3,000-strong crowd lap up Mahathir’s address in Kuching


A crowd of 3,000 turned up at the BDC Everise Supermarket car-park to listen to Mahathir’s long-awaited ceramah in Kuching.

An eyewitness said he could not be sure of the exact turnout, but he estimated that cars were parked for up to a kilometre from the venue. “It was at least 3,000,” he estimated.

“The crowd just loved Mahathir’s speech,” he added. “He said we now owe almost RM1 trillion.”

Mahathir and Kit Siang managed to enter Sarawak, unlike prominent PKR politicians who were barred from entering Sarawak. There had been doubts whether the former premier would be allowed to enter the state.

Mahathir said the opposition coalition would come up with separate manifestos for Sarawak and Sabah including looking into 18-point and 20-point agreements with the two states upon their participation in the formation of Malaysia.

The 92-year-old Mahathir has been criss-crossing the nation in a blistering campaign, leaving younger politicians breathless in his wake.

Last night, he addressed another 325-table dinner at Spice in Penang.

.. and earlier in Selama, Perak.

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Eric Kuek

Dr Mahathir pointed out that DAP was not a chinese party as portrayed by its detractors, as its membership was open to all races and they used the national language in their meetings, unlike MCA that was all-Chinese. “DAP itself and Kit Siang had said the party would not claim the PM position. DAP cannot even have more than 50 MPs in the Dewan Rakyat, and with its present 35, not all are Chinese,” he wrote in his blog Chedet. “But look carefully at Najib’s policies. He believes the Malays can be easily frightened with tales of Kit Siang becoming… Read more »

Eric Kuek

SK Putrajaya Presint 14 (1) primary school made its students sing Umno’s anthem and wave the party’s flag has revealed that the federal government was using the learning institutions as “indoctrination camps. This incident clearly showed the presence of politics in schools and involving young children. The students participated in a competition themed “Umno and independence #Negaraku,” in which Umno flags were put up around the school’s compound and the students even chanted “Hidup Umno. The event was organised by the Federal Territories Ministry, the Putrajaya Education Department and the Putrajaya Umno division education bureau, while Federal Territories Minister Datuk… Read more »


Trump to visit Southeast Asia, but not Malaysia https://www.malaysiakini.com/news/396793 Now’s the time to karaoke at Love Lane: That’s What Friends Are For by Dionne Warwick (on behalf of Donald Trump?) And I never thought I’d feel this way (beyond words) And as far as I’m concerned (of kleptocracy) I’m glad I got the chance to say (what the heck) That I do believe, I love you (MO-What???) And if I should ever go away (to East Asia) Well, then close your eyes and try (to wish my visit) To feel the way we do today And then if you can… Read more »


Trump is heeding travel advisory to avoid Malaysia in October due to security reason over the beer festival? Or is it because the White Party festival (associated with White Supremacy?) has been banned?


Dionne Warwick a vocal legend. Nowadays singers are aided by DJ musicians with electropop drowning the voice.
I hope Love Lane area plays 60s to early 80s music for Deja Vu (another Warwick song Tunglang should be familiar with) sake.
Ps Trump not “I just call to say I love you” Stevie wonder’s way to mo1?

Eric Kuek

Prime Minister Najib today proclaimed himself as the one responsible for getting the national fruit, durian exported to China.

“But today, the ‘musang king’ durian is sold for more than RM100 per kilogramme because we have opened a new market in China” said Najib.


This is the main reason why average Malaysians can no longer afford to eat Musang King. BN = Barang Naik. Locals may have to settle for Musang King flavoured ice cream or condom?


How about helping rural Malays by promoting belacan, lekor, Ikan masin, dodol etc to China, not just durian?

Also FGV and Felda will be happy if MO1 can promote palm oil in China to replace gutter oil.


Chendol can also be packed for China market!


Chendol ingredient has coconut milk, so will turn sour after some hours if not consumed.
Add preservatives?


USM Prof Sivamurugan expects more jumping frogs leading to GE14.


This Prof used to appear on RTM so he is likely Pro BN. Maybe Raj666 knows him better?


Its Kuching, PH will win urban areas. The issue is outside, Cash is King will win the rural area because the truth is it is for sale.

Frankie Gomez

You are right. Rural Sarawakians are easily satisfied with a bag of rice wearing the portrait of MO1, sacrificing their future. The indigenous ones even converted to Muslims for the sake of electricity and water supply.


5% oil royalty raised to 20% for Sabah &-Sarawak if Harapan wipes out BeEnd. In kali lah?


Pakatan Harapan promised Sarawak and Sabah it would revisit the Malaysia Agreement 1963 (MA63) and renegotiate a deal that would be fair to all.

Dr Mahathir said the federal governments before and after him had deemed fit to renege on MA63 by going to parliament where MPs from Malaya are in the majority to bulldoze what had been agreed.

Could this swing Sarawakians’ votes towards Harapan? What would MO1 counter offer to safeguard his fixed deposit? Abang Jo could possibly be instructed to ban entry of Pakatan leaders to the state?


sabahans and sarawakians most of them think they can survive with br1m handouts and 1malaysia spirit. So Najib will continue to rule them kleptocracy or not.

Eric Kuek

MO1 only need to control the local Sarawak chieftains (penghulus) who were flown on military aircraft to the federal capital to meet with him, to influence the rest of rural folks to vote for BN to get instant goodies?

Read more at https://m.malaysiakini.com/news/396622#ZtMm8O8kP3IkExA1.99


Cash is King no need to turun padang to conduct ceramah at kampung. Just summon the penghulus to his office… (allegedly) offer goodies in exchange for votes(?). How smart!