Serious irregularities mar Malaysian polls


BN reached the 112-seat threshold to retain control of the federal goverment but there was no honour in victory, given the blatant vote-buying, political intimidation and even violence, and the many cases of doubtful voters.

This was the dirtiest election ever. And the lack of honour in victory was clearly manifested in the glum long faces of BN leaders as Najib, with Rosmah on his left, made his victory speech. Not one of the seven at the press conference even smiled.

And yet, Pakatan increased its tally of seats from 82 to 89.

At the state level, Penang, Selangor and Kelatan reamin under Pakatan with at least a two third majority, while Kedah fell to BN.

1Malaysia may have provided free beers in Penang but the rakyat have the free spirit to continue the quest for justice, freedom and solidarity until all dishonest and self- and crony-serving politicians and their parties are shown the exit.

Parliamentary seats

Official: BN leading 133-89 (DAP 38, PKR 30, Pas 21)

In the 2008 general election, BN took federal power with a 140-82 seat majority. PKR won 31, DAP 28 and Pas 23 in those polls.

Now we are seeing some big parliamentary gains for the DAP in the urban areas of Penang, Selangor, Perak, Johor and Sarawak.

In Penang, BN has won Balik Pulau, Tasik Gelugor and Kepala Batas. Karpal, Jeff Ooi and Zairil have won for DAP while Anwar scored a thumping win for PKR in Permatang Pauh. PKR also won in Nibong Tebal.

In Terengganu, Pas reports that it has clinched Marang (Hadi by a 5124 majority), Kuala Terengganu, Kuala Nerus and Dungun in Terengganu. But Husam has lost in Putrajaya. PKR has defeated Annuar Musa in Ketereh.

In Selangor, Khalid Samad of Pas has thrashed Zulkifli Noordin.

In KL, Nurul Izzah has retained Lembah Pantai in a nail-biting contest with a 1847 majority. PKR also wins in Wangsa Maju.

In Pahang, PKR could have retained Kuantan while Pas has won Temerloh (unofficial). MCA’s Liow wins by 374 votes over Wong Tack.

In Kelantan, Ibrahim Ali (independent) has lost. Actually, no sad loss, that.

In Johor, Kit Siang has won but Jui Meng lost.

Over in Perak, Jeyakumar Kumar retained Sungai Siput with a large majority. Pas has captured Bukit Gantang and Parit Buntar, and PKR has won Lumut.

In Sarawak, DAP won in Sarikei, Sibu, Lanang, Kuching and Stampin. PKR in Miri. Final tally from Sarawak: BN 25, DAP 5 and PKR 1. Total 31 seats.

PKR says it could win 29 parliamentary seats:


Penang Pakatan has clinched a two thirds majority. Roads near the Penang governor’s residence have been sealed.

In Perak, Nizar has won with a 1206 majority, according to a Pas source. Zambry wins Pangkor. Nine FRU trucks are at the Perak state assembly.

Pas reports that PR has taken over Selangor, winning A two thirds majroity. Charles Santiago also says PR has retained Selangor.

But Kedah has fallen back to BN by a 19-17 tally in state seats, according to a Pas source.

Perlis remains with BN. BN retains Pahang with two thirds majority.

BN also retains Negri Sembilan and Malacca. Ali Rustam lost by 44 votes.

Pas has retained Kelantan while BN is believed to have retained Terengganu.

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Yes, Toh, FMT out performs MKini!


Anil, hearing Terrangganu has fallen to Pas, apparently being reported by Sin Chew, can anyone confirm?


Congratulations to the wisdom and courage of Penangite to retain Penang under PR despite all the vote buying and food parties. Congratulation to LGE, DAP, PAS & PKR


Keong Hee LGE! A Strong, Trusted & Courageous Leader.
God’s Grace, Wisdom & Strength be with you all the way the next 5 years as CM of Penang.
Penangites to celebrate with you @ Han Chiang field.


Very annoying with the way MKini is putting up the numbers for the parliamentary seats (11 for BN and 1 for PKR at this point) but does not indicate where those seats are.


Counting begins, PKR leads in Saratok
5:56PM May 5, 2013 LIVE REPORTS

6.07pm: PKR expected to pick up the parliamentary seat of Saratok in Sarawak. It is leading with more than half of the vote counted.

A good sign for PR


What a heck of a day Bangla-Ghostbusting@GE13!


It’s All Malaysian Souls For UBAH. It’s Now Or Never.


Hi.! Ipoh is quiet although many reports of Bangla voters still unconfirmed around Sg Siput. Just got back from a drink at Jusco, suprised that people who voted are telling people who didn’t vote to do so. I think the ink has stirred something in our hearts, feel proud to have a stained finger. It’s nice to see people give a damn.! The river of people is shocking than the previous CNY or All Souls Day.!


