Live – Sibu campaign reaches climax


The Sibu by-election campaign reaches a climax on the eve of polling tomorrow.

See the twitter updates in the box on the far right.

A Pakatan MP campaigning in Sibu thinks it is now 50:50, he told me an hour ago.

While the older folks in the longhouses may be pro-BN, the younger voters there seem to be more receptive to the Pakatan’s message, he added.

Live coverage of eve of polling begins at 8.00am

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I”m one of the supporter of PR alliance in Sarawak and many more young, energetic, educated and experienced supporter I should say hoping that DAP will sweep the seat. Thank to all of the commentator for this P212 Sibu by-election. There are pro and contra comment doesn’t help us at all!!!!!!!! But I pray that God will give blessed to DAP – Wong Ho Leng to win the battle. So why don’t all of us ( who ever hope for change )pray together in the name of God start from now until the end of this drama. Can be that… Read more »


It’s good to have high hope. Unfortunatelly, most Malaysians are either not registered to vote, politically blind or just don’t even don’t care to vote at all. How sad!



For readers viewing pleasures! Be informed!


The higher you are, the harder it will be when you hit the ground.

That’s what you gonna get, O.

All the false high hopes. Wake up and smell the coffee, O.

That guy DAP puts up in Sibu isn’t selling well.


Yes, like how BN is falling! Without Najib and $$$$$$$$ they are a gone case in every by election!

Hey, found out where the best ikan bakar stall lately?

Dr. Pang HC

If i were a Pakatan personnel, I ain’t gonna fall into the … deception.

BN will win hands down.

East Malaysian Chinese are a different lot altogether.


PR-DAP shall win by 800+ votes. Mark my word coz m very sure of it. U can start ordering champagne now. I’ve been popping champagne since nomination day.

Just to save me the trouble to come back here and post “I told you so.” Might as well do it now.

May 16th, 2010 at 10.00pm · Reply

I told you so. He he…


with the kitchen sink thrown in, najib would be real embarrassed ifBN doesnt win big. any majority below the last election is a slap in the face of Najib.


Najib to be in Sibu again tomorrow. Real desperate, now, without Najib, BN can never win! Just wonder how much he will blow tomorrow?


O, With or without Najib, BN never had the chance. Its the splashing of money that win over the Malays and Indian in HS. Now he is splashing it to the Dayak. Hopefully they will take the money and vote PR DAP. No wonder the Malays, Indian and other indigenous people are forever backward because they keep relying on crutches. And thats what UMNO and BN wanted for them to be so, in order that they will have to keep asking for that crutches otherwise without that they will fall. And there is one wannabe Gerakan K who also wanted… Read more »


Yang, Do not worry. Patience is a virtue. It takes time to convince the old folks. It is a long long struggle and we must be patient. Please do not blame the Malays, Indians, Kadazans or Dayaks, the Malays are very well aware now of what is going on in the country. The Indians are waking up and 41% of them voted PR in HS. Even when MIC embedded itself with the estate folks for 1 whole week prior to election, many of those folks voted PR. Without PAS and PKR, DAP can never be that strong, and both ways,… Read more »


The eve of polling is tomorrow.

So I guess your time table for comments and updates are meant for the 16th of May?

Thanks for the information on the odds. Yes, let us hope PR can give BN a good fight.

Still I feel BN will win but with a reduced majority of say 1,000 votes!



Anil, nothing is right until the last moment. Just as I have said before DAP PR will win this buy election. See how desperate Najib is. Flew 3 times over. Today is the last day and he still fly over to campaign. Taib was booed by the people. Just as in HS, where the Indian and Malay were brought over with money, hopefully the Iban and indigenious people are wise enough to take the money and vote PR DAP.

Gerakan K

Whoa !!!

50:50 in BN strong-hold ???

O, happy or not with this prediction ??? What’s yours ???

Actually I don’t believe it. But I will personally “turun padang” tommorow to gauge the actual situation and unable to participate in this blog live discussion.


Gerakan K,

Under normal circumstances, I would very much want to engage you in a debate, but, you insulted my religion the past few days, so I feel very bad about you.

If I can accept your religion, why must you insult mine? You are nothing but a useless kowtow guy, dude!


Not trying to defend K, but I find you too much.

When others don’t go your way you accuse them of “Racist” (me) and “Insult your religion” (K).

So who are you, O?

A saint?

You never insult others? You never done wrong? You never wrongly accuse others? You never have any slip of tongue?

Or everything you do are always right. ALWAYS? RIGHT????


Come on bro,

I do not wish to get into a debate with you.

Tell you what, visit Khun Thai seafood in Butterworth for your favourite ikan bakar and guarantee you love it.