Kuala Besut by-election: BN wins with slightly higher majority


You know, how you win also matters. And in this case, there is little reason for the BN to celebrate – considering the millions of ringgit in projects announced during the campaign.

Despite all the projects promised, the BN’s majority today is only 158 votes more than its general election majority of 2434 on 5 May.

Malaysiakini earlier today reported long lines of people queuing up to collect cash. What was that all about then?

Is that why there was little excitement surrounding this by-election – as most people knew what to expect? You could almost slice the thick boredom in the air. Yawn!

While the Election Commission makes a big deal about the BN candidate displaying his ballot paper (EC trying to prove it is independent?), what has it got to say about the elephant in the room – the multimillion ringgit projects announced during the campaign?


A pro-BN blogger is claiming that the BN won in all districts including early and postal voters, with a total majority of 2605 (unofficial), up from the 5 May general election majority of 2434. Utusan is also reporting a 2605 majority (unofficial).

Another blog indicates a winning majority of 2642 (unofficial), which agrees with the figure reported by fz.com.

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No reason to celebrate but it also means they are assured that their bad ways still work and no need to panic. UMNO is a party of excuses and to them excuses are just as good political capital as any other..


Now every Malaysians are hoping that their area will have a by-election soon (no offence to the YB there) in order to cash in on the BN goodies! By the way, not sure if any of the Anil’s ardent readers is nominating Anil Netto for the 2013 Shout Awards for the social media category. I think Anil deserves it. I will vote for Anil if anyone is willing to provide a strong justification for the Anil’s nomination: http://www.shoutawards.com.my/nomination/ The Shout! Awards aims to recognise those who have made creative breakthroughs in the Malaysian music, TV & film, radio and social… Read more »


Anil very social conscious. I support Anil’s effort for a sustainable fair and environmentally friendly society.
My vote goes to Anil.
I am computer novice and hope passionate regulars like Yang or Tunglang can set the ball rolling to recognize Anil and show us how we can vote.

Andrew I

We should vote for Gherkin K for most outstanding troll on anilnetto.com

Gerakan K

Free petrol by PAS = bribery ??? Where is the MACC ??? Nevertheless even with free petrol, PAS lost more. Please have a clean election. Don’t use dirty trick. No personal attack.

Modest celebration for Kuala Besut victory. Just had ‘kam heung’ crabs, durian kampung and satay. No red bean ice but only cendol and chinese tea.

Andrew I

Ya, you wouldn’t want to celebrate too much. Result might not be good enough for your great grandpa apanama dia. Your hero might be dumped.

Gerakan K (team)

Congratulation to team BN. Also many thanks to the silent walker and support team from BN. Our hard work brought success despite dirty online campaigning by some quarters !!!

Apparently, every one can smell the sourness of this writer. Somehow the magical spin of “Barang Naik” syndrome never reaches the voters of Kuala Besut.

BN [X] – PAS [lain kalilah]

victor liew

The PAS candidate should file an election petition to disqualify the winner for openly campaigning on polling day.


Kuala Besut by election again shows that Malaysia Boleh. Everything can be bought and all vote buying can always be defended as not vote buying by the EC. Until the Malaysian electorate wise up or the country suffers a catastrophic financial meltdown, I don’t see how this entrenched cheating machine created by BN can be destroyed in a legal and peaceful way.


The sentiment and situation on the ground is almost the same as in previous election. More than RM450 millions splashed and only an increase of over a hundred votes. It shows that PAS and the opposition influence are still intact.

Andrew I

Imagine if you spent RM900 million. You could get two hundred more votes.


With the hundred of millions splashed all over it will be an uphill task for PAS.
Our country have reach a stage that bribery, vote buying, cheating are the order of the day


Next will be buying souls. The Devil sure cannot beat it. Ask Michael Jackson whose lyrics says it all in “Beat It”. http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/michaeljackson/beatit.html