Mahathir campaigns for Amanah in by-elections (video)


Mahathir explains why he is supporting the opposition candidates in the parliamentary by-elections and opposing Najib’s leadership and Hadi’s hudud bill.

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David Loman

Tun Mahathir’s Classic speech

johan Khun Pana

Now, this is coming from just an ordinary member of the public. Mahathir is still fighting a battle but not a war. If he really want Najib and his team gone by tomorrow. To win a war, you really have to include the kitchen sink. Surprisingly this old doctor is still not reaching for broke. If he care to admit his past mistakes such as the VK Lingam scandal , the blatant & abusive usage of the I.S.A , the wastage from his numerous failed projects and that he now forgiven Anwar and that he have nothing against the gays.… Read more »

David Loman

Tun Mahathir: We Have Not Seen All The Money That Has Been Invested, Where Is The Money?

Tun Mahathir: BN Menang Bermakna Rakyat Kalah

David Loman

Tun Mahathir @PRK Kuala Kangsar
16 June 2016
“Cara Najib Razak Guna Kuasanya Menindas Rakyat”

David Loman

Rafizi Ramli: Rosmah, Jet Peribadi & Beg-Beg Besar


people of malaysia who pay taxes are stupid to sponsor rosmah’s shopping spree.

Phua Kai Lit

Politics certainly makes strange bedfellows.

Let’s hope Lenin succeeds in ousting Stalin.


After going to the moon for a quickie convenient marital honeymoon singing “I love you, you love me” comes GE, the faces can change faster than Beijing Opera’s Face Change Magic. Ask Jackie Chan how he learnt it.
Sandiwara is truly a fine art of Political Traders.

ah pek

To stop the flow of our talents out of country, we need to support the right party. Ah Pek very sad seeing many old friends with their children grandchildren cari makan overseas.

Phua Kai Lit

From the experience of other countries, they (Overseas Malaysians and some of their
foreign-born children) may come back if
major political and policy changes happen e.g.
Vietnamese (including those who fled as boat people) returning to invest in Vietnam,
foreign-born Somalis going to the more peaceful areas of Somalia to start
businesses, Mainland Chinese who have acquired foreign citizenship
returning to invest and work in China etc.

David Loman

Tun Dr Mahathir: Presiden UMNO ada RM4.2 bilion Boleh angkat lori angkat duit .


Truth is, even if opposition cannot topple BN, ridding this country of PAS would still be an achievement.

Vote PAN

Mat Sabu: Kalau Nak Lawan BN, Sila Undi Calon Parti Amanah Pakatan Harapan


Support Amanah!


DAP admits that voters confused with Amanah
Clearly it is a case of poor political branding.
If you clearly want to play the art of war, do you introduce Atila the Hun to the Han Chinese?


MCA supports Jamal Yunus the red shirt noisemaker at Sungai Besar. SIGH!

Johan Khun Pana

Most Malaysians can and are able to lend a support to Harapan & Parti Amanah. Because the majority hated BN ( % from the previous General Election result said so) And furthermore, what better choices do we have? But there remain 2 main (but big issue) questions Are they for or against U.N. Universal Human Rights. Meaning – the grouping of Harapan is totally against or for protection & recognition of minorities (inclusive of LGBT rights) And to recognize that our Malaysian’s Constitution is Secular. Well, we do know some will argues that Malaysia is Islamic until they foams in… Read more »


Kuala Kangsar Amanah hopeful says ‘no problem working with BN’

How’s that for a sweet but chameleon lover of Orange???
What a waste of time & play of people’s trust!

Vote PAN

Tun Mahathir: 1MDB Dan Derma Najib Razak

Persidangan Khas – 1MDB Dan Derma Najib Razak: Kalut kecil-Kecilan Atau Bermulanya Kehancuran. Sekinchan, Sungai Besar 11/06/2016

David Loman

In his latest interview with TIME magazine, Mahathir says he is back in the political fray as the country is turning to him for help. “I have no official position — I am a retiree. But people came to see me about how bad the Prime Minister is, [that] he has done many wrong things,” says Mahathir. “They kept on asking me, ‘Please do something, please do something.’ They could have gone to other people. But they think that other people would not be able to do anything, because they were afraid. I am afraid too. “But after many people… Read more »

Johan Khun Pana

Indeed a surprise. Politic is fluid . More fluid than synthetic engine oil. But this is not something that never happened before or done before by somebody else. The late Tunku Abdul Rahman campaigned against Mahathir too. Good to know that Mahathir realizes his mistake with his chosen one (najib). He Mahathir should go 1 step further and that is to reset umno baru. Or take over from Anwar as De Facto leader of Pakatan. Or it is a bad idea, as he Mahathir is bringing his pet (or pest)….Ibrahim Ali of Perkasa. Mahathir really should clean up his own… Read more »