80000 roar ‘Ubah!’ in Penang political quake (Videos)


The crowd decked in red, green and yellow easily surpassed the 60000 that packed the Han Chiang school field in 2008.

Although 60000 can cram into the school field and the rest of the Han Chiang premises, thousands more were coming and going throughout the night.

They chanted “Ubah” and “Ini kalilah” with much gusto. It was not a time for eloquent rhetoric. Besides, the vuvuzelas drowned out much of the politicians’ speeches.

The people have made up their minds.

This wasn’t about the people calling for tunnels, new highways and more high-rise luxury condos; it was the about the people calling for an end to corruption in the country and for political change at the federal level.

It was clear that the people who turned up at Han Chiang want to reclaim power from those in Putrajaya who have betrayed their trust. They people want change. (But first, a few of them also have to change themselves as they inconsiderately parked along the two-lane main road i.e. Jalan Masjid Negeri, reducing traffic flow to one lane and creating a massive traffic jam, as two lanes of traffic from Scotland Road and one lane of traffic from Dato Keramat tried to squeeze through that one free lane.)

ubah ceramah crowd at han chiang 29 April 2013
The crowd outside trying to make their way to Han Chiang school.

But there was no mistaking the people’s choice: they are putting their faith in Pakatan politicians to ensure clean government and improve the people’s quality of life. The Pakatan politicians have a heavy responsibility to live up to that faith.

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This Sunday, I will avoid in-laws’ house (not my territory) to avoid another 5-yearly spat of political angst on fire (depending on who will be on the loser’s turf). Some prefer to bury their ostrich heads in the Barang Naiki manhole of 5+ decades of ‘s…’ in their self-sentenced fear of “513”, no thanks to Kutty of Helang Island & Katak Ibrahim & cohorts of hot-headed losers. As a legitimate stakeholder of this Negara Cinta Ku, I see no sensible reason to save one’s skin on a Blue scale of injustice at the expense of our collective future. Either you… Read more »


Anil, can you verify if the claims that those who had given their IC to be recorded during the free dinners/concerts by BN, had their names missing from the SPR websites ?


KiniTV has these videos of the Han Chaing 429 event for those who could not be there to witness the history in the making:

Kit Siang: We need political tsunami from the south to topple BN

Guan Eng: We must be brave to change

Overwhelming response to mega ‘Ubah’ ceramah


Those who go for the food by BN, please make sure that you do not show them your ic for registration on anything whether lucky draw, petrol voucher or whatsoever. Understood that your name will be deleted if you fail to get any prizes. For your info, the petrol voucher and lucky draw prizes of motor bike and others will only be valid and given upon BN winning the state election. So just go for the makan and buzz of after that.

Phua Kai Lit


Brother Bob Marley says:

Get Up! Stand Up! Stand up for your Rights !

You can fool some people sometimes,
But you can’t fool all the people all the time.
So now we see the light,
We gonna stand up for our rights!


Kali ini.
Kali ini lah.
Kali ini kasi hancurkan BN betul betul.
Kali ini kita sama sama torpedo-kan mv U.M.N.O.
Send jib & gang across the aisle in parliament.


Did anyone NOT expect THIS?

I think the real significance is that the rallying cry is the battle cry actually starts with something created in SABAH…Inikalilah.. PR machinery in Sabah and Sarawak should really spread the word that Semenanjung is using THEIR BATTLE CRY…They have five days to convince Sabahan and Sarawakians that Semanjung brothers and sisters have heard their cry and cry with them…

Phua Kai Lit

Gerakan K (a.k.a. Gherkin) is busy campaigning for his/her beloved 1PM and his/her political life, Andrew.

I won’t be surprised if Gerakan K is actually one of the Gerakan candidates for ADUN or MP seat in Penang. Look for one who is a mini market tycoon 🙂


There may be many mini market tycoons selling Boh Hoot products in Penang.
And they are stocking perishable Ostrich food & one way tickets out of Negara Cinta Ku (just in case).
Even the Kutty of Helang Island is growing helang wings to fly out @midnight local time 6513 to Cayman Island with all the ill-gotten wealth.

