Live – Pas polls: Sabu, Husam win


The results of the Pas party elections are expected to be officially announced at around 10.00am.
The results:
President – Abdul Hadi Awang (unopposed)

Deputy president: Mohamad Sabu – 420 votes
Unsuccessful: Tuan Ibrahim 399 and Nasha 224; total votes cast: 1045

Vice-president: Salahudin (753); Husam (660), and Mahfuz (616)
Unsuccessful: Idris (491), Nik Amar (321) and Nizar (217)

The Pas central committee for 2011-2013:
1) Mazlan Aliman (804)
2) Dr Mohd Hatta Md Ramli (765)
3) Datuk Kamarudin Jaafar (739)
4) Hanipa Maidin (735)
5) Datuk Seri Azizan Abdul Razak (721)
6) Dr Zulkefly Ahmad (702)
7) Dr Mujahid Yusof Rawa (651)
8. Khalid Samad (643)
9) Abdul Ghani shamsuddin (579)
10) Amiruddin Hamzah (576)
11) Abdul Wahid Endut (556)
12) Abu Bakar Chik (527)
13) Datuk Mohd Amar Abdullah (470)
14) Dr Siti Mariah Mahmud (445)
15) Datuk Mahfodz Mohamed (449)
16) Datuk Hassan Ali (437)
17) Abdul Ghani Abd Rahman (430)
18) Nuridah Salleh (416)

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They, whom God wants to destroy, HE first make MAD.” UMNO is already MAD. To the good members…leave before God’s curse is upon you.

Support PAS and the PR for the goodness of all MALAYSIANS. Congratulation PAS…God Bless!


After 54 years, the Malay masses have become more politically awared and matured and no no longer easily fooled by UMNO’s parochialism. This has seen marked shift in support from the corrupt UMNO to other parties like PAS, PKR and DAP which the 2008 elections proved with doubt. … the line trotted out by pro-UMNO people who typically use fear to suppress dissent. IN fact UMNO’s domination of the people is based partly on the fear factor of repressive laws, every ready Special Branch arrests and FRU violence to suppress open dissent. But this no longer applies per se. People… Read more »

Phua Kai Lit

I fully support my MP who is from PAS.
Will vote for him in the next General Election.
(And I am an atheist too!)

A new dawn for Malaysia?

Capitalism with a human face (PKR)
Islam-influenced welfare state (PAS)
Northern European-style social democracy (DAP)


If Malays Indians and Chinese can work together for the common good without having to mark out their separate racial territories as in Singapore, some headway may be made for the development of a more wholesome national identity and democratic society. May be PAS at least appears to be democratic and not insistent on imposing its party ideology on others like UMNO. Other Pakatan parties have to take the cue and unite for a common cause and make compromises. This would be a good start to break down the racial barriers. UMNO’s approach is based on greed and self-preservation of… Read more »


What is happening is PAS is actually the original purpose of UMNO (the one founded by Onn Bin Jaffar and Tunku) – to built Malays confident, independent-minded and will step up to challenges and embrace others and the outside world rather than be cowed, insecured, attacking, or corrupted by it. Someone like Mat Sabu, modest background with bare-necessary provided to him, refusing to allow excuses to hold him back, based on pure skills and intellect rising up to the top staying away from corruption and leading his race.

Its really ironic..But then that is not the purpose of UMNO B.

Gerakan K

Even own party members also reject Nizar (the ex Perak MB). No hope for Pas in Perak. This is the joyful event. By the Anil, please post the pics of the top Pas leaders. No one have the ‘look’ of a capable leader. Just another ketua kampung look.


LOL!!! Sounds like … you’ve riled up Sunnyooi!

Any worse than that … Gerakan’s president (OMG!!) and ex-CM Penang, rejected by Penang electorates yet came in a backdoor minister! Tak malu kah?

Another glaring reject – backdoor minister Sharizat Abd Jalil also wanita umno chief! Tak malu huh?
Think she should be of better use teaming up with Mama … to head Obedient Wives Club(OWC) to coach wives to be ‘whores in bed’, no?

Andrew I

You mean they don’t have unaccounted for billions to splash out on GA and Versace suits?


