Live updates: Sarawak votes


So it is BN 72, DAP 7, PKR 3. So that is 10 seats for the opposition, which falls at the bottom end of analyst Faisal S Hazis’s forecast of 10-16 seats.

The result falls a bit flat. Both sides have little to be proud of. The BN because of their appalling and unethical electoral tactics, including the barring of opposition campaigners into the state; the opposition parties because of their hubris, their inability to cooperate and agree on straight fights, their lack of long-term ground work in many seats, and the little apparent difference in economic ideological thinking (ie corporate neoliberal ideology) between the BN and Pakatan parties.

The key figure to watch out for is 44 per cent. That’s the percentage of the popular vote which the opposition parties and independent candidate won in the 2011 state election (2011 state election – 29 per cent) when they bagged 16 out of 71 seats.

This time, there are 82 seats. Can they hit 44 per cent this time around with all the money being splashed around and opposition candidates being denied entry into Sarawak? Share with us your own updates in the comments below:

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Ambeng Jair

Sad to note that most Sarawakians do not see how corrupted government (1MDB scandal) could affect them and the future generation.

Adenan’s sweet talk could not be trusted. My Chinese friend regret voting for him now that he does not appoint Chinese DCM.


Najib will have to fulfil Adenan’s promises on ‘autonomy’ and 20% oil royalty, else Adenan might (as some analysts have pointed out) lead PBB to exit BN as Adenan has the power and popularity now (and full accountability to the urban Sarawakians).


Adenan can be like Pak Lah who gave too much hope only to fail miserably in the next election when he could not deliver?


The implication is that with Sarawak in the bag for GE 14, Najib do not need much to win next GE. Hadi’s PAS cooperation, PKR half- measures and self destructiveness, even LGE not half of LKY talent is possible for Najib to win.


“Najib has no reason to be happy. What the Sarawak BN achieved is to weaken the authority of the central government which Najib leads. He is now going to be even more dependent on the support of Sarawak than before. Already, he has given in to all (of) Sarawak’s demands,” Mahathir said in his blog.


2 different genetic makeup:
LKY had a vision & a road map & a back water island to start with.
Niao Kong has a top investment island to start with popularity fever & a tunnel vision & trying hard to emulate SingLand.
Note: No 2 genes are the same in capability & output.


Adrian now should be wise to stay a distance away from tainted Najib now that he has got his Sarawak for Sarawakians endorsement.
Later shift away from UMNO controlled BN if cannot get 20% of oil royalty revenue!


Life still goes on. Today we have sunshine. Tomorrow will be another day. Whatever happens in our lives, in this country, we have no absolute (i.e. 100%) control to steer destiny path. We did our best according to our conscience. We fight for Good Over Evil (we still have to). But let us not blame, not curse, not hate ourselves. Not even ask why (Evil wins). Be still. Be calm. Be patient. Be grateful we still have our lives. To live the best we can with whatever we have (to be a better person). You have ONE life. Live it… Read more »

Guan Chiang

Why so pessimistic? No wonder BN can capitalise on people like you!

Johan Khun Pana

I can only say that the Pakatan “group” is totally hopeless.
Although the count is still going on but …
Serves them right for being greedy and serves them right for creating so many SNAFUs.
How to change government? Really “no eye see”
*Don’t try to blame BN that money changes hands in this election.
As it is the fault of DAP & PKR .
And don’t blame PAS , as PAS have nothing to do with Pakatan


I would say though dap and pakatan are to be blamed but still sarawakians are very shallow esp the rural folks, mental blockage, i give up.

Let us hope for this coming GE, and if things still cant change, then those who can, and/or encourage your children to move out of this country, a sinking land, no future absolutely…