60000 brave drizzle for Johor post-polls rally


Despite a change in venue to Taman Puteri Wangsa, 8km from Johor Bahru, some 60000 have braved a drizzle to attend this rally in the southern state. The crowd is expected to increase when Anwar arrives.

Many others have been unable to reach the venue because of the jam, says a contact in Johor. People are have parked their cars a good distance away from the venue and are walking.

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What can PR do?
nd to have a good channel to disseminate information to the rural folks who are controled by the TV3 news daily.

J. Steen

I was at the JB rally. The atmosphere was simply incredible. This rally witnessed the true spirit of one Malaysia in action. I have never seen a more rousing rendition of our national anthem than the one sung at the end of this rally. People of all races, young and old, drenched , some perched on rooftops and trees singing loudly in unison. The incessant blare of the vuvuzelas is still ringing in my ears. Blackout tee shirts were being sold like hot cakes from the 25 plus stalls.BN , you have been duly put on notice. The Rakyat is… Read more »


Now its only Anwar and PR that can change our political landscape from the corrupted incorrigible BN UMNO regime. Yes only you Anwar and PR

Listen to this Only You


Anwar is much loved & respected by people of all races in Malaysia and around the world.. An independent review and inquiry must be held on the election fraud. Hidup Reformasi !
Just see how Perak was won with Tapah being declared in a suspicious manner.

victor liew

The majority has spoken…that is 51+% Malaysians voted for PR but still lost GE13. This shows very clearly that PR was robbed and cheated of victory. The people will not stop until the cheating stop and it must stop right now. Malaysians are now in the endangered species category.


what’s the attendance in JB ?

Gerakan K

** Yawn **

Andrew I

A fly just entered that space.


Play yawn get crumb.
Play fasting, pretend dead & sent to hospital, get minister post.
Play the great pretender and become the pretended PM


Dedicate to those who share the spirits for fair democracy :-


I have been doing a lot of thinking since GE13. What else can PR do?
I think its time to be bold, and take the next step – merging PAS, PKR and DAP into a single party (not a coalition) With this, BN cannot play the race card and sentiments to manipulate voter sentiment. I don’t care what race leads the party, as long as they take care of everyone.


They have already submitted their application as a coalition after 308 requesting for a single logo to be used but the ROS under the palm of BN UMNO has yet to give their approval. This show how deceitful BN … and their sycophants are!!!