Live – Nomination Day for Sibu by-election


Live updates on the Sibu by-election nomination process

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…To be honest I thought Pakatan will win in Hulu Selangor but during the evening time when the pengundi hantu (allegedly) came then Pakatan kena whack la…

By the way I hope this time BN will repair the bad drainage system in Sibu.


Old blokes alway blame about father and son party but never blame about father mother and daughter party. Now we have Uncle and nephew party in the election. Those old blokes are just plain jealous only show their dark side. They are just dinosaurs

Gerakan K

Don’t know what to say because BN will 100.00% win this by-election.

Just wonder why there is no other candidate from DAP. They just field the repeat loser, why huh ??? Shortage of talents, nepotism, or else ???

Also, why PKR afraid to contest ???

My prediction: BN will win by 3000 votes


Gerakan K. I agree wtih you a new face will do good for DAP, but, really do not know, perhaps, it will be his turn as really, BN/UMNO Baru has gone too far. PKR and PR is now one, therefore in the spirit of comradeship, all supports are given to DAP. It is a good move now, as you can see PKR and PAS giving their full support to DAP. Whoever wins, BN most probably, let us hope PR sticks and grow from strength to strength. If I am not mistaken the independent candidate was the one who lost his… Read more »

Gerakan K

Of course PR can’t win it. The people there wanted infrastructure and only BN can provide it. O, see your hero LGE’s blunder in Sibu by-election: Guan Eng sells Penang’s success to woo Sibu ( If you want to win, focus on local issues. Who cares Penang affairs ??? Another “syiok sendiri” campaign. Dear, blog owner, please allow me to say the following: O, you as PAS member please stop inducing me to bet with you. Please don’t link your “dosa” with me. Or PAS already opened up to accept betting habit for its members ??? If you were muslim,… Read more »


Gerakan K,

Is “Kow Tow” Khoon campaigning in Sibu?

Cheers bro!

Gerakan K

I also wanted to go there. Maybe 2 days before election I will go there because I can’t absent too long in Peninsula. Also, the election mood there is not too excited.


Gerakan K, Do not make a fool of yourself in Sibu, right now BN is still leading 54-46 after the 4th day of campaigning and there are 4 more days to go. If you go there, surely, BN will lose. Yeah, there is a direct flight from PG to Sibu via Air Asia, you can take that flight as it is also a morning flight. By the way, can you speak the Hock Chew dialect?… PAS had been camping in the Malay areas for a month, and BN are worried about the acceptance of PAS. You see, how PAS, PKR… Read more »


Gerakan K,
What are you mumbling about. This is a DAP seat. Don`t be like UMNO start creating division. …. This time its 99% DAP will win.


On the one hand I do not want BN to win. On the other hand if DAP wins that Lim Guan Eng will get all the credits, and as usual, becomes the HERO to be idolized, again. But then … If DAP loses, Lim Guan Eng and all those who worship Lim Guan Eng will blame “money politics”, “dirty tactics” and all sorts of things on their loss. ( not that it isn’t true, but … ) If DAP wins, whoa, it must be Lim Guan Eng, because without Sdr. Lim we cannot win one. God bless Lim Guan Eng,… Read more »


Why are you so pessimistic after HS. Be optimistic, PR will surely win Sibu.

Gerakan K

If PR can win this, then there is hope in next GE. Unfortunately, it is highly impossible.


Yang, This is a battle which is much more difficult to fight than Hulu Selangor. Understanding the reasons I stated above, to stay in contention PR needs at least 19,000 votes. Say a turnout of 75%, and 60% of Chinese voted PR, where will the rest of the votes come from? Hopefully PAS and PKR can convince the Melanaus and the Ibans will use the Allah issue to send a strong message to UMNO Baru leaders to toe the line. It is a very tough battle, at best if PR wins, it will be less than a 1,000 votes. All… Read more »


PR to lose by around 2,500 votes. Reason, 15% of the voters are working outstation, and of this 15%, most are youths and are PR supporters, but, unlikely to return to Sibu to vote. Postal voters account for 2,500 votes, bear in mind that. Pessimistic about PR chances.

Difficult task for PR but nothing is impossible. Hope the Ibans wake up, may the Allah issue be a factor in this election.

Over to you Gerakan K.


To be honest DAP cannot win lah. Robert lau is part of the foochow lau clan and they are firmly entrenched in Sibu.

DAP will get a swing in its favour but thats all lah.

If DAP wins we all will be surprised.


Morning to you Mr Anil-TR (Timely & Reliable). Thanks to you once again for your wonderful blog and commitment in sharing with us. Kudos!