BN romps home in Merlimau, Kerdau


So, my source in Pas was accurate in his predictions for both these polls.

On the eve of polling (5 March, 10.28pm – see Coveritlive below) he had predicted a BN win by 3,500 votes in Merlimau (actual 3,643) and a BN majority of 2,500 in Kerdau (actual 2,724).

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We should not be surprised at the 2 by elections as these were won on BN home ground. Looking at the past 16 election PR & BN won 8 to 8 with PR & BN winning 2 each in constituencies other their own. As such there is actually not much swing with the exception of some Malays and Indian swings due to the goodies given. The PM have also said that by election and GE are totally different. The Sarawak election should be the momentum for PR in the next GE. If they are able to do well there and… Read more »


“But before that happen, PR and the opposition parties such as SNAP must unite, strategise and work out an amicable soultions”
Hey! Isn’t this the slashdot business plan?

1. Have good idea
2. …
3. Profit!


You do need a lot of flamewars before you can realize any profit.

With Anil Netto censoring every single thing that is not that kind to PR, the flamewar will be only one sided.


Reeeeaaaaaallllly ???

Why then all the rabid PR supporters get to post all their demeaning stuffs here but when we, those who do not support neither PR nor BN, post things that are not pro-PR, our messages got censored?

We all know what you are doing, Anil Netto. Stop pretending.

Bako Boy

To SNAP leaders, you guys better send your strongest & reliable candidates for the election. As far as I concerned, you guys have not done anything compare to PKR’s Baru Bian & DAP’s Chong Chen Jen. You guys are likely “appeared” only when the election is around the corner. The rest was nothing but silence. Prove your sincerity towards Sarawakian (natives). It is not only about toppling the Taik Mahmud’s government (BN). Come on now…!!!


… Say NO to (private lotteries and lucky draws)…!!!


There seems to have been a distinct lack of Independent candidates lately – I recall there were a few in some early by-elections. Why is that?


Politics is a dirty game in Malaysia. The PAS ban on gambling is a shining example – the timing of the ban, especially. Just in time to push the fence-sitters over to BN.
PR shd consider PAS as ‘musuh dlm selimut’. … there (could be) secret talks going on behind TGNA’s back – PAS (may be) working with UMNO…. Mark my words, folks!


Politics is dirty, that is a given, all around the world.

But in Malaysia, it is dirty through and through.

On the BN side MONEY is the one who talks.

On the PR side? Look at Anil Netto.

This guy supposed to be “from the people” and “for the people”, right?

Then why does Anil Netto keep so silence when the PAS government in Kelantan infringe on non-Muslims’ right to buy lottery tickets?

Where is that “for the people” spirit that Anil Netto has been championing all these while?


BN winning is as much contributed by PR internal bickering & politicking! Should this continue on, then BYE BYE to PR winning in the next GE at all


You really think Pakatan Rakyat can win a General Election by pretending to agree with each other? No wonder support is bleeding away.


I am delighted by the results last nite, I mean Liverpool beat Manchester United with a Kuyt’s hattrick! Marvellous!

Charlie Oscar

PAS should not have contested.
Wasting eveybody’s time “Buang Masa”.
As the saying goes “Oppose for the Sake of Opposing”
The Only Plus Point, it’s Entertaining!!!

Phua Kai Lit

“Buy-elections” getting more and more costly for UMNO/BN.

So, folks, look forward to more “reductions in subsidies”
from your caring Government.

Gerakan K

No problem, after all subsidies reduction we still have the cheapest price among the region. And we can continue gaming as well.

The chinese and indians rights remain intact unlike those chinese and indians in Kelantan under PAS administration.

I pity those chinese and indians in Kelantan.


Yes, still cheapest price among the region, we are way ahead and better than Somali, Zimbabwe, Burma and Sudan, betul? Idiot!


The rakyat has spoken and their message cannot be any louder or clearer. Pakatan supporters, if they respect democracy, must learn to accept the result and respect the voters’ wishes. By spewing venom and making stupid and illogical comments won’t help their fading and flagging hopes.

