Live – Panel discussion reviewing GE13


Komas hosts this live discussion on the recent general election.

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Anil, on another note. Hope you can start a new thread. LIM GUAN ENG!!! Listen, listen, listen! Why don’t you start your campaign with free mammograms on your own wife la? Stupid tunnel CM or issit you also like BN thinks Penangites are backward cheapskates who will take your free mammograms? Lim Guan Eng, people may have voted for you but it does not mean they all support your time and again scatterbrain ideas or this time — implanted brain filled with hospital, phamaceutical and health industry toxins and money! Anil, why don’t you get WABA and other experts to… Read more »


Datuk Saifuddin you were just in the wrong party. I salute you for saying what its suppose to be.