Live – What’s happening at Amcorp Mall?


We take a look at the scene around Amcorp Mall this evening.

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Listen! Listen! Listen!
Malaysians have asked for a clean and fair elections but 51% felt cheated with the GE results!
And now many stood up and voiced their discontent through the Blackout 505 rallies – from Penang to Johore, from east to west coasts!

Listen! Listen! Listen!


48 years ago…Lee Kuan Yew broke down when Singapore was told to leave Malaysia. The reason..LKY wanted to ensure that everyone had an equal share in this country. They said that cannot be and will never be. The cries of Anak Malaysia and Malaysian Malaysia are just that. People, especially young people just want to have a life and a future. It didnt happen with UMNO who wanted everything for themselves and their cronies. Today, MCA is gone, Gerakan ,PPP, etc etc. MIC is nothing more then a shelf company for UMNO. You cant rule if you dont have most… Read more »

Phua Kai Lit

UMNO Baru must make the neo-fascist Mahatirists shut up,
move toward the political centre and undergo true reform
like Taiwan’s formerly semi-fascist Guomindang (Kuomintang).

This is the only logical path to take in multiethnic, multicultural Malaysia.


Yes, demonstration of People’s Power, BN must wake up!

Mike Lim

This Is The Future Of A New Malaysia . A People Power.

Penang Voter

Awesome and Outstanding. There is ‘future for Malaysia’. Ini Kali Lah


very happy to see Malaysians of all races etc with the same strong spirit. hope they listen now. good luck