Another massive rally – this time in Kuantan


Tonight, the post-election protest rally is being held in Kuantan, the venue changed at the last moment to Jalan Beserah.

Congratulations to the people of Kuantan for voting in a string of anti-Lynas politicians.

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ooi susan

DSAI is my leader and may God bless him with wisdom and keep him safe from whatever harm.


We the Rakyat of all races want our Country back from those who play the racist card to stay in power whilst looting the nation wealth through (alleged) cheating at the polls via postal votes & phantom voters.
A black day indeed for democracy….lets strategise better for GE14.
The support for Change is growing !


I think the point has been clearly and loudly made – that a very significant number of Malaysians believe that the elections were both unfair and dirty, and that they are against racism. They have shouted so at the rallies in Kelana Jaya in the centre, Batu Kawan in the north, Kuantan in the east, and soon JB in the south. Okay, let’s stop there with the rallies, and MOVE ON. First because sooner or later if these massive crowds continue, someone will get hurt. Thank God they have gone without incident, but it only takes some provocation, planned or… Read more »


This GE13 video is worth watching:

In the video clip, we can see ballot boxes in by a car driving into the polling station… The fervent crowd is chanting and shouting “Bersih”.


anwar pencetus huru hara sejak dulu. …. anwar sampah buangan umno. …

Phua Kai Lit

People of Kuantan:

We must intensify our effort to get Lynas out of Kuantan
or our beloved hometown will turn into another Baotou in a few years time.

Phua Kai Lit (public health professor, and proudly Kuantan-born)


gerakn k
room 69 in batu pahat is peaceful.
go join csl.

Andrew I

Blissful as well. Dino K should have some r & r.

Phua Kai Lit

I salute all of you my fellow Kuantan people!
I salute the folks from the town of my birth.

Congratulations on voting into office all the following anti-Lynas political

MP for Kuantan
MP for Indera Mahkota
ADUN for Tanjung Lumpur
ADUN for Beserah
ADUN for Teruntum
ADUN for Semambu

Together we will continue working to kick Lynas out of Kuantan and out of Malaysia !

Power to the People!

Assoc Prof Dr Phua Kai Lit

Gerakan K

I want my peaceful Malaysia back.


Me 2. Lets start with removing racist goons from power.

SL Wong (@wong8898)

What a ….fool life under BN. Enjoy !!


120k in KL, 120k in Penang, 100k in Ipoh and now 100k on Kuantan with more on the outside of the stadium. Are there any untoward incidents or any commotion at all during these rally. Its NO NO NO. In fact it is all in solidarity amongst the various races from Malay, Chinese Indian, PKR, PAS & DAP and you call that not peaceful. In fact I witness at first hand at the Penang rally of how courteous these Malays and Indian are towards the Chinese and vice versa with our usual courteousness assisting those that have fallen down or… Read more »