It took me almost 2 hours queing just to cast my vote at gelang patah. 8 saluran but only one entrance available. What a mess? Is SPR doing this deliberatly?


The same in Penang’s hot seat constituencies. By God’s Grace, these evil antics will cause them the votes of Rakyat Yang Sudah Bangkit.


You can still go back to vote. Its still not too late. In the afternoon there is not so much people. I vote inthe afternoon and there were no crowd.

chungyew (@chungyew)

UPDATE : WANGSA MAJU! BN Supporters (allegedly) chasing away PACABA, and Bersih agents.


chungyew (@chungyew)


Keputusan undi pos luar negara

PR 69.4%
BN 3. 9 %
Tak mendedahkan undi 26%

71. I %
BN 3. 7%
Tak mendedahkan undi 21. 4 %

PR 77. 3 %
BN 3. 7 %
Tak mendedahkan undi 19 %

Sumber : SABM Melbourne, My OverseasVote, Bersih 2.0 UK. U can realize without phantom votes…oversea results opposition won beautifully. Suzie


GE13 is by far the most frustrating one I’ve ever been, by design, causing voters to leave w/o voting. I waited 2hrs 40mins, sweating, in front of me, a 63-yr old woman, deliberately talking very loudly. I had to tell her to shut her trap. This one said she is 1st time voter, a bn voter no doubt, criticising PR (not even government of the day yet). It’s damn sickening – PR must win!


I plucked a medium size leaf from a tree after I voted and used it to remove the “indelible” ink from my finger nail successfully. But not the skin area. However, when I got home, I applied some soap and warm water and got it removed as well. All in less than an hour! On the other hand, younger voters who reportedly walked off without voting because they had waited two hours or longer already, it is a pity. Patient, la. Today is your day in many ways, and you could not even put up three or even four hours… Read more »



Please, please check this out if it is true.


Many many incidents of Foreign workers with mykad voting.

Anusha Ranee Ravindren

So, i went to vote at SMKDU. Guess how long i had to wait to cast the vote?? 3 effin hours !! There was 5 salurans. Here is the joke – 4 salurans for older peeps, while the youngsters, which mind you , consist of the majority of people there, ranging from the age of 21 – 40’s – was assigned 1 blinking saluran, SALURAN 5 ! Had to wait for 3 effin hours, sweating like hell, no … ventilation, no air, under the hot sun. This has to be a joke ! Some parties must be … to actually… Read more »

Nemala A. Madaven

I just returned from the polling centre (at SMKDU, Damansara Utama) to understand better why my daughter had to wait 3 hours to vote. It was appalling to hear young people gave up and left without voting owing to unacceptable waiting time. Seeing the situation first hand myself left me with the need to make an official complaint. Alas, no professional advise from neither the supervisor of Saluran 5 (who said there was no official form available to make a complaint) nor the advice by phone provided by another SPR official to complain via the website ( The site’s complaint… Read more »


Everyone please come out fast and votes otherwise foreigner will be using form 10 to replace you. Pleas inform all


Looks like Mahathir really did stay back to vote:

Unless that is doctored as well. SMH

felix koh

Scrub with Axion dish washing paste, every bit of indelible ink will be off. Try it.


Wash the indelible ink within 5 minutes after voting….Voted at Kampung Custom School Butterworth ( where LGE is standing for Bagan Parliamentary seat )… Unlike GE12 alot of inconveniences ( due to EC’s inefficiency ) caused ..reasons u guess as good as mine

colin wong

yes the ink can easily remove applying any chemical like thinner.The nail is completely clean without any traces/stain only around the nail (skin area). not much difference from normal printers ink. I am glad to allow SPR officials to contact me and I show them d results.(Just came back from voting)


What happened next? Will the polisman let him go? Can the arm of the law be trusted?
It will be helpful if photographs are taken of the ‘fakeIC’ details & the identity of the foreigner & send to Bersih HQ.

chungyew (@chungyew)

If u see any foreigners at the polling station, sms the TAHAN Squad hotline: 0165059065. They’ll know what to do! and [email protected] is the official email. Pls use this number to only sms. It will help prevent clogging and also make it easier for us to stream info out. Share it to as many as possible quickly.Tq

chungyew (@chungyew)

i dun know.


From what we seen here, the many incidents of hantu voters turning up are proofs enough that something is going very wrong & dirty. SPR is sleeping on the job (short of cheating the Rakyat). As a member country of United Nation, I hope the world body will look into this rampant cheating against the basic rights of Malaysian citizens.
Holding a fake MyKad is illegal & chargeable in court. IGP, what are you going to do regarding these hantu voters with fake MyKad?


To those who gave up to vote due to long queue, get your No. Siri & saluran no. from online at booths & go straight to voting room (saluran number is voting room number). You must vote to help yourself, your children & the future of this country.


Is it true thugs with indelible ink on their fingers are allowed to vote again in Air Putih.