Cheers Kopi-O kau kau kau to Pakatan Roaring @ symbolic Han Chiang field.
Vote Responsibly, Vote to Ubah Once & For All.
“Hor Ee K…, Hor Ee T…”


original father of all Boh Hoot products has sold his Tanjung Bungah home and reside in KL (heard there is a back door entry to his senatorial home there).

Andrew I

Haha, his stock of apple polishing liquid must have run out by now.

najib manaukau

Very unfortunately the rapscallions are all deaf and dumb when it comes to large crowds attending the opposition’s rallies. The scum in Umno knows their days are numbered they are ,for once, showing their fear in Johore East Malaysia and elsewhere. The fears are showing out … the shenanigan Mahathir, He is (terrified) and is resorting to inciting (racial sentiments) to impede himself from being indicted soon. Have you ever seen an old man as desperate as he the shenanigan is ?


I love this rock for change. It is very telling when the audience come to the ceramah not to listen to the speech but to show their determination for change. This is indeed a Malaysian Spring – Malaysian style, no violence but the ballot box.

It seems like Penang is going to lead the Charge from the North, Johor from the South, Sabah and Sarawak from the east.

Najib is finished! BN is finished! MCA, MIC, PPS, etc are already finished before the race even started!

Insya Allah, we will have a new government for the people.


The greater battle is Johor and perhaps Selangor. Winning Johor and Selangor ar the keys.

Andrew I

Mr. Prediction Gherkin has gone AWOL.


Looks like Pakatan Rakyat will be forming the next state government in Penang.

SL Wong (@wong8898)

Not only Penang. PR will capture Putrajaya & now we are aiming for 2/3 majority.

UBAH !! Ini Kali Lah !!

Ahmad Sobri

I really pity my beloved PM, 1Malaysia Najib. After spending so much monies, he hears from his Barisan Pembangkang’s state’s chiefs of bocor here and bocor there. Our “I’ll be more assertive” Penang Barisan Pembangkang chairman, also “lost his voice”. Just where is his confidence shown during the initial days of campaigning? Pump out? More to come in the final stretch. PR are marathon runners unlike “speedy gonzales” Barisan Pembangkang! I cannot blame Ayam Brand, ” Chicken Teng”. He thought he can win at Bukit Tengah, where the Chinese only form 45% of the population, but, he now knows Penangnites… Read more »


As usual, The Star chose not to feature this event at all.

But with internet, people in Johor could see from themselves how the birthplace of Tsunami 308 (which BN tried to hijack with Psy performance in CNY) has tilted the favour towards Pakatan. Johoreans should start its own Tsunami 505 at Gelang Patah to deny BN at Nusajaya!

DSAI’s speech at Han Chiang last nite is reported on KiniTV here:


Its overwhelming until on to the road


“Penang Lang ho liao ah!” Jagdeep Singh Deo.
You are ‘tiok’ Roaring Harimau Deo.
Cheers Kopi-O kau kau kau to all in Han Chiang field right now.
Roar: “No To Nak Cheat” 3 more times.


429 Han Chiang Rally drew 80,000 supporters with donation so far RM230K !

Many supporters don’t cook past 1 week with free food provided by JhoLow1MCharity; and money saved go to Pakatan fund !

When tunglang’s in-laws can switch camp to support Pakatan, don’t you think UBAH is happening nationwide as well ???


how many people in Han Chiang as of now?


Be prepared for massive traffic jam?

Tonite Air itam free makan almost all the coffee shop from chung ling to penang hill asia cafe ….. All free can choose any kopitiam…
The jetty whole road hawkers n kopitiam oso free tonite.
Dont get urself trap in d traffic jam tonite n miss d ceramah.
Gurney drive roundabout free makan……..Sai por kew also tonight got free makan with protons lucky draw!! they held all free makan at d main roads. If u stay near by han Chiang then go green, walk or with bicycle motor bike to avoid jam..


najib spent so much money here n there (eg makan, concert). make sure don’t ever touch epf money lah !!!

also reported : http://hornbillunleashed.wordpress.com/2013/04/30/45243/#more-45243

Industry experts have identified over 50 million USD in advertising buys by the prime minister’s office alone. Sources say that the amount of money being spent on advertisements exceeds one million, a virtual buy out of all ad space on Microsoft networks (which include Skype and Bing) for the last 10 days of the campaign. On Facebook the PMO’s office, again according to sources, is spending upwards of $200,000.