Malaysiakini goes down


Malaysiakini now seems to be having some problem with its servers.

The news portal sent out the following twitter message at 3.58pm: “Both TM and Jaring datacentres are not resolving Malaysiakini effectively. What gives? Looking into alternatives.”

Meanwhile, Sarawak Report is now accessible here.

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Morning Dew

Recently I detected quite a few ICMP flooding of my connection. I know I am critical of BN, particularly in recent days of the lynas project but I am a nobody and yet subjected to such an attack.

My firewall reports such ddos attack, this is how I know.


Malaysiakini server(s) are either overloaded or being attacked.
Using google DNS, and, I can get immediate Mkini address, but cannot connect to the server. Hopefully , it is not TM or Jaring severe Mkini routing . Otherwise, it means all route for Malaysia ISP are not reliable.

Duit Kopee

I can’t even connect to malaysiakini using overseas proxy servers. It has probably been subjected to a DDOS attack from the usual suspects.

Thankfully anilnetto and malaysia today are still available 🙂


Will yours be NEXT?


It will be a black day for this country if sites like Malaysiakini is down for the whole duration of a general election because of TM/Jaring data centres.

They should mirror their sites elsewhere.


Wonder if this is a concerted effort by … cybertroopers to bring down PR friendly & neutral sites including yours. One way to slow down the impact of alternate media influence in Sarawak.


Effect of the attack on Sarawak report?

Andrew I

The Star Online never seems to have this problem. Maybe not enough traffic.


Enough reason for us all to boycott TM and Jaring….