LIVE: Pas coasts to victory in Permatang Pasir


permatang pasir
Riot police line up against a wall of Pas supporters along a street in Permatang Pasir – Photo courtesy of Wartawan Rasmi Laman Reformasi

A crowd of about 3,000 attended the final ceramah at the Permatang Pasir Pas markas last night – Photos by Anil

As at 11.00am, 39 per cent of registered voters have cast their ballots.

Live coverage in Malay from Permatang Pasir here.

Live coverage in English begins on this website at 4.00pm.

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anna brella

Congratulations to PR and PAS for winning the Permatang Pasir by-election and for maintaining their strong hold over this state seat.

“Imagine Power To The People” John Lennon.


Kg Buah Pala? Our Indians brothers are only good at trying to outshine each other politicking for self interest and at the end of the day the residents here are left with nothing. If only they they had sat together and thought for the poor and helpless among them, the community would have been more enlightened. Lim of Penang did his best to help them. No, that was not enough. Groups and individuals among Indians condemned him thinking that Lim would change the world for them. They thought Lim would cave in just for a few votes from the Indians.… Read more »


Lets console BN that PAS also lost, in a way. In the March 2008 election – PAS secured 65.5% of the 16803 votes cast. In the by-election thsi time, it secured 64.8% of the 14832 votes cast. PAS’ majority over UMNO has reduced by 0.7% this time. A very commendable effort by UMNO, using the might of the mainstream media and Patriot Bloggers like Parpukari, Shamsul Yunos and RockyBru. Anyway, it was only in this by-election, the rakyat knew the following UMNO wisdoms: a. That fines by Bar Council were like fines for parking offences b. That it was not… Read more »

Rosli Hanip

Now the score on the scoreboard is 7-1


Congrats PAS and Pakatan. The wind of change will not stop. Pakatan should now scout for more credible people to become candidates for the next GE. Looks like UMNO’s strategies have backfired again. UMNO and BN have yet to learn. Their controlled media hardly showed PAS’ candidate. They were continuosly featuring the BN candidate. The people switched off their TV and hardly read Utusan, NST and The Star. What happened to the ‘pengkhianat’ issue? It backfired. That guy from Lunas who quit PKR trying to be a hero? The people were laughing at him. Anyway, let him stand for election… Read more »


Thank you Anil for the job well done again!

Insyallah, we’ll meet again soon in Perak or at Kedah’s Kota Siputeh.


UMNO , u can win .. just field a candidate in sabah sarawak ….

Murid murid .. sila beratur dan keluar barisan .. mari masuk bulatan …

Wong Ka Wai

Congratulation to PAS!

Another handsome win.

I can’t wait for next GE.

ong poh eng

bn can start dreaming about winning GE13. Lunas YB please resign so that we can see another defeat for BN.

Loh Yeow Boo - Penang

LIM Guan Eng still has the support. He handled the Kampung Buah Pala squatters very well…imagine helping the squatters from an attap house to a double storey concrete house!!!
TOL = temporary occu…, mind the word TEMPORARY!!!

Leong Yook Kong

Muhyiddin, your Mission Impossible could not be accomplished again. … a seventh big golden egg without turning the people of Permatang Pasir into a Golden Boy. Next time, think and try harder on your Mission Impossible with another new idea.


If bn loses they will come out with:
1) “I told you so” phantom voters.
2) Low voter turnout is not representative of the electorate.
3) Personnal attacks by the opposition.

If they win they will say:
1) winds of change blowing.
2) voters are more mature.
3) Prove that people are getting tired of opposition politicking.

telur dua

Muhyddin: Wind of change is blowing in Ptg Pasir.

Yes indeed. It will blow BN into the cesspool where they rightly belong.


People of Permatang Pasir. Give PAS a big win to show that you reject BN’s racial politics and tainted candidates. Send the … packing!


Low turnaout by chinese voters has been reported from the ground. We need them to esnure Pakatan Rakyat winning PP by-election. Help !!!!!


Reply to lakian’s Post:

At least im the senator cum minister in the PM’s office, what about u? What do you have? you jealous or what? Or because your life is just like a … hiding behind the blog? No need for you to pity anyone in the BN’s strong leadership.

kaki ampu

Samy jgn lah bodek banyak2 350 voters penentu mehhhh nak jadi pembodek bleh lah.


A big win for Pas is of course most welcomed .

A big Win will show that the racial and religion
tension is nothing but a political agenda to disdrupt unity.


Dont be too over confident of the big win.
There are still many voters who are emotionaly weak
whom can be easily influenced.

We are not the voters overthere so we just hope for a win for the righteous. We dont need corruptors to rule
the constituency.

Stay in humility …A win is a win .No sour grape.


BN supporters shout ‘hidup Melayu’, Koh Tsu Koon smile & walk next to DPM?

Even as a Melayu, I think KTK is a running…

A pity. He showed some grace in the first few weeks after 308, after which it is downhill all the way…


Han 2,
Samy Vollu is day dreaming. Dont be surprise if he say the indian voters are the kingmakers in general election. (Many) Indian through out the country (react with disgust) even if anyone mentioned his name. Im an indian this is fact. Indian nowdays believe that Tok Guru Nik Aziz than these…

Chloe Lee

It time to show what 1Malaysia mean! Vote PAS overwhelmingly and show Najib that 1Malaysia is just an illusion, no?

What is there to be 1Malaysia when Utusan is fanning racial sentiment? What is there to be 1Malasia when we cannot be on the same footing?

Chloe Martin Lee


MIC President Semi Value said the kingmakers in the current Permatang Pasir by-election are the Indian voters. There are 350 Indian voters in a poll of 20,000 voters lah, Semi!



Wong Ka Wai

Undilah PAS

My prediction:

PAS will win by 7000++ majority

P/S: Penan children are starving. For donation information see here