Love song from the MCA team (Video)


This one is a classic. A farewell love song.

It is by the Federal Territory MCA 1Malaysia Task Force Team.

Despite all the negative comments on Youtube, it incredibly achieved 4659 thumbs up and zero thumbs down. Someone, explain that to me.

Thanks to blog reader Andrew for the heads up.

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nice try, but I’m not impressed.

Horatio Ho

That MCA Bukit Bintang candidate is singing to gain votes, claimed to be a karaoke winner in Trengganu at age 17. We should note that he releases a chinese song CD, which has the classic song ‘The Moon Represents My Heart’!!!!

Leong Gan

Are they rehearsing for ASTRO Singing Competition?


Money is in the air, everywhere I look around.
It’s not an illusion, but a love-vote money can buy.
Oh there’s something I must believe in – there’s money when I look in Nak Cheat eyes.

Who bothers to ‘like’ this kind of cheating love?
Btw, Valentine sudah lepaslah! MCA fellas betul-betul money-love-sick!

Penang Ah Mah

1Malaysia boys giving food, entertainment n cash and by present macc standard it is not corruption (whereas Beng Hock’s was ???????) ??????????

There are eyes in the sky and karma or redemption shall come around !!!!!


Plain Truth

Twenty seconds into this rendition and I wanted to puke. Had to stop. Guess only the MCA rent seekers can sit through the entire song.

That’s probably why no one bother to thumb it down.


Straight to my mind is something like a Christian song out to woo the Christian.


Ubah is in the air, everywhere I look around


This is a better video (Go By Heart) to awaken all Malaysians so as not to be blinded by those 1Malaysia ‘welfare’ goodies…

Sayonnara MCA

This is MCA’s swan song…Bye, bye, bye – and good riddance!


Oh, pleessee..


Instead of promises, Najib should have started to carry out some of these promises when he is in power. Now it’s too late. Najib doesn’t care, for if he did, he would have listen to the people and o what is right then and not now…just promises, knowing he wouldn’t be around to keep them. BN loses, Najib is out. BN wins, Najib is also out…so how to keep his promises. Only fools believe him.

SL Wong (@wong8898)

No matter how nice or creative this MCA’s song is … don’t even dare to shout at their boss. I wonder these MCA followers know the fact or pretending dunno. Are they still relevant to Malaysian Chinese? Can they still represent the Malaysian Chinese? 9 out of 10 Chinese now is rebel (十個唐人九個反), it is your choice if u still prefer to become a thief & live under ppl abandon life. Or make it the tenth Chinese & together we fight for the future of our children & our country. U really can make the difference, it could still be… Read more »

Weng Weng

I think it is a glitch on Youtube because currently all the videos on Youtube also with zero dislike

Andrew I

So that’s what is keeping Gherks busy. The thumb up king for all rubbish.

Peng Tuck Kwok

“Despite all the negative comments on Youtube, it incredibly achieved 4659 thumbs up and zero thumbs down. Someone, explain that to me”

Not many Malaysians know or care to use the ‘thumbs down’ feature. If they see something they don’t like they go ‘Beh’ and play Candy Crush on FB. 5k likes though is pretty small.


Because it is funny and entertaining? The singing and dancing are so bad that they are good. Also, I suspect that though the negative comments may seem to be directed at the amateurish performance of these MCA stalwarts, they are essentially an indictment against the party which is guilty of being in cahoots with an oppressive and corrupt regime, and having sold out the community it is supposed to represent.