Malaysian tsunami: Looking back (Video)


Looking back at the events in recent days and weeks.

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To reach out to rural malays in the next 5 years, PKR and its support groups could employ social media Facebook to disseminate information with pictures/graphics and accompanied by short text to counter the BN propaganda on mainstream media. I believe more rural folks will adopt social media on smartphones in the coming years as Najib is giving 30 min of free internet time per day. The Chinese community relay information effectively this way during GE13 since the chinese newspapers are BN/MCA controlled.


Gerakan K got b… – virtually.

Andrew I

Haha, Dino K got himself some new fans. He doesn’t realize the more he opens his mouth, the less people will want to consider supporting his masters.


Gerakan K


Yes, chinese sudah bangkit. Chinese tsunami. As wished by chinese, MCA/Gerakan already starting to close all service centers. Any problems please ask DAP for assistance.


Any problems on Ah Long ask Michael of MCA which thrives on dealing with (such) entity..

Ahmad Sobri

MCA/GELAKAN, ada lagi? These two are the greatest jokes in Malaysian politics for the past two elections! Malaysians do not need them, do we? Mr. Anil, it is (allegedly) payout time for voters in the Parliamentary constituency of Balik Pulau and the 3 state seats under it. Voters there are (allegedly) given RM200 each by don’t know who. You may file a report on this menace as the exercise to pay voters is on going. I saw it yesterday, where long queues formed outside a shophouse in Sungai Dua, Penang. Opposite TESCO extra, behind Magnum 4d. This outlet which collects… Read more »

SL Wong (@wong8898)

I must agree GK has contributed so much in this blog. It will be so boring without his appearance here for us to screw & release our geram. He is still here today, unlike those kiasu MCA & Gerakan members that shamefully quitting after badly defeated & start closing their shops. Well done, GK. Keep pretending to be blind & u are always a VIP here.


Gerakan K,

Please check the voting analysis on the voting mix. Its your ignorance that leads you to make these comments

Gerakan K

Overall, UMNO performed better in this GE. Also won Kedah. Winning the votes from the malay majority is more important than the minority chinese votes.

Almost all chinese majority areas won by DAP. Face the reality, it is Chinese Tsunami. Lagi mau tipu siapa ???


Please stop spinning as you have become irrelevant. Rakyat Sudah Bangkit.

Ahmad Sobri

… Just looked at the long crowd forming in various places in Penang allegedly to collect the RM200 …?

Unless you are visibly impaired, you cannot see what is happening. Malaysians are waiting for the day where UMNO will be in the Opposition!

By the way, is GELAKAN still operating? I think the best way is for the 1MP and 3 DUNS to just fold up and join PKR!



Amazing! Did anyone also post the Bangla tsunami?