It does not matter whether he is the Vice President or not. When Nizar was appointed the Menteri Besar he was not a Vice President. It is him that made the people of Perak especially the non Malay to love him and believed in PAS. With the Non Ulamas it make all the people, Malay, Chinese and Indian etc believed in the the reform that the people is looking for. And most important of all, for people in UMNO moving towards PAS. BN UMNO with their MIC, MCA and Gerakan stooges are now doomed. Looking at the way soured grapes,… Read more »


Yes lets have the change.
Change the government
Kick out UMNO & BN

Gerakan K

As long as it is PAS, Islamic State agenda will go on. So go figure out the reason for celebration.

Stupid, eh ???


Why? Many in UMNO and their cronies will end up without hands?

(And what will happen to) your … backdoor minister who (allowed) Pulau Jerejak to (be sold to) UDA and nods his head every wednesday when his boss addresses his cabinet…?! 😀


Seriously bro. Grow a brain. Plllleeeaaassseee.

Andrew I

No brain lah. Only if MCA says got brain, then got brain…after Umno says got brain.


Gerakan K

UMNO: “Sit!”
Gerakan K: “Ya Tuan”
UMNO: “Roll!”
Gerakan K : “Ya Tuan”
UMNO: “U Must No Object”
Gerakan K: “Ya Ketuaan UMNO”


So is UMNO that is going for an Islamic State agenda. Mahathir said we are an Islamic state, so do Badawi and many other UMNO leaders. By going for unity talk with PAS, UMNO is in fact going for an Islamic State at whatever cost as long as they are able to be in power. PAS is more sincere when they proclaimed that they want Islamic State. UMNO is not sincere when they say they are not for an Islamic state but UMNO and the PM have been declaring it as one. Now PAS & UMNO said NO. Who do… Read more »


PAS saved by right-thinking delegates from destruction!
Will evil UMNO now disavow any link or connection with its mole in PAS?


Mat Sabu is a true champion of rakyat. The number of times he is arrested without just cause by polis is testimony to this.

PAS’s focus on Kebajikan will be good and easy for the kampung folks to relate in this Barang Naik era. I think Kebajikan will mean more that the rhetoric slogan of ‘rakyat didahulukan’.

I must add that the urban and moderate folks will also welcome the likes of Mat Sabu.


It appears the world is undergoing changes…particularly in politics. PAS is no different, time is ripe for the conservative Islamic political party to undergo changes…to reach a wider audience of different races and religions. If the non-muslims so readily accepted PAS and gave their support without reservation, PAS must reciprocate with genuine changes to cater for them….for mutual benefits. Undoubtedly, this move in reform in the party will augur well for the future of Malaysia in general and to PR in particular. Log live the Opposition!!


Anil, thanks for the live updates and results.
But what/where is your interpretation of the result?

Y C Yap

This is a much welcomed development. There is no denying that the combination between DAP, PAS & PKR is hard to beat if the opposition does not get into a fight for power. The fate of Malaysia is in the hands of these Malay leaders with vision and true commitment. I had wished hard then that pro-umno Nasharrudin the vanquished former deputy would lose his bid, would loose in the last PAS election but that was not to be; however, this latest development fulfilled my prayer that a better educated and more progressive faction will lead PAS. We need to… Read more »


Every party encounters turbulence. At least PAS has tried to chart a firm course. This party deserves respect for attempting real reform and rebranding.

The primitive UMNO and its subalterns of BN are dead in the water, having lost its relevance,it’s only a matter of time before malays abandoning umno.


It does not matter who wins so long it will kick the corrupted morons from Umno out of their gravy trains.


# Anil: If Sabu does triumph, it could be a turning point for the party and present a more open image for the party. It would also finally slam the door to any further talk of a ‘unity government’ between Umno and Pas. # Very well said, Anil! CONGRATS to a fresh new team in PAS! Admireable, I salute PAS delegates who dare to stand up and bravely reject that ‘suspicious thorn in the butt’ – that mole that had been causing mischievous pas-umno unity talks to create disunity within Pakatan Rakyat. This country need fresh new ABLE and EFFICIENT… Read more »