100000 throng Kelana Jaya Stadium in post-election protest


What is happening at Kelana Jaya Stadium tonight?

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yasin ibrahim
yasin ibrahim

( 1 ) 1953 Bulan 5 aku dilahirkan Di sebuah negeri yang diberi nama NEGERI SEMBILAN ( 2 ) Selepas itu aku dibesarkan Di NEGERI KELANTAN Aku belajar di sekolah orang putih Dekat dengan Pasir Puteh Saya Anak Malaysia ( 4X ) ( 3 ) Lepas sekolah aku merayau Negeri mat saleh aku merantau Tempat orang indah sekali Tapi MALAYSIA dekat di hati Saya Anak Malaysia ( 4X ) Sampai masa aku pun balik Tapi makweku nampak pelik Dia kata nak jadi apa Aku kata itu Tuhan punya kuasa Saya Anak Malaysia ( 4X ) ( 4 ) Lemah lembut… Read more »



What is the % of malay, chinese and indian out of overall registered voters in GE13 ?


also for GE12 ?


Anwar said more such gathering should be held nationwide to show that malays also deserted BN, to dispel the myth of ‘Chinese Tsunami’.


There were three blind persons also.

There were professionals, even a retiree which I believe was from the civil service. He was a gentleman Malay, very soft spoken. I thought he wants to go home to his house in Segambut, told him to u-turn and use Federal Highway as the LDP is already jam-packed with cars (at about 10:30 almost 11pm). But he said he wanted to get to the stadium. So I asked to take a detour and find a parking some further away and walk in (which will be easily 3 to about 4km away).

Yong Yek Ming

Muhibah!!!!! Please upload picture to my FB page call:


My niece says she and her husband are(PR) ceramah “addict” because of the great feeling they get at each ceramah pre-May 5 and at last night’s rally. My nephew who was also there said “I never felt more Malaysian today after seeing all races unite for one purpose”. And he had this story to tell: “We were taking photos and several Malay boys came towards us. We asked to borrow one of their PAS flags and they had a DAP flag. We asked to take a picture together and they said to put the DAP flag in the middle. They… Read more »


I’m amazed that so many Malaysians turned up. I suppose the Malaysians are no longer meek and are ready to assert their rights.


Just got back from Kelana Jaya. Of course we had to go for teh and nasi lemak first. Refuelling, you understand. It was an awesome event. My estimate is 120,000 to 130,000. It might have been more. The stadium was already filled by 7.30PM and people were still streaming in, The whole LDP highway was jammed, not surprising at all since many people parked their cars by the side of the highway (not a very considerate or clever thing to do, but for nation’s sake, they are forgiven tonite). The crowd was a good mix. I’d say it was representative… Read more »

Gerakan K

…. What illegitimate gomen are you talking about ??? BN win with simple majority. Pakatan fans need basic calculating skill.

p/s: Are you sure that was 100k and not 500k ??? Oh no, it was spinning out of control this time.

Andrew I

Well, it wasn’t 200. That’s how many you’ll find at a BN do. To increase that, you’ll need to put out some food.


This is a protest for an election marred by fraud accusations and millions of complaints of indelible ink that could be washed off/

Heard that petrol prices will increase soon. Well that will be another big protest but so what. You have been misled by Ah Cheap and Barang Naik


Very significant! All races gather together to show the spirit of 1 Malaysia. Utusan is brainless and childish.


I do hope PR has a strategy that will get rid of this illegitimate government within 30 days.

Remington CK

party with popular votes the most must govern, and not the party with most seats. This is robbing the rakyat voice.
If PR is the party that really received 53% of the popular votes against BN ~46%, then PR must rule.


now this call Satu Malaysia Najib shall know what RAKYAT MAHU


“Pecat Najib”

“Pecat BN”

– rakyat51%


This is people power of Malaysian Malay, Chinese n Indian not only Chinese but All Malaysian of Malaysia. What can Nazib kor says now. Hidup Rakyat Malaysia


pkr is the best ,,the future for malaysia begins with it,,

Penang Ah Pek

Great Malaysians.


Lain Kali lah!!!

… Takda Permit


When I see people of all races gathered as ONE PEOPLE I feel proud to be Malaysian


cant see online streaming live about kelana jaya tonignt?


great hope