LIVE from Penanti: Anwar and the Fairus saga


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pm : dun simply quit & create a by-election unless MATI !
actually, he is takut another kalah/defeat = malu BESAR lah !!


The person that played the most politic now is the Malaysia’s PM and he played that day in and day out. That person will bring Malaysia down very soon if not check. However, someone resigning is not political ploy especially when he is not performing and we do see build up to it since the Permatang Pauh by-election. So, any one in PR or PR supporter or neutral are probably BN bias in the first place if they conclude there is ploy to embarass UMNO. Najib know they will lose in this by-election and also the Perak if they are… Read more »


EC complained waste of monies for every by-election. they should encourage penanti to have more independents than selembau so that they can gain back the confiscated deposites. hahahahaha……


Fairus has resigned in a gentleman way. There is no linen to be washed in the public. It’s worthless to do so. Give him the respect. Penantians will say thank you to Fairus. The next man will be Dr Mansor, an educated and able man who could be the next DCM. The wind of change is still favouring PR despite the many problems faced by PKR of late. PAS and DAP are giving them the needed support. Anyway, we hope BN will find a suitable candidate for this by-election. And let it be a gentleman contest. Let’s respect whoever the… Read more »


Wow! So swift! Thanks Anil!


how’s the crowd turn-up?