100000 flood George Town for ‘Ubah’ mega carnival


Penangites showed the way with chants of “Ubah!” reverberating in the streets as the election campaign in here reached a climax. A huge crowd thronged the Esplanade and spilled onto the streets lending a festive air that was more exuberant than a samba parade.

As an indicator of the turnout, if the 80000-strong crowd at Han Chiang on Monday contributed RM240000 into the kitty, this time the money collected from some 100000 people almost touched RM600000. Many were seen putting RM5 and RM10 notes in the collection boxes.

Blog reader SL Wong sent us this photo of people crossing over to Penang Island via ferry to catch the ceramah:


So what do you make of that? Yes folks, we are on the threshold of an unprecedented change in political power in Putrajaya, reflecting many people’s fervent desire for “Ubah!” (change).

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Phua Kai Lit

1) If (a certain party) gives you RM100, you can give half of that to
Pakatan Rakyat. Even amounts such as RM5 and RM10 are fine.

The net effect?
(That party) Is helping to subsidise the political campaign of PR !

2) Also, you can donate the RM5-RM10 you save from each free
meal … to the political campaign of PR.

Donat Anthony Theseira

The 100,000 supporters at the Esplanade last night was no surprise at all for us supporters
but definitely for BN and it,s corrupt cronies.
If we had the opportunity to have another ceramah don,t be surprised if 200,000 supporters show up.
This clearly shows how bad all of us want that change.
UBAH….Inikali lah


3rd party (we know who) openly buying votes and attracting long q at Ayer Puteh.
Take the money but do not vote for the corrupted 1Coalition.

Video evidence on Youtube for SPR (EC) to check out:


SL Wong (@wong8898)

It is final count down. Less than 24 hours from now. Make yourself & perhaps your whole family available to any Pakatan Rakyat ceramah nearby to show your support. By doing so, we can lure more fench sitters to our side that the People of Malaysia is demanding for Change UBAH. Together we scream UBAH!! Ini Kali Lah!! 五月五,换政府!! 改朝换代, 告别腐败!! This is the time we as ordinary Malaysian to show People’s power for electing a new government for a New Malaysia.

UBAH !! A New Malaysia @ 506 for the People of Malaysia

Siew Bee

On the pretext of giving free dinner, freebies and donations, 1malaysia NGOs are in fact trying to corrupt Penangnites to vote for the corrupted ruling Federal Govt.under UMNO/BN. The person behind 1Malaysia Penang Welfare club is not stupid and for every million he spend, he expects return in hundred folds, under 1Malaysia PM Najib lu tolong gua,gua tolong lu.

Penangnites should enjoy whatever free dinners given, take the ang-pows that come along with it, then just vote Pakatan Rakyat for Change. Else the payback from rakyat for these NGOs will bankrupt our nation!


Tomorrow, Rakyat Malaysia will go to vote. As many Malaysian, we fully understand this crucial moment for all of us and our family. This will determine the direction of the path that the country is going to take for the next 5 years with implications far beyond. We all sense and see ourselves the urgency and the need to change, and yet, we are exposed to all kind of cheating, fraud, manipulation that’s happening right under our nose. As Charles Dickens wrote in Tale of the 2 Cities: “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times,… Read more »

siew bee

This is the chant reverberating everywhere in Penang:



Pro-BN blogger nkkhoo has finally woke up and realise that vote-buying and money politics is ruining our nation. He has withdrawn his anti-LGE statement. Perhaps he knew that Penangites will still vote in LGE and he wish to spare himself from embarrassment for bashing LGE all thsi while?



From one in Malaysiakini posted as Awakened Today , I bought a copy of Sin Chew Jit Poh . A full page of Goh CL giving money to the electorate . Many residents were questioning how a bankrupt Goh can still give money .


If 1M Club succeeds in luring votes and consequently overturn PR, forever there will be no hopes in Malaysia for a change in government as this tactic will be applied to the rest of PR states. This is a decisive moment where Penangites must stand up and prove to the rest of the country that no amount of money can buy the rakyat’s dignity.


At Kg Melayu there is also a free dinner and ceramah but they brought in bus load of blue shirt to attend the ceramah. The vote buying in Air Putih continue and will continue today and tonight. Looking at Goh Choon Lye in the 90s, he is a developer and his company build the One Stop Centre and most of his employees got bonus of up to 1 year. When his company was listed in Bursa, the listed price shot from RM8.00 to over RM20.00. After the 1997 crisis and onto 2000 his company was delisted and sold and he… Read more »


the winds of change is blowing at a tremendous speed now – gaining speed and strength by the day bulldozing it way through malaysia – expected to make landfall in Putra Jaya on the night of 5th of May – the final destination


the rest of Malaysia, what u waiting for ???
INI KALI LAH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wait a minute, Gerakan chief says the BN will win back Penang. Is he hallucinating or what?


A vote for BN is a vote for return to dark days of Mahathir
A vote for Pakatan is a vote for a new dawn of hope & Good Government !


100,000 will be a Guinness Record for Malaysia for all general election campaigns. This is the mother of all ‘clean’ election ceramahs. Having free makan-makan for God knows how many days, we Penangites must gather the strength to “UBAH”. Please take note for those who foolishly ‘signed up’ for free money & cash vouchers & ‘soft loans’: check your voting info status at daftarj.spr.gov.my, down load correct info in pdf & print a hard copy as proof on Sunday, 5513. Should any irregularity happens, show proof to SPR guys. Heard that some gangsters ‘check on’ those who received cash vouchers… Read more »

SL Wong (@wong8898)

Wow !! Can’t even find a place to stand at Esplanade. Expecting a Gigantic Tsunami this time.

UBAH !! Ini Kali Lah.


Meanwhile, there is vote buying in Ayer Puteh….it’s on YouTube! I’m so ashamed by this….


Yes vote buying. RM500 for every registered voters in Air Putih constituency. I am also ashamed by this. Have we reach to such a low level. Now corruption is in the open and the MACC and police are not doing anything. CHANGE IS WHAT WE MUST DO NOW


Under Najib BN UMNO corruption is now at its zenith. Now Blatant corruption by BN & Goh Choon Lye. Did you see how he bang on the table in NTV 4 when he was accused off giving out RM100.00 angpow. I have just come back from the Air Putih 1Malaysia free food. There were a lot of crowd at the BN centre. Everybody is registering for the RM500.00 to every voters that is registered in Air Putih state constituency to be given by GCLye. This is personal vendatta against by GCLye and BN UMNO against LGE not about election and… Read more »

Boo Soon Yew

Latest update from my friend who’s still on his way – “Penang Esplanade passed the 100k mark! and I am not there yet! Jom UBAH!”


Ini kali lah

Malaysia book of record – 120K crowd & over RM505K donation collected.

Chua CD read this : Witnessed Chinese Youth carries PAS flag & Malay Youth carries DAP flag —- what a stability above carnival !!!!!!!!!!!!!