The trend is clear, BN is on an upswing while PR is sinking into oblivion and the next GE will be a political tsunami in reverse where all PR’s gains will be wiped out. Our Cheap Minister will be shown the door and regain his rightful place as the Opposition leader.

James Bond

Selangor will fall in the next GE and Perak may swing back to BN…. For all PR’s policies….at the end of the day it is the ECONOMY…. Selangor has been very very dissapointing in his area … And Najib knows that for all of BN’s faults….as long as he delivers on the economy…Indian and especially Chinese votes will flow back to the BN… Najib knows he can ignore the Islamic vote…at the end of the day its only going to cost him Kelantan and maybe Kedah… At this point in time the 2/3rds majority is what BN wants…and looks like… Read more »


You are wrong about Perak!
I’m not sure about Selangor but Perak will swing back to Pakatan Rakyat. Mark my words.

Perakians aren’t fools, they are still very angry and aren’t that forgiving since the Perak powergrab 2 yrs ago. They have bones to pick with those involved.

Nice name you’ve got, time to do some homework!


When ppl, especially those who support PAS, say “Mark My Word”, you will see nothing.

Just like what Anil Netto has been doing – or rather, – the sheer lack of it.


Dr Dzul is warning Najib of an ‘Arab moment’ today:

I think Dr Dzul is confused. I stayed up to watch the live feeds of the Egypt protest, and there young people in Muslim garb were shouting “we want secular democracy!”. Neither ‘Islamic State’ nor ‘ini negara Islam, apa pun boleh’ counts as secular democracy.


Sean…I agree.Dr Dzul is one confused person. Whatever the defects that our democracy has, Pakatan has to try to gain power via the ballot box…. Such comments only shows that Pakatan and PAS have lost confidence that they can win via ballot box…


LOL!! Spot-on Param, you said it all.

Well, the truth is gambling is morally unhealthy and worse is, when these BN-crony companies are being used … to support this evil regime!…

I’m sure Anil agrees it’s OK if PAS wants to ban the sale of lottery, no? 😀


Those munafiqs think they now look clean – It’s those … who are running lotteries, not them but who issued their licences in the first place and collect huge revenues from sales?

And not a murmur from Bolehland’s religious institutions…!!!


I guess it is because Mahatir’s privatization exercise. Also don’t forget that at that time Dr M brought in one ABIM guy who supposed to bring in Islamic credentials to counter PAS. I won’t be surprised if this person had suggested that running lotteries is against the Islamic principles.


So this is your excuse, Anil Netto?

That the lottery is no longer for “Social Welfare” it should be banned?

That the sellers of the lottery are “bogeymen” for Mahathir all gambling should be banned?

What is next?

When you smell something rotten would you cut off your nose, Anil Netto?

Bowen Liu

The companies that run all the gambling businesses had not done it for the welfare work among the poor and the underprivileged. The earnings from such lottery scheme should have been used for NEP. But since the Malays in Penang differentiated help given to them between halal and non halal sources, UMNO chooses to use halal money to operate halal functions…. There is no need for PAS to outlaw the sale of lottery ticket. If they did it because gambling is against Islam, then they should have restricted people of Islamic faith from purchasing lottery tickets. In foreign counties, there… Read more »


Oh, I see.

Gambling is morally haram, so it is good that PAS ban it.

Alcohol is morally haram too.

One can always argue that if not for alcohol there won’t be so many drunk drivers and there would be lesser road kill in Malaysia.

So ban the Alcohol?

How about Pork?

According to Islam Pork is Haram.

Ban Pork too?

LOL !!

No wonder PR is going down the drain.

With mindless twits like you giving your support to PR, PR will go only one way – down South !

Lee Guat Har

I support PAS simply because we still need a malay party for Pakatan to survive, this is all about politics as PAS is a lesser evil to Umno.

I do not worry about banning of gambling… The move by PAS will choke BN of gambling tax revenue, OK with me.

Banning of liquor no concern to me as I do not drink.

PAS is just trying to regain malay support by these recent measures. I got no concern at all.


Sure, banning of Alcohol is none of your concern because “you do not drink” Sounds just like Pastor Martin Niemöller, a German pastor back in World War 2. “In Germany they first came for the Communists, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Communist. Then they came for the Jews, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Jew. Then they came for the trade unionists, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a trade unionist. Then they came for the Catholics, and I didn’t speak up because I was a Protestant. Then they came for… Read more »

Gerakan K


Excellent reply.


Curiously in your opinion, is corruption immorally legal?


Can you guarantee that all the PR governments are all squeaky clean?

If you can, then I will answer your question.

If you can’t, I suggest you go clean out the dirt from PR camp first….

Censorship is bad

Censorship again, Anil?

Gerakan K

The scare tactic by PAS, ie banning lottery has worked like a magic. It has caused BN landslide win. PR mixed constituent seats also in danger of total collapse.

I will use this lottery banning as campaigning issue and will produce hundred thousands leaflets of it in next GE.

Another miracle happened under PR administration.

p/s: You just can’t hide the extremism. People can detect it.


Not all people.

Anil Netto, the champion of the people, sure hasn’t detected that !

Ong Eu Soon

Pakatan has become too complacent, think that it is invincible, can win in any election. The truth is whether it can even maintain the present state governments in the next election is already a big question mark! In Penang, the CM has set the worst type of precedent on concession given to developer in his pursue of his pet project, sPICE. The Pakatan also set one of the worst precedent in drafting the most freedom unfriendly FOI Bill, which seem to tell it’s supporters; … off idiots when come to ask for information! Only fool believe that there will be… Read more »


Ah soon

long time no hear from you.

You ok I hope.


anwar ibrahim harus bertaubat


bertaubat atas kesalahan beliau waktu di ABIM.


we will work harder on PR13..dun worry….victory will lay on us soon…

Charlie Oscar

Pembangkang Rakyat (PR) can keep on Dreaming as long as Al-.. is there!!!
What a Confused lot!!!


Undi Pos – 14 rosak!
Is that vote of protest against ruling regime?

Gerakan K

I give you the ten-fold of that undi rosak.

Will it change the result ???


I am curious. How come Anil Netto, a non-Muslim, says nothing about the infringing of the non-Muslims’ right in Kelantan? I always thought Anil Netto being a person who stands for justice. I always thought Anil Netto being a person who stands for rights. What PAS is doing in Kelantan – the banning of the sale of the lottery in Kelantan – is infringing on the rights of the non-Muslims, and how come Anil Netto says nothing? I mean, look at how gung ho Anil Netto is on the matter of the “plight of the Egyptians”. Look at how Anil… Read more »


We support PAS decision to ban lottery, 4D & Toto…

No need to contribute towards the pocket of BN cronies…

You should not be curious anymore.


Maybe Pas should be transparent about how many non-Malays are there in state gov of Kelantan. PAS can you give us statistic???


Will you support PAS if they start banning the sale of Alcohol?

Will you support PAS if they start banning the sale of Pork?

How far will you go to fulfill your destiny – in turning this country into yet another Talibanized nation?


Anil Netto knew that the only winner is the BN crony… and can contribute to social ills… that’s why he suppurted the ban…

Gerakan K

You need to check Anil Netto’s sources of contribution. the PR pr tool.


Being curious is good but better still is to have clarity. When PAS came to power they invited the non-muslims and asked them what they wanted. The leaders of the chinese community, amongst other things, wanted liquor and gambling to be banned.

It was the wishes of the non-muslim community.


Some people are overly optimistic in these by elections. Don’t be so sure that PR is managed to reduce the majority won by BN!

Jalil Din

obviosly en Ibrahim you have underestimated the power of $$$ (or RM) in buy-election.

anyway they vote bn and will suffer the barang naik repercussion later. don’t feel sorry later as you (the merlimau and kerdau folks) have asked for it.

Charlie Oscar

The Confused Lot are saying “Orang Kampung Bodoh” for voting BN and they are very Pandai!!!
What an Insult!!!


Big turnout of voters in Kerdau indicates that BN is going to win with a thumping majority there.


Another day to remind us that many mallaysians are still fooled into believing in BN.

Gerakan K

Many people are angry of lottery banning.

That is good enough to warrant a heavy punishment even in your idol home town.