Malaysia’s election scandals: Aljazeera


Aljazeera has this story on the hotly contested Malaysian general election.

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same old BN way of speaking. They always turn a deaf ear to the people. Explain away their failures and twist and turn the main issue. And find a scape goat for problem that can not be covered.

Jiminy Q

Usman Awang is not answering the question but going round in circles. He can’t even speak properly and compared to Nurul and Bridget, Usman comes across like a complete …. Typical BN cronies. Stupid beyond belief. BN cheated. The rakyat knows it.


The ex-Bernama journalist can’t seem to eloquently defend his points. That is a sign of lying. Come on, there were photo evidences of flights every 15 minutes from East Malaysia to Semenanjung instead. He can’t justify his points at all. I love it for a fact that Jane was cutting the whole bulls…. of the ex-Bernama journalist by moving straight to Bridget.


The body language of that ex-Bernama in he Al Jazeera video indicated to us that he is not telling the truth when he is defending the BN-controlled mainstream media. It is laughable to note that he justified mainstream media to be pro-BN by saying that the alternative media on the internet favoured Pakatan.

Ad ahmad

Im sorry but i have to say this about the ink. Just think logically, wht they meant by inedible ink will not be removed in 7days is only when u dont rub it. If you try to remove it 24/7 of course it will be remove, and im sure people just dnt rub it they use maybe other chemical substances like detergent or soap. Of Course It Will Get Washed Off. Its basic stuff people. Permanent marker ink, doesn’t mean its forever permanent.

Thejfamily Jeremy

My dad’s ink washed off an hour later with water, so did my friend’s. Mine on the other hand lasted 2 days and I did use soap to wash my hands. It really didn’t last 7 days or even near 7 days.


BBC reporter said on BBC news channel on Astro that the reporting of mainstream media in Malaysia is one-sided, worst than that in the communist countries. Any comment, Mr Anil?


Azmin “Bernama” is so completely full of …, but the problem is that Brigit and Nurul Izzah are so full of detailed knowledge about what it REAL, that Azmin doesn’t get fried when he needs to be exposed. Conclusion: poor interviewing by Al Jazeera.


Bridget Welsh made a highly important point about class … and election. That income disparity is increasing and yet you have a govt that increasingly depend on the poor for result. She failed to point out the irony that since the poor can be bought and the ruling govt depend on the vote of he poor, a higher income disparity actually make sense for the ruling govt..


Too bad for BN Gerakan, MCA & UMNO that money, free food and concert cannot buy Penangites. In fact it make them so angry that the voters gave PR a greater majority. Even RM500 & RM1,500 cannot buy the votes in Air Putih where LGE has more than 7k majority. But it can buy those poor rural people with UMNO continuing making them poor in order that they will continue to rely on crutches and continuing to receive crumbs like GK. With more immigrants … dominating the scene, the real Malay still did not realize that they will soon be… Read more »


If the Chinese community ‘had been taken for a ride by the DAP’ (NST Page2, 8 May 2013) so claimed Najib, I guess rural folks are also ‘taken for a ride’ by TV3/Utusan?


It is not about losing gracefully, my friend. We are facing serious issues here that need urgent attention. Just giving up and hoping that things will resolve by themselves is the last thing we need.


Wah gerakan still here. Amazing.

Andrew I

That’s because shame is not in his vocab.


I am looking forward to seeing her being the first woman PM of Malaysia.


Please note at 1:24 that the ink on Najib’s left forefinger had worn off a lot when he was sworn in at about 4 pm on 6 May.


Nurul speaks like a state person! I shall look forward to her advancing her political career in the near future.