Live – PKR rally in Sembrong, Johor


Live from a PKR rally held in the parliamentary constituency of Sembrong, a BN stronghold in Johor held by the Home Minister.

Source: Ustream, Merdeka Rakyat

One of the reasons for holding this ‘live’ is to deter and shame any attempts to disrupt the ceramah. Sembrong was the area where hooligans made their presence felt during an Anwar ceramah not too long ago and damaged his car.

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Most of the Chinese in Johor derive their income from the Red Dot island, either directly by working there or earning from the Red Dot day-trippers. Their livelihood is centred around the prosperity of the Red Dot, and they get their entertainment from the MediaCorp’s Channel 5 and 8 TV shows. Therefore they are more concerned with PAP’s policies of the Red Dot and not what PKR can offer them. This is a reality in Johor.


The extra expenses of BN’s RM13.8 billion 2012 supplementary budget would place Malaysia’s budget deficit at a high of RM59.7 billion, the country’s highest to date; and would easily put Malaysia’s deficit as a percentage of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) at more than 6 per cent in 2012, which is significantly higher than the initially projected 4.7 per cent, especially if the widely anticipated worldwide economic slowdown hits Malaysia.


BN’s RM13.8 billion 2012 supplementary budget tabled this June in Parliament is another example of BN’s 3Ds of Deficits, Debts and Deceit as compared to PR’s state government’s record of 3S Surplus, Sustainable debt reduction and Straight talking.


Watch this if you cannot be at the ceramah:


If you are not sure what kind of voter you are, read thsi:

Andrew I

Haha, Gherkin might not be too happy to be on candid camera.