Live – Pas wins Sungai Limau with reduced majority


Pas has retained the Sungai Limau state seat in Kedah with a lower majority of 1084 votes compared with its previous winning majority of 2774 votes at GE13.

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7 Nov 2013 1.32pm

Bro Don Anamalai,
I met Uthayakumar once and few phone calls later.Humble man.Helen Ang always update me regarding Uthayakumar. When Indians no level playing field and every Politician including Pakatan call us racist but all the high paying job,education and $$$ they swallow like pacman for their respective race.

rajraman. Bro Don Anamalai you try your luck asking “ABU” leader who are just NGO but they also will terms Indians like Uthayakumar as racist.For the mar·gin·al·ise Indians Deepavali comes sometimes during election.

Happy Deepavali to all Malaysian.

6 Nov 2013 6.15pm


If the votes are secret, then how can Najib and BN claim that the Chinese votes have returned to BN?

6 Nov 2013 7.34pm
Reply to  Anil Netto

Aiyaa Anil, UMNO knows every details of voters who voted them.That’s why army and police always vote for UMNO. rajraman. Chinese given 2 million plus promise but for Indians kacang putih pun tarak. When Pakatan rule Perak most Chinese New Village get the new lease of life but for Indians during their terms Kampung Buntong get nothing. Every time there is election UMNO throw millions to Chinese community education.For Indians kambing kari ? Am I racist Anil? If i am racist to ask this question so be it. If i ask this same question to Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia i… Read more »

Don Anamalai
Don Anamalai
7 Nov 2013 11.20am
Reply to  Anil Netto

Brother rajraman

How does it feel to celebrate Deepavali without your loved one?

see this video:

Bagi sebahagian besar masyarakat Hindu, perayaan cahaya atau Deepavali dihabiskan bersama keluarga dan orang yang tersayang.

Namun bagi pemimpin Hindraf, P Uthayakumar yang menghabiskan sebahagian besar usianya memperjuangkan nasib orang India, perayaan cahaya kali ini cukup malap.

6 Nov 2013 10.19am

BN as expected got more voted than GE13 because it offered specific goodies to the Sg Limau folks. How I wish to have by election at my hometown to get the goodies.

Ah Pek
Ah Pek
5 Nov 2013 4.39pm

What ‘nail’ and ‘coffin’ you are talking about? Sg. Limau is PAS stronghold for decades and that reduced majority really meant something. Did not you realized that? Also, the advantageous sympathy factor to the incumbent also being negated by the strong charismatic showing by Tun Dr. M’s prince! That is the reason why pakatan cannot move forward and recapture the Kedah state when there is kaki bodek like you who cannot smell the coffee and keep harping on past dissatisfaction particularly towards Tun Dr. M. It does not surprise me if BN able to keep its power in Kedah in… Read more »

najib manaukau
5 Nov 2013 1.30pm

The results is just another nail on the egregious Mahathir’ coffin, I have said this before that he is an expired product but he is kept alive long enough by Allah to be given his just desert and his karma. Immediately after his ‘retirement’ AB won the election, not with standing the candidates he fielded, AB won with records never seen before by Umno. But as soon as he revealed to the people of Malaysia he indeed has not ‘retired’ poor AB lost badly because of him and so were all the by elections thereafter. All the candidates he campaigned… Read more »

5 Nov 2013 8.03am

Expected. I think people are thinking whether PAS and PR can admit that PAS has some real problems and no one has answer.

5 Nov 2013 12.21am

Thanks Anil, for nearly making my heart stop when they keep saying BN was leading. Thanks for always being there with the good and welcome news.
May Allah Bless all the cogs and gears of dedicated and determined Pakatan machinery who contribute to this sweet and meaningful win..
Signs of good things ahead, for Pakatan H1435, even with the spectre of two rats jumping ship on the flimsiest of excuse..

Andrew I
Andrew I
4 Nov 2013 10.40pm

I’m sleeping on the floor, sung to I’m singing in the rain.

4 Nov 2013 10.05pm

Its good that PAS win. A slap in the face to M kutty

Ah Pek
Ah Pek
4 Nov 2013 9.08pm

Dirtiest election. Punching incident. Thuggish behaviour. No winner in this election.

Don Anamalai
Don Anamalai
5 Nov 2013 11.31am
Reply to  Ah Pek

Don’t forget Chua Soi Lek (never learn his lesson) threaten/blackmail the Chinese community once again at this by-election.

4 Nov 2013 4.32pm

I want Pas to win and don’t want Maha generation calling the shot.

rajraman. Pas until now can’t run a proper administration and means to make money for the country.They don’t have the economic views or financial wisdom.Weak point of Pas.Hello Pas forget about Hudud and train your politician how to manage economy.Then you talk about Hudud.(talk only okay and respect the written Constitution)