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Coming to you live from Kuching.

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Without money and logistic, PR would find it very hard to pierce the rural and interior of Sarawak. So PR must start now by slowing moving in to meet the people for the next 5 years until the next election. Lets take an example of Bakelan which has only 6000+ voters but is 22 times the size of Penang. Just see how vast you have to cover just for 6000+ voters. Moreover on the eve of of every election, there will be … thugs and villagers head to prevent the opposition from moving in to campaign. Thats why within the… Read more »

Gerakan K

PR workers “malas” ??? If then no wonder PAS TKO !!!

Gerakan K

Let me share a post Sarawak election analysis: Sarawakians have spoken loud and clear ( Some of the points in the article: 1) DAP national chairman, Karpal Singh, hailed the day as a historic one and thanked Sarawakians for giving DAP a “100% success”. 2) Taib’s biggest defeat 3) Largest win in DAP history 4) “The people have clearly told Taib that they have had enough of BN’s corrupt system,” he said. “Sarawakians have displayed their political maturity.” My comments: 1) Karpal Singh needs a calculator when doing his percentage calculation. It was PBB under Mr Tain that scored 100%… Read more »


Maybe Gerakan K need a calculator. BN under Taib obtain 55 seats out of 71 which is 77%, a decrease of 12 % from 89% previously.

DAP obtained 12 seats out of 15 which is 80% an increase of 100% from 40% previously.success.

PR did not win the election but increase in the number of seats whereas BN seats was decreased.

Its is a victory of sort but still need improvement in the rural area.


Dear sir, while i do not want to argue with your first argument, because I AGREE, and coming from an opposition supporter, I agree with you, but the 2nd 3rd and 4th i shall disagree. your 2nd point states that ” Taib’s biggest defeat ??? OMG, got 2/3 also biggest defeat !!! Then what is the description for PR then ???” While it is true PR lost quite badly, you mustn’t forget, it is a commendable feat for PR seeing that Sarawak has been holding on to BN for ages. I agree, nothing compared to BN, very true, but as… Read more »

Gerakan K

In any election, there is only winner and loser. Winner takes all.

The reasons behind someone winning a election only good for education purpose. You can argue till the cows come home, but the fact is Mr Taib is my Sarawak CM for this term.


Andrew I

Well said… except for the dear sir part. There’s nothing endearing about Gherkin K, nor is he fit to be addressed as Sir.

Gerakan K

Anil, remove some of problematic tweets from millemeow


Tried to post this last night but it did not get through…


May I suggest that we consider buying Anil some coffee… or better still,
more of the yum-yum Sarawak Laksa in appreciation of the days of intensive
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I think BN does owe that turncoat for his help in winning the Sarawak election

The timing couldn’t be more awful for the freedom loving Rakyat of Malaysia, but I guess, for that turncoat, it works out alright after all…

Gerakan K

Bravo BN !!!

Don’t play play. This is fixed deposit, SARAWAK.

Anwar as pr chief must take responsibilty and resign for poor results. Ask LKS to take over as pr chief.

While legendary politician Mr Taib can continue as CM for another good term. The amazing 100% record for PBB under Mr Taib.

Many thanks for RPK interview. RPK you are really a pr hero !!! You deserve a good treat from Sarawakians for telling the truth !!!

p/s: PAS TKO (total knock out lah) !!!


Why should Anwar resign. BN fixed deposit has been chipped off 22 %. PR seats has increased from 7 to 15. That is already an achievement if not for the dirty tactics and money buying by BN. That is the facts and the truth. Although not a tsunami, a strong wave has rock Sarawak for the first time in 30 over year. DAP is getting stronger so is PKR. Look at SNAP, they are totally defeated. The alternative is PR.

system engineer

Thanks to Pakatan member . Specially to Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim — Nelson Mandela Malaysia . What a ratio 4:1 . Pakatan had to face not only BN ,but also EC , Government Agency and rakyat fund… .These was what happen in Sarawak . BN practise all the above . Was that what we call election . It was just like the Iraq war against the rest of the world .Whenever there is election the above four constituent will be applied . For all BN member you should feel shame the way you win any election applied in peninsular or… Read more »


As I have already said earlier in the blog, DAP are strong and will sweep the urban area. The only way for PR to win in Sarawak, PKR must concentrate and win in the rural area. From what we have seen most of the PR leaders including Anwar are concentrating their campaign in the urban area. DAP should be left to do that in the urban area while PKR concentrate in the rural area. Anyway at least they have chipped of some 22% of the fixed deposit. Hopefully they can do that more in the Dayak and Malay/Melanau area in… Read more »


Today is the beginning of the most important week, the Holy Week, the week in which Christians reflect how Jesus was betrayed, captured, tortured, died, buried and resurrected. When we look back at what has been happening these few days, it’s not hard to notice the coincidence – especially the betrayal part – where Judas betrayed Jesus for 30 pieces of silver, just like how RPK has betrayed the Rakyat of Malaysia, for whatever… RPK, just like Judas, has sinned. No matter how his supporters want to whitewash the whole thing, the damage has been done. The future of Rakyat… Read more »


The results are out and Sarawakians had again chosen to be with BN. What cannot be denied is the successes of Taib Mahmud. Despite all the initial blames on him, his party scored a 100% success in the Election. Sarawakians are lucky that PBB managed to win all their seats, or it will mean UMNO going into Sarawak, and the whole place will again be messed up like Sabah. Lucky Sarawakians, deny entry of UMNO into Sarawak or you will suffer even more. Taib has got no reason to resign, he can take his own sweet time to select his… Read more »


in penang we hope pr can win plzzz god help us


pakatan rakyat doing a good job

Gamma Ray

I think in the next GE , should ask DAP to go for the fight. PKR AND PAS must stay out

Gamma Ray

Looks like PAS is totally rejected in east malaysia.


how’s senadin?

Megan Rentap

Now at Kedup vote counting proceeding in abscence of PR agents.


Anil would you remove unitmediabaru twitter/news? i think they should not be here..

Enche Mat Pyan

lensa kamera pasukan paparazzi PR perlu lebih memperhebat usaha…


“EC, please be fair cos all eyes are watching!!”
> Unfortunately too many eyes are blinded by the BN promises .. lol


Hope we win and make this a good lesson for BN


Any news on Layar?


My hats off to you Anil. Your feeds have been a source of info to many of us who are abroad. Thank You.


From the way the votes that are coming in from the semi rural area, PR is doing quite well and the chance of DAP in the urban area will be very very good. Lets keep our finger cross.


Does anyone has a link to Sarawak Polls Constituency Map?


Just curious to know if all the results mentioned include the dubious postal /army votes


PKR is leading now.