him to watch TV3 on May 6 (to see the results of GE13)”

Boo Soon Yew

Ini Kali Lah Ubah is gaining momentum throughout the country.
This is now our CHANCE for a change

Check before hand your name in the electoral roll either online or with the DAP centre.
Dont give your ic for that meagre crumb. Your name could be deleted. This afternoon BN men came with RM10 vouchers and asking for IC at Cecil market and hawker centre. There were shout of UBAH throughout the food court and market. Don’t be hard pressed for that crumb. It could affect yours and our future.

Boo Soon Yew

From ‏@JeneralBHashim on Twitter
Jeneral (B) Tan Sri Md Hashim Bin Hussein Calon Parlimen Johor Bahru P160

“Syukur, lautan manusia di tpk pasar tani stdium larkin,GEMPUR! #jen4jb “

Boo Soon Yew

We eagerly wait for latest updates fr JB !!