Live – Kajang by-election campaign ceramah

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Hidup PAS! Hidup Rakyat!


Anil, Do you think it is right to let your blog use the PR video for propaganda when you also complain of other media doing the same thing. Justice must be fair to both side of the fence otherwise it is not justice at all


Yes, Dr Wan Azizah will win but she will ride on the kesian or sympathy card. PR DAP, PKR & PAS are using psychology behind the court decision to win votes to exploit her emotion and suffering of a Malay Muslim wife, a long suffering wife of an an ambitious and controversial politician embroiled in more than his share of (alleged) sex-related controversies.

Awang Selamat Ori

Again a political science student’s comment. A lot of people told you? How many? 5 ? 10? When 15,000 had been surveyed about their choice, only 2,400 said they will vote BN, and a lot of people told you Kak Wan will lose? Very poor source of information. Next time, be specific, do not say a lot of people. It is people like you who continue to feed my beloved PM, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Abdul Razak, with false information that makes him feel so confident prior May 5th 2013 and even when the results were pouring in on the… Read more »


A lot of people told me there is a possibility that Kak Wan will lose but I tell them otherwise. Anyway whoever win is not an issue as this is PR own backyard. One thing is for sure. Their majority will be slashed more than half and those that continue to vote them are mostly protest votes. This is due to the current climate of uncertainty created by DAP, PKR and PAS.