Major Zaidi Ahmad, a genuine patriot

Image: The Malaysian Insider

Major Zaidi Ahmad is in trouble now after speaking out and lodging a police report about indelible ink that was easily washed off on polling day last May.

But in my book, Zaidi is a genuine patriot who refused to keep silent on a real issue of public interest, unlike the pseudo-patriots who play on ethno-religious sentiment to reap political gains.

I salute you, Major Zaidi, for stepping out in courage and displaying your concern about what you figured was a glaring irregularity. If there were more people around like you, Malaysia would be a much better place. Many Malaysians will be closely following what happens to you with grave concern.


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Wee Chin

Telling the truth is a crime in Malaysia:


Major Zaidi, you are a true soldier – for people and nation, every right thinking Malaysian salutes YOU!


Loyalty to nation means exposing the nation fraud.


The problem with doing what they did to Major Zaidi is this – The Armed Forces is naturally pro-govt. In the case of Malaysia, there is a long very very strong tradition of the Armed Forces being loyal to civilian rule, NOT engaging in politics. The fact some arm forces personnel is now standing up. speaks to the failure of UMNO/BN govt failure – to just maintain very basic satisfaction of the arm forces. It speaks to OVER-POLITICKING that is just simply OUT OF CONTROL.. Instead of reflection on such basic failures, they just simply assume they can apply their… Read more »


In the army, you are expected to fight to the death for the country.
In political elections, you as a soldier as well as a citizen are not expected to fight against irregularities?

najib manaukau

But this is Malaysia, where you must, I repeat keep praising the regime and that is why he, with his genuine patriotism, he still remains as a major. Another thing he must have seen for himself is that the country is going downhill with these Umno morons in Putrajaya especially even after 56 years as the administrators. He sees no future for this country with Umno and their policies not to mention the vast amount of the nation’s revenue going into the pockets of these morons. He has decided to speak out and it is so clear that he is… Read more »


To the opposition when you are anti establishment you are a patriot. But when you are anti establishment against the Penang or Selangor govt you are not a patriot. Have we gone to the dogs of the opposition



UMNO tells u to lie low now?



throw the book at him?
where r u?
if major said support BN all the way, he will get an immediate promotion, no?


Will buy his book and will call my friends as many as possible to support him.

By the way, will he be bestowed with a datukship or some kind like that for his courage and bravery?

I salute you Major, my highest respect to Zaidi !!!

KT Wong

With his years in the RMAF, I think Major Zaidi must have been well aware that certain parties would likely take action against him for making the police report about the indelible ink washing off. Yet he stood up for what he knew was right, and even knowing what will very likely be done to him, he was courageous. That called for much more bravery. And now the proverbial book is being hurled at him. But those behind the persecution of Major Zaidi are only giving ammo to those who say that dark forces are behind abuses of the electoral… Read more »

OM Saigal

As Bob Marley sings, “Action speaks louder than words.”


Ya ! We should support him in whatever we can . Some may want to answer his call to buy his book as mentioned in the link below ;