Live – Teluk Intan by-election polling and results


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DAP was leading until the very last ballot box.

Another ‘endless possibility’ from BN with the final ballot box?

Phua Kai Lit

Malaysia to set up another “world class” public university …. !

It has to be University of Teluk Intan (UTI)

P.S. Initials for “Teluk Intan University” sound too much like a
Cantonese obscenity !


Sad day for HOPE of breaking racial barrier & discrimination. Salute DAP for attempting. I hope dyana gets a shot at next GE. Meanwhile for TI folks frame mah’s manifesto in your hse & see how many of those fulfilled by nxt election.

Aisay man

Wrong candidate and wrong timing of Yammy Samat’s Perkasa/Umno episodeļ¼


One thing DAP are really good at. The tiger, the lion roar, the princess, Dyana roar, Dyana mania, Unprecedented mania, fast rising star, I shall come back, we shall continue, Teluk Intan, the start of an icon, we won`t see the last of her and so on and on. What is all these. Lose is lose but still cakap banyak


Bn also blame apa cina Mau? Apa Yang Mau? Blame others being ungrate and ungrateful. General MacAuthur also lost to Japs. Lost means lost and yet he said he will return. He did return and the Japs sign unconditional surrend before him. Better beware history will catch up with you.


Whenever DAP and PR loses be it the election, by election or court cases they will always blame blame blame. Conspiracy, no transparency, low turnout, bangla voters, BN big machinery, black out, votes does not tally, racial threatening, and so on and on. They never blame themselves but BN. Now they say its a small victory. PAS Hadi said, even 1 vote is also a victory. Whoever win or lose is not due to the high or low turnout. Its an excuse by DAP to garner sympathy votes. Voters who come out to vote are proportionate be it BN or… Read more »


Another proof that EC is up to his monkey trick and how to justify for him to continue getting the big fat pay and all the perks he is getting, … What other … tricks is the EC going to come up with ? He has proven that, though minority elected his ‘masters’ can still stay and run the country. He is indeed a …servant of all the Umno schmucks that will keep having him nominated as the EC or should I say having him appointed. He must now busy working out how to ensure his political masters are being… Read more »


just one question
why the two changes in turnout? that’s just enoungh to change the results.

Don Anamalai

According to report on The Malaysian Insider: An initial DAP post-mortem of the polls results showed that Malay support for the party edged up at least two per cent but Chinese and Indian votes plunged more than 10% for each community. The fact that malay votes has gone up slightly is a good sign for DAP. Dyana has won the election morally and intellectually. She is a role model that all young Malaysian voters can relate to! The Indians were “courted” with a massive amount of 1Malaysia inducements, freebies and promised rewards – especially in the last week the BN… Read more »


Unbelievable result. Despite Lim Kit Siang warning, PR’s mistake was not making enough effort on the outstation voters. To many middle-rank caught up with the whole show but not enough of doing the labourious, under-appreciated grunt work.. Back in the 1960s, Tan Siew Sin pleaded with the Chinese community and Chinese leader to back Tunku Abdul Rahman would faced pressure from the ultra-rights. Instead the likes of Gerakan leaders rode the racial sentiments to power but also resulting in the rise of Mahathir and his kind. The young in especially from these small towns HAVE NO CLUE the mistake of… Read more »


Those wants development which yang is very much against in penang. Please make sure gerakan have more high rise buildings, high speed internet, university, UNESCO rated town…

Don Anamalai

With such a slim (as thin as roti tissue) margin to claim victory, Gerakan Mah will have to hold a kenduri kesyukuran to thank Zahid Haidi (for the Rela votes), Ahmad Maslan (for ‘converting’ 150 Indian DAP supporters) and Shabery Cheek (for free internet) to enable the 238 advantage. Gerakan Mah must now fulfil his ‘development’ promises both from him and his BN counterparts with o excuse. He better pray hard that Najib would not confer him the title of Transport Minister to pick up the s… from Hisham so much so that he would not have time for Teluk… Read more »


Don’t forget Teluk Intan University and the west coast highway. All big promises must complete chop chop. Anyway, u help me, i help you works. By the way, BN now would to polarise society further by diving between the matured and young ones.

Eh…….What happen to not so young ones


So now PR, who do you want to blame. Dont be a bitter loser, blame on system la, blame on bangla voters la, blame on power outage la.

Now, no bangla, electricity is there….blame on system then? Blame on EC? Grow up.


Dan blame, blame blame yes just like the CAT playing the blame game


hehehe, whose fault that 39850 is used instead of 40236. This election kelong one.



Chris Chan

any recount ?


And now, the EC came out with this:

9.45pm: The Election Commission revises the voters turnout – from 66.7 to 67.4 percent.

9.35pm: Official result as annouced by the Election Commission –

BN – 20,157
DAP – 19,919
Majority – 238

Percentage of majority – 0.6 percent

Official: Mah wins, majority 238 votes

Chris Chan

Something wrong with EC figures !
If 66.5% is 39850.
66.67% is 39952 ! and not 40236 !

7.33pm: The Election Commission announces that the official turnout was 66.67 percent, or 40,236 voters.
EC chief Abdul Aziz Yusof says that this is the second lowest turnout among all by-elections that took place since the last general elections.

5.30pm: Changkat Jong – The final turnout rate is 66.5 percent for Teluk Intan by-election with 39,850 votes cast, the EC announces.

Chris Chan

But total votes counted is 40626 and not 40236


DAP kalah…banyak alasan


The fact that EC got something to do with borang14. Something like no assess to borang14. So, this is how (this is) going on right


Chris Chan, no komen


And DAP folks do not appear to hold out much hope that the endless possibilities may work out in their favour…

DAP distraught by Teluk Intan defeat
Published on 31 May 2014 20:33


Bn seems to stole this – With all their dirty tricks. Sadly certain people still opt to vote bn despite all the insults hurled at thm.


According to a Malaysiakini report,

“7.33pm: The Election Commission announces that the official turnout was
66.67 percent, or 40,236 voters.”

Turnout of 66.7pct disappoints DAP
Malaysiakini Team 7:27AM May 31, 2014

Which is different from what the national news agency, Bernama, reported viz: 39,850

And does not account for the “19:56 DAP 19,919 BN 20,157 Spoit 550′

Endless Possibilities…

Chris Chan

Any response/comments from